Tuesday, December 31, 2002

I don't even want to talk about our football team either. I mean, I knew that we'd match up well with Fresno State. And it has in fact been a well matched game. But why does AJ Suggs have to suck SOOOO much?? I was just happy to see Bilbo take the field to begin the second half. And score 2 touchdowns to put us back in the lead. Thanks Damarius. You rock! (...and can someone break Suggs kneecaps for me?)

Today we're going to talk about stupid people and cars. Have you ever encountered that idiot in front of you who doesn't know what he's doing and holds everyone up? For example, let's say you're in teh drive thru lane at Wendy's. The guy in front of you can't figure out who's talking to him through teh little box and it takes him almost 10 minutes to order. Then after ordering he just sits there. At this point everyone including myself is honking. Finally the manager comes out to see what's up and tells him to pull up to the window. He doesn't get it. He pulls up to the food window without paying. So then has to back up to the pay window. Idiot. How is it possible that a human being living in america and who manages (i assume...) to pass his drivers test to get his license has never used a drive thru window before?? Grr...

And then it gets better... I go over to the Citgo in Annandale to get gas and a car wash. I figured, my uncle was nice enough to let me borrow his pimped out minivan, I can at least wash the crud off it and vacuum it out. So i get my reciept with teh code on it and there's 2 cars in line, so I get in line and wait my turn. Finally the guy in front of me pulls in. Yea!! It's almost my turn! Only its not. Cause the guy in the Benz in front of me doesn't speak english or READ enligh apparently. The directiosn are right there next to the pass code key pad... It's not liek you didn't have time to sit there and read them while you were waiting for the guy in front of you... He pulls in WAY too far. Practically out of the car wash altogether. Then he just sits there. Of course nothign happens. So he pulsl forward more. Despite teh fact that the orange light that says BACK-UP it blinking... But, oh yeah, he doesn't read english. SO finally he pulls forward enough so that his back tires trip the weight sensors teh the car wash gets going. Of course, he;s so far forward that the brushes don't ever touch his car on teh way back or forward. So then, after it's done, he realizes he fucked up and tries to back into the car wash. Only the wash cycle is over. So his car gets sprayed with water and then dried. No soap, no brushes. Then he just sits there like his car is goign to get washed again despite the fact that the green GO light is blinking. So I resume my honking. My uncle's horn really got a work out today... Finally the manage of the gas station comes out to talk to him. And it becomes very clear that he speaks no english whatsoever. So finally he understand that he totally messed it up and pulls his car out of the car wash so I can go. Except that he leaves his car parked 6 inches outside the car wash and goes inside to complain loudly in what sounds like mangled spanish. So i get finished and can't leave the damn car wash. Back to the trusty horn. Guy comes to move his car and gives me this "what the hell is wrong with you? Go around me!" look. I pull past him close enough to clip his side view mirror because he won't move his car any further. Idiot.

Today has not been a good day for being in line behind idiots in cars. I was going to run out to Giant to pick up some soda and chips for the party tonight, but now I'm terrified of who might be in front of me at the checkout counter. I want to go back to Atlanta where people are much less dumb.

Monday, December 30, 2002

you know what the greatest feeling is in the world? Staying up all night with an old friend even if you don't accomplish what you meant to. (ie, watching the sunrise together.) Getting to know the person you've known for almost 10 years and finding out that they're still the same friend you know and love and yet someone brand new at the same time. Greatest feeling ever. Thanks Kristin.

Let's review the last couple days of my life...

12/28 - 4:00 am - finish talking to Kristin on IM and finally go to bed.
12/28 - 11:00 am - wake up to answer the phone. It's Webb asking about going to lunch.
12/28 - 12:30 pm - after showering and getting dressed, Webb finally shows up and we're waiting for Matt.
12/28 - 1:15 pm - matt finally shows up and we call up Tommy to meet us at the restaurant.
12/28 - 2:00 pm - get my delicious and ho so healthy smokehouse burger. cheddar, bacon, bbq sauce and red meat. mmmm.
12/28 - 3:00 pm - get the hell out of there and head home.
12/28 - 5:30 pm - head on over to the Metro.
12/28 - 5:58 pm - fall asleep on the Metro.
12/28 - 6:30 pm - arrive at the MCI center and ignore the scalpers and homeless people as I try to find my seat.
12/28 - 6:50 pm - get all settled in after the usher nearly tears my head off because i told her i coudl find my own seat. delicious dinner of pulled pork sandwhich and french fries.
12/28 - 7:00 pm - Wizards take the court and i get to see Michael Jordan for the first time ever in person.
12/28 - 7:01 pm - Atlanta strikes first, but the Wizards retaliate by scoring 12 points before the Hawks get another score.
12/28 - 8:00 pm - startingto feel the rumblings of poor sleep and poorer diet creeping up on me. yuck.
12/28 - 9:30 pm - game is over, i feel like i want to die, but we're heading home. Wizards were victorious and Michael Jordan played almost half the game.
12/28 - 10:30 pm - Matt and Kristin decide to come over. Matt tells me Alacivar is coming over too, but she has no knowledge of this fact. Whoops.
12/28 - 11:30 pm - Kristin and Matt show up. Revenge of the Nerds is on. Classic.
12/29 - 1:00 am - Matt goes home. Kristin and I watch Comedy Central until i want to die.
12/29 - 2:30 am - It's Kristin's feeding time apparently, so we head over to the old high school hangout at IHOP. the place is way grunguer than i remember it and our waitress barely speaks english. Kristin's sourdough bacon burger melt is terrible, which is too bad because it was the only thign at IHOP ever worth eating. My water was watery i guess.
12/29 - 3:30 am - get back to my house. Tin Cup is on.
12/29 - 5:30 am - both Kristin and I fall asleep watching Tin Cup.
12/29 - 6:30 am - Tin Cup ends. Because it's winter, the sun won't come up for another hour. stupid winter. It's not even beginning to get light yet.
12/29 - 6:45 am - Kristin goes home instead of stayign to watch the sunrise with me :(
12/29 - 7:00 am - I pass out on the way to my room.
12/29 - 7:30 am - wake up on the stairs and crawl into bed.
12/29 - 10:00 am - get up and go to church to usher. again. against my will. grrr.
12/29 - 12:15 pm - get home from church. the last 2 hours is a complete blur.
12/29 - 1:00 pm - swiss and turkey sandwich on an english muffin for lunch. mmm.
12/29 - 1:30 pm - out the door to the airport to pick up Ben's girlfriend Emily. I am NOT a taxi service...
12/29 - 3:00 pm - get home from the airport. want to take a nap. oh god how i want to take a nap.
12/29 - 3:30 pm - put up some posters in "my" room.
12/29 - 4:30 pm - call Matt and head over Katey's.
12/29 - 5:00 pm - hang out at Katey's the rest of the night and eat pizza, fondue, deep fried crabs, and chocolate. so so healthy...
12/29 - 10:45 pm - Webb shows up and we make a Wendy's run. More delicious and cholesterol soaked food.
12/29 - 11:30 pm - condom fight with Katey.
12/30 - 12:30 am - Katey's kicks us out because she has to go to bed since her flight to San Diego is at 5 am.
12/30 - 1:30 am - eating more pizza in front of the computer talking to Kristin.
12/30 - 2:30 am - FINALLY go to bed.

Let's review again - in 48 hours i slept 2.5 hours, ate a bacon cheeseburger smother in BBQ sauce, a pulled pork sandwich, chicken nuggets, a whole ton of fries, fondue, half a pizza, and a 2 liter of soda. sounds like a great time right? ugh... i slept until 2:30 today. i feel much better now though.

So yeah, I finally joined the cool club and got one of these damned wastes of my time and yours. Hooray.

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