Friday, November 13, 2009

Typically, strange dreams (for me) are caused by eating too much delicious delicious garlic before bedtime. However, two nights ago, I didn't have anything garlicy and still had very bizarre dreams. The most memorable one occurred right before my alarm went off. I was officiating a CAN flag football game. The opening kick-off went out of bounds, so I explained to the receiving team that they could either have the team re-kick 5 yards back, take the ball where it went out of bounds, or take the ball at their 35. The ball had gone out only 10 yards from where it was kicked, so you'd be stupid to do anything besides take it where it went out. But they wanted them to re-kick for some reason. At this point, the game was outside, but bounded by woods. Later on, the offense was near the goal line and committed a flag guarding penalty. When I marked off the 10 yard penalty, I ended up in the opposite endzone. The field is supposed to be 80 yards from goal line to goal line. At this point, the game had somehow moved inside into a large room vaguely resembling our bedroom. So instead of 10 yards, I ended up marking the penalty half the distance and then trying to explain that the home team had set the field up wrong.
Other than typical dream weirdness (like outside turning into a bedroom), this dream brought up two things. 1 - I am entirely too preoccupied with flag football. This is something I have becoming increasingly aware of, and I feel like this really drives home the point. This may in fact be the final justification for me not coaching again next season. 2 - How sad is it that in my own sports dream, I'm a referee and not the game-winning quarterback or (more realistically) game-saving defender knocking down a hail-mary pass?

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