Friday, October 31, 2003

winner864: apparently hooters dresses up in slutty costumes on halloween?
XchaosdawningX: weren't they slutty to begin with?

Happy Halloween!!

(Masterful pumpkin carving by Brian.)

Tonight's hilarious comment taken completely out of context:

emilytsav: he's got 15 problems to do for a homework and he's only on number 1
emilytsav: i think i would be fucking a lot too

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Sometimes I miss living at Collier Ridge. Then I look at this picture and I remember how much I wanted to kill Rob and Jonathon every time I'd come home and the sink would be full of dishes, which was pretty much every day.

Pet Peeve Of The Day:
Professors who show up to class at 1:45 every day when class is supposed to begin at 1:35, then have the audacity to glare at you when you walk into class at 1:36 the one day that they show up on time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Damnation. I have three 8:00 AM finals this semester. In all my hard ECE classes no less. Who came up with the finals schedule this time around? I'm looking forward to December cause I want my classes to be over, but certainly I'm not looking forward to getting up three days for early early exams. Yuck.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Best. Movie. Ever.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

My life is more important than I thought. Apparently I'm responsible for the quote of the millenium, which is quite impressive given we still have another 997 years to go in the current one.

BSMorris 99: Quote of the Millennium: "my apartment contains the vortex of apathy for the entire universe"

The quote of course is from the end of my previous post.

Summary of the past few days:
My cousin Jennifer and her friend Narja showed up on Thursday wearing bee antenae on their heads. I almost didn't open the door, but I felt it'd be rude to make them sleep in the car instead of in my living room. So then we headed down to Tech for the Maryland game and thoroughly embarrased Darren (Jennifer's brother) to the point where he had to stop playing because he was laughing so hard. Then GT proceeded to completely shut down Maryland's offense, holding them to a measley 3 points the whole game. Of course, they held us to 7 points, but that's besides the point. Another huge ACC win for us puts us in position to be either 2nd or 3rd in the conference when the dust settles, depending on whether we beat Virginia or not. Other points of interest - Tech has gone 38 straight games without allowing an opponent to score on their frist possession, we've held 5 teams to less than 100 yards rushing, and Tech has participated in more ESPN Thursday night games than any other Division I-A team. Also, Reggie Ball is a bad ass. And he's apparently been meeting twice a week with former Tech QB and Heisman runner-up Joe Hamilton. Reggie is going to be such a dominating quarterback in the coming years. Anyway, back to my life, which is much less important than his.
Friday I got up and went down to school with the singular purpose of meeting my cousins and my aunt Nancy for lunch at noon. This feat accomplished via Junior's, I hit my last class and went home to an afternoon of laziness and trying to fix Jennifer's laptop, to no avail. I have come to the conclusion that there is some sort of blackhole located in my apartment that sucks all motivation from people in close proximity to it. I thought it might be carbon monoxide building up or somethign, btu we've had all the windows open for 3 weeks straight, so that can't be it. But my apartment is seriously a magnet for apathy, lethargy, and laziness. Jennifer and Narja did nothing all day instead of going places and doing fun things. But we finally talked Tim and Emily into coming up around 10 and going to Chili's. Unfortunately, the view from both sides of the table were infected with clowns, but we survived. Jennifer acquired a pretty nice parting gift and Emily made fun of Tim's Mustang. Back at the apartment we watched 28 Days Later instead of The Princess Bride (sorry!!). It was okay, although there were a couple plot holes big enough to drive a mack truck through. Probably the best zombie portrayal in a movie however, since they were wicked fast and didn't drag themselves around in search of brains to eat. Movie over at 2:30, everyone went home or collapsed. Emily apparently had a rather eventful drive home which almost led her back to my apartment. I'm glad she got home okay, but I also would have been happy for her to crash here.
Saturday is college football day. I did nothing else today. Well, okay, I got my Lego top fuel dragster put together, which is pretty bad ass. Also, I watched some baseball. The Marlins won!!! Yay! Josh Beckett was simply amazing. Makes me think I should have done something with my life. Basically, before April 25, 2005, I have to pitch a shutout to beat a baseball dynasty and win the World Series, then get named series MVP. Hmmm... I think maybe I'll just focus on graduating and getting a job at all, much less starting pitcher in game 6 of the World Series. And if that doesn't work out, I can always fall back on being a college football coach. What makes me qualified you ask? I call plays from the stands before they happen these days, so that at least makes me qualifed to be a defensive coordinator. Maybe I can replace Jon Tenuta when he inevitably leaves GT in the next couple years because he's too good. I'll even one-up Chuck Amato and his dumb mirrored sungoggles. I'm getting a diving mask and snorkel. And fins! And I'll just run up and down the sideline with fins on yelling at my players through my snorkel. I'll be the best college football coach of all time. And I'm still young enough that I could even catch up with Joe Pa and dirty F$U coach Bobby Bowden. At least Paterno doesn't coach a bunch of criminals and idiots who park their Rix-mobiles in handicapped spaces, repeatedly... And as a final fall back, I've got my "moving to Finland to start a metal band" plan. How could that possibly be a bad idea?
Sunday I expect to be pretty uneventful. Maybe get some homewok done. Mostly just enjoy relaxing after the hell of the last week.

Synopsis: It was awesome to see my favorite cousin Jennifer again and having her (and Narja!!) come visit was a huge highlight in my week. GT's defense under Jon Tenuta has been virtually airtight, he's worth every penny we're paying him and then some. Reggie Ball is my hero and college football rules. I'll never be as good at sports as Reggie or Josh Beckett, but I can coach while wearing skindiving gear. I need a real job. Junior's always gives you too much food. Emily is awesome and I love spending time with her, especially when it involves home football games, clutching my arm while watching a scary movie, and saving her from harmless spiders. Also, my apartment contains the vortex of apathy for the entire universe. That is all.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell...

Time for the annual joke of the day:

A man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asked, "What are all those clocks?"

St. Peter answered, "Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on Earth has a Lie-Clock. Every time you lie the hands on your clock will move."

"Oh," said the man, "whose clock is that?"

"That's Mother Teresa's. The hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie."

"Incredible," said the man. "And whose clock is that one?"

St. Peter responded, "That's Abraham Lincoln's clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire life."

"Where's Bush's clock?" asked the man.

"Bush's clock is in Jesus' office. He's using it as a ceiling fan."

And really, the funniest part of this joke is me picturing Jesus wearing a shirt and tie, sitting in his semi-private office (complete with a Dilbert page-a-day calendar and a "You don't have to be crazy to work here but it helps" poster) with his feet on his desk and his hands behind his head, daydreaming about God retiring so he can move into the huge corner office with the nice view.

Who just destroyed their Analog Filters test? In a record-breaking 25 minutes? That's right, me.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Today we're goign to talk about Max Payne 2. I started playing it on Friday after class. Probably around 4 pm. Mostly due to the fact that it took forever to install it's 1.6GB to my hard drive. I completed the game at 10:30 tonight. that's 54.5 hours total. I watched football almost all day yesterday, so cut out 12 hours from that. Now remove the hours I spent sleeping, 8 on friday night and 7 last night. Then there's the group meeting we had today that took 2 hours. And the hour that Emily came over. :) Plus maybe 2-3 hours for eating, bathing, etc. That leaves roughly 22 hours. Assuming I spent all of the remainder of my time this weekend playing Max Payne (which I don't think I did), I still beat it in about 20 hours of play. Of which at least 3 hours were waiting for the ridiculous huge levels to load. It's one thing to sit through corny dialog, that's part of the game, but this isn't 1993 anymore and it shouldn't take more than a few seconds to load a level. All in all an entertaining game though.

Why yes, I am some sort of ridiculously nerdy human being.

for those who are confused about "thanks to the power of CHAOS," let me explain:

Friday, October 17, 2003

I'm blaming my poor performance on my 3085 test tomorrow squarely on the Yankees. Their refusal to lose the game in regulation means I haven't been able to study nearly as much as I should have been doing tonight. Stupid Yankees. And now that they've won, both teams I was rooting for (the BoSox and the Cubbies) are out and I'm so emotionally distraught that I can no longer focus on why the damping factor of a second order system matters to me at all. Stupid Yankees.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

home sweet home. it's good to be back at my apartment again. for one thing, my pillow is far superior to the flat pillows on my bed at my parents' house. for another, my bed is the much more vast double bed. and yet another item, my computer could blow the side panels off my mom's computer, thanks to the power of CHAOS. and DSL is way better than cable anyway. finally, there is no lawn for me to mow with a broken lawn mower or gutters to clean out. although i have to admit that i do enjoy climbing around on the roof. it's exhilirating to be 35+ feet from the ground with no safety net, 6 inches from death. and nothing beats laying on the roof on a beautiful fall day and staring at the sky.

Monday, October 13, 2003

I'm beginning to remember why going home annoys the pants off me. Something about having to mow the lawn on a moment's notice 45 minutes before we have to leave to go somewhere else. Arg!! And last time I checked, I was on vacation, that means I can stay up as late as I want and sleep as late as I want. No one should be dragging me out of bed at 10 am. *sigh* I'll be back in Atlanta tomorrow night in time for the Cubbies game at least.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Wooo!!!! Tech wins!!! GT dominated Wake Forest. Wake had a couple great drives in the 2nd but the rest of the game belonged to GT. Defense looked really strong, offense looked pretty tight. PJ Paniels and Jonathon Smith had great games, and Reggie Ball is still my hero. Go Jackets!!! Looks like Brian and Tim are probably having a fantastic time in Winston-Salem right now.

Wooo!!!! Cubs win!!! in extra innings again no less...

Friday, October 10, 2003

possibly the sweetest thing anyone's ever said about me: "Why do I feel like it's the end of the world because I'm not going to see him for a few days?" - Emily

Clarification of my previous post: I am trying to compare my brother to a half dozen long stem roses. Roses have thorns, contrast this with my brother's pudginess, which couldn't hurt you if it wanted to. Roses smell good. Ben just smells, not better mind you, but certainly stronger. And roses are pretty and nice to look at. Make you own joke here folks... I'm such a good big brother... ;)

Fall break!!! In a couple hours I'll be in DC until Tuesday evening. Give me a call at my parents house (703-426-0785) if you want to hang out, since as we've established, there's some sort of anti-cell phone force field around their house. Emily's already off to the lakehouse at Lake Hartwell, which sounds like an incredibly nice place and I'm sure she'll have a lot of fun without me. Fairfax will be fun too, but spending the long weekend in either place with Emily would have been even more fun. Oh well, maybe next time. At least she's got the flowers I gave her to keep her company. All I've got is my brother. *shudder*

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Sometimes staying up later than you know is healthy for you is well worth it anyway. Especially when it's with someone special and that's reason enough to do it. :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

In other good news, fall break is only a couple days away and I'm really looking forward to a couple sanctioned days off (as opposed to the days off that I create for myself). I won't get to spend it with Emily like I hoped, but I think its important for me to spend some time with my dad before he ships off to Afghanistan for the next year. And of course it's always nice to see my friends back in the Fairfax area. Woo!! Fall break!! 3 more days...

The good news is that I think I've managed to avoid a sinus infection and defeat my moderate head cold with lots of water, sleep, and decongestant. The bad news is that NyQuil gives me bad dreams. Not nightmares per se, just really weird, disturbing dreams. Oh well. At least I feel a million times better than I did over the weekend.

Saturday, October 04, 2003


So I'm sick. The sudden cold snap down here has got my head all congested and to be quite honest, if I could drill through my face to drain my sinuses, I would. I had to bail on Dave's Parsec show on Friday and Jason's jungle party, which is kind of a bummer, but I just watched the Cubbies game and went to bed at 11:30 instead. This seemed like a good plan since I our hoemcoming game against NC State was at noon today and the fesitivities started at 8 am.
After tossing and turning all night and not sleeping for more than 45 consecutive minutes, I felt like I wanted to die when I got up this morning. But I know that feeling well because i get sinus infections twice a year like clockwork. It's the kind of thing where I'd feel terrible all day regardless of whether I stayed in bed all day or got up and went to the game. So I opted to get up and go try to enjoy myself despite the jackhammer in my brain.
So we headed down to campus for the Wreck Parade and lunch at the Varsity. Then met up with Emily to watch NC State supposedly ream us. But for all the hype around Rivers, I was not at all impressed with his performance today, which speaks very highly of our defense, cause I've seen what he can do against teams like Wake and Ohio State. Needless to say, our defense was back in full form today and simply shut down NC State at every turn. Tech pulled out a great 29-21 win that should have been 33-13. But we looked good again. We need to be the underdogs in order to play well apparently.
Now I'm back at home and have been laying (and periodically drifting off to sleep) on the couch all afternoon watching more football and the Cubs game. I still feel awful, like I knew I would all day. So I'm glad I made myself go down to school because I had a lot of fun despite my illness. Stupid pseudoephedrine HCl makes me so dehydrated its like I can't drink water fast enough, and I'm sure that's not helping my headache. Sigh. But at least we beat NC State and I have no homework due Monday, so I can rest all day tomorrow and hopefully get over this nonsense before fall break next weekend.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Brian officially accepted the Harris job today, so now I officially need a new roommate for spring semester. See the Move In With Me!! link on the sidebar for more info.

degree petition submitted yesterday. time to cross my fingers until May 1 that everything works out and there aren't any glaring deficiencies. countdown to graduation: 210 days

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

It's official: naps cause seriously screwed up dreams...

On another painful note (that can't be remedied with a nap), it appears my father has been greenlighted to go back to Afghanistan for a full year as Mission Director. From what I understand, the paperwork should be complete for him to ship out in two weeks. Yikes...

my eyeballs hurt. i'm pretty sure this can be remedied with a nap.

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