Monday, February 28, 2005

Looks like the snow started finally. Lots and lots of tiny little flakes that don't seem to be amounting to much yet. The radar images pretty much indicated that it's going to snow/sleet on and off for the next 24 hours, so that should make for some mighty crappy conditions outside. Goody.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Stupid Oscars... Now there's no Simpsons on tonight. =(

Emily and I have been together for 18 months today. I'm not sure what else to say about that. It's kind of scary actually. 18 months? Wow. I've never been with anyone that long. I've dated Emily longer than I've lived in several places (Indonesia, the Tavenner's, Fitten, Woddies, Park@Vinings, Tommy's basement, my current apartment - all less than a year each). I think it's an awesome feeling when you really get down to it. To have someone be such a consistent part of your life throughout so many other changes and to offer you her whole heart is just amazing. I love you Emily.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

From SLC Punk!, words to live by:

Mike - Hey Mark! How you doing old man?
Mark - Fuck! I am not old mother fucker!
Mike - Oh no... I just... You know, I mean, you're older than anyone else here.
Mark - That depends on how you look at it. I'm young in my heart. Younger than any of these assholes over there. You know Bob, he's always looking for pain. That's why I don't understand you Americans; you're always looking for pain.
Mike - Yeah, well, you know what? It pains me to hear you say that Mark. It really does.

Since I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon I didn't get to listen to GT@Miami on the radio (since it wasn't on TV up here anyway). So of course they won. Looks like we have a shot at finishing at .500 in the ACC. I would have thought we'd have a better season and finish a little higher, but I guess we'll see what happens in the next couple games. Or rather, you all will, but I won't be watching/listening since I'm pretty sure now that I'm a bad luck charm for the team. Oh well.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Looks like I was wrong about my car being okay. My left rear tire was completely flat today. Why yes, I did want to spend my Friday evening after a long day of work laying on the cold wet icy snowy ground jacking my car up to put the spare on, thanks for asking. Oh well, having to buy a new (pair/set of) tire(s) is still better than having to buy a new car or a new me. Looks like tomorrow is shot to hell now since I'm sure getting new tires will take all day somehow. Grrr... I still maintain that yesterday was fun despite what I'm going to have to do tomorrow. At least I got my federal and state tax refund this week so I've got plenty of money for new tires. Not really how I wanted to spend it, but whatever.

Also, hooray for payday! =)

Happy French Fry Friday! I wish I lived in Tri-cities, WA... Well, not really. But French Fry Friday sounds like fun anyway.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Eating pure pepper concentrate? Bad idea. Tasty, but a bad idea. We were at California Tortilla for lunch and they have some hot sauce that's called Tom's Insanity sauce or something close to it. Todd brought over a cap full and said "smell this but don't eat it." I of course took that as a challenge. (And I couldn't resist the inherent allusion to "the Merciless Peppers of Quetzlzacatenango! Grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum") So without even smelling it, my finger went into the cap and promptly into my mouth. I was dissapointed by the lack of instant insanity. For about 15 seconds. Then my entire mouth, troat, and sinuses simultaneously and spontaneously combusted. My sinuses haven't felt that good in forever. It took about 15 minutes of watery eyes and burning tongue before I recovered, but wow, I haven't been abel to breath that freely in months. To hell with sudafed, I'm buying whatever that stuff was next time I get sick.

I almost died today coming back from Lockheed; but it was kinda fun. I was getting off 66 onto the parkway and it's been snowing all day, but the roads are pretty clear despite that fact. Well, there was a big patch of slush near the shoulder that was right where I started braking and the right wheel caught. I could feel the car start to slide out so I flipped back the other way and then back and back again. I was starting to get it under control, but I could tell I wasn't going to be able to correct in the space I had before the road split off for the exit ramp or continued back onto 66 and still be able to slow down enough to take the exit safely. And I wasn't about to try and correct once I was down to only one lane, that's just asking for Mr. Contour to meet Mr. Retainingwall. So I pulled hard to induce more spin in my current direction and put the brake pedal on the floor. (Yeah, what's up now automatic traction control? Who's better than you? That's right, me. I stopped my deathmobile quicker than you could have.) My tires didn't smell too happy about sliding sideways, but I sure did stop fast. 180 degrees later and 5 feet from a head-on (with my trunk) collision with the guard rail, but stopped none the less. Then I just turned around and drove on my merry way. My favorite part about the whole thing was that I was within 10 feet of hitting a Motorist Assistance vehicle with a person in it that was parked on the side of the road just past the exit ramp. Did said person get out of the car to check on me, a distressed motorist? Nope. I suspect he was sound asleep and never would have known what hit him had I been unable to stop in time. *shrug* Nothing gets your adrenaline going like sliding sideways at 40-50 mph towards a large object (retaining wall, guard rail, tree, or Crown Vic were my options) with more stationary inertia than you have moving inertia. Or something. I'm bad at physics, remember? All I know is that my car (and probably me) would have been all kinds of fucked up. Whee! What did I tell you, fun? Yes, fun. =) No, seriously. It's such a rush to be mildly out of control and be trying to correct as certain injury rushes at you head on. It's why people go sky diving and bungee jumping. Though those are admittedly safer activities than sliding around on the highway at 50 mph, but whatever. I didn't crash, I didn't get hurt, my car is fine, and there's some really cool looking tire tracks in the snow now at the 7100 North exit off of 66 East. Go check them out! As for me, it's now time to get back in my car and head home.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Looks like some more snow is on the way. We're supposed to get 5-8 inches last I heard, starting around 5 am and continuing until 9 pm or so. Maybe I'll get a 3-day weekend or something. We'll see. Hopefully it won't impede Craig's departure tomorrow either. Nothing sucks more than getting snowed in at the airport.

Well, we just lost at home to Duke as prediucted. But it was only by 4 and we stayed in it the whole game. Our defense looked really good all night, but our offense was basically MIA. So, yeah, we lost, but we played hard the whole game, so I'm okay with that.

I dunno, you tell me what the difference is:
BMW 325i Sedan
Saab 9-3 Linear Sports Sedan

I love Saab's new "Maintain Your Identity" commercials where they suggest that you should be different from everyone else. Hello!!! 3 years ago you changed all your cars from the distinctive almost hatchback look that everyone knew from miles away to a buttoned down luxury sedan look like every other car in America. The hypocritical idiocy is simply mind-numbing... I love Saab, but I think they forfeited all claims to uniqueness when they introduced their sedans a couple years back. My brain is reeling, seriously reeling, over these commercials. I think everytime I see one I have a miniature stroke.

F$U is really on a 7-game losing streak? Huh... They haven't won a game yet in February. I sure am glad we beat them over the weekend (even though we shouldn't have). That would have been almost as bad as being the team to break Duke's ACC football losing streak. Nothing like being the first ACC team to lose to Duke in 3 seasons or whatever. *sigh* GT = consistently mediocre. Tonight we've got Duke at the McTit. I expect to lose (mostly because bad-luck-charm Adam will be watching the game), I just hope we do so with dignity and the margin of defeat is no more than 10 points.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mmmm... Chocolate cake for breakfast. Thanks Todd's birthday! Bill Cosby was right, this is the best idea ever.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Should I be concerned that I got a call on 2/11/05 at 9:28:46am from the Loudoun County Sheriffs Department? I've heard nothing more from them since and they didn't leave a voice mail, so I'm going to assume I have nothing to worry about. And while we're on the subject of weird calls, I get 2 a week from TCIin New York and it's starting to annoy me. Stop calling me, or leave me a message. I'm not going to pick up a number I don't recognize. Idiots.

The bartender who works the lunch shift at Logan's and knows our regular meal orders by heart is leaving! He's always been really nice to us and very attentive when we come in for lunch. Now some new person will be there and it just won't be the same to have to explain my what I want when I order lunch instead of "The usual?" "Yup." Saddness. =( I hope he does well at his next job though; he's going to be writing proposals and doing research for companies to help them with proxy voting. Doesn't sounds very fun to me, but I'm sure it's a better paycheck than Logan's and at least he'll have health care benefits now. Goodbye nameless Logan's bartender who was always awesome to us at lunch time.

Happy Engineers Week to all my engineer friends!
National Engineers Week 2005, February 20-26

The bastards upstairs are vacuuming again at 2 am. Why? Why I ask? This is two strikes now. If it happens again, there's going to be hell to pay.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

My legs still hurt too. A lot. More than yesterday I think. My muscles seem a lot more tense. I've been trying to massage them myself all day and every couple hours do some stretches so they don't get so tight. But oh my god I totally fell on the stairs coming home. Going down on the way out was really hard, but at least gravity is on your side. Coming back up my entire leg would just start shaking when I tried to use it to boost myself up to the next step. I'm sure the cold wasn't helpign matters any. But yeah, so 4 steps from the top my left leg gave out and I just crumbled right there. Fortunately no one was around to see it because I felt retarded. Even just walking I feel retarded (I imagine I kind of look like a robot). My legs aren't moving quite right because they're in so much pain. I felt better after a hot shower this morning, so I think I might take a bath tonight before bed and see if that helps any. But I was able to use my substantially weaker upper body to pull myself back up and hobble back into my apartment. I hope tomorrow doesn't involve a lot of walking, especially not up and down any stairs, or I'm going to be in a world of trouble. This must be what it's like to be 80 and never quite sure if your legs will support you anymore. I can't wait. At least while I'm young I still have the strength in my arms to push myself back up when I'm sitting or laying down.

Just got back from my uncle Bobby's. He called a little while ago and said my grandmother was coming over and that I was welcome to stop by for tea and dessert since it was boys-only this weekend (except my grandmother...). So I did, and I got some baklava and bread pudding separated by herbal tea. We also played Scrabble, which I'm always resistant to starting with my grandmother, but always do well at once we get going. I ended up with 223 points while Bobby, had 129, Grandma 103 and Daniel had 93. The poor kid got 3 U's and 4 I's at one point on his rack. Seriously, what do you do with that? But I got 95 points in one turn from using all 7 tiles to spell REAVOWS on a triple word score. Go me. Total score was 548, so it was a good game all around.

Tech barely pulled out the win at F$U today, but I think I'm a bad luck charm for GT basketball. They've lost most of the games I've been able to watch on TV, and they nearly lost today (after sqaundering a 12 point lead) when I was only able to listen to them on the radio. *sigh* Oh well. A win is a win, so I guess I should be happy. But I feel NIT-bound this year. So I'm taking a poll: Which motto do you prefer?
Georgia Tech Athletics - Masters of the Second-half Choke
or the more classic
Georgia Tech Athletics - Excelling at Mediocrity

Why Ghostbusters is pure genius:
"Listen! Do you smell something?"

10 am, like frickin' clockwork. Grrr...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

My test this morning went pretty well I think. There's a Metro stop across the street from the testing place, so I thought that would be easier than driving to Arlington and trying to guess at which meters I could park at on the weekends. Sadly, I nearly missed my test altogether thanks to Metro running slow as molasses. I allotted an hour from door to door and damned if it didn't take me the whole time. It's a 10 minute drive, a 15-20 metro ride, and a 1 minute walk. So I gave myself double the time I should have needed and left at just after 8, but still didn't arrive until 9:05. Grrr... Fortunately, they were just about to start, so I made it just in the nick of time. The test itself went pretty well. It was kinda fun actually. My brain hasn't been challenged that way in a long time, especially not under a time crunch. The first exam was 12 minutes for 50 various questions that I didn't finish. I could do every problem, but some were harder than others, so I skipped them and just ran out of time. The second test was 7 6-minute sections testing a wider array of things. But it was fun. I think I did well. The other people taking the test were about my age and all males. The proctor and her assistant (also female) were pretty nice though and so I hung out and talked to them about Mensa for a while after pizza showed up and everyone else had bolted.
Then I came home and debated how badly I really wanted to go to work. I finally did for a couple hours, and I got everything done I had planned. So now I'm an awesome employee because I came in on the weekend once. As long as I don't turn into Brian who gets pages to come in at all hours, everything should be fine. I was even able to open and close the lab all by myself without setting off the alarm system! Go me! Salvador was at the office too, but I never went downstairs to say hello because after I got my work done I just wanted to leave and forgot he was even there until I saw his car was gone from the parking lot. I hope he wasn't supporting another 24 hour longevity test or anything. Anyway, as a result of all this, I've only use 4 hours of vacation time so far this year instead of the 12 hours of work I actually missed on Monday and Tuesday. So now I'll have more leave available to spend time with Emily over Spring Break or over this summer or maybe even going to see my parents in Tel Aviv next winter. But the important thing is that I'm not going to back myself into a vacationless corner again.
Other than that, not much exciting. My legs are so so sore from laser tag still. I have to use my arms to sit down and stand up or else my legs will give out. Walking up stairs is difficult, but going back down them, or even down slight inclines is downright painful. I thought walking from the to the parking deck to the Metro station that I might just fall down. My calves are a little tight, but it's really my quads that are just thrashed. If I did that every week, I'd get ripped legs so fast. All that squatting behind barriers and walking all hunched over is great exercise when your muscles are carrying around 190 lbs. My legs haven't felt this sore since my track meets in high school. I suppose that's a good thing really. Now if I could just do that on a regular basis (along with all the other muscles I need to exercise, including my cardiovascular system), I'd be in all kinds of good shape. *shrug* Oh well.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Laser tag was fun, it would have been more fun if we could have picked our own teams, but whatever. My lungs aren't cut out for that sort of thing. Neither are my legs; I'm going to be mighty sore in the morning. But we had a good time. Regarding my previous two posts, as I get older, I occasionally find myself acting more like my grandmother than I would like to admit. It often takes me a lot of introspection to realize that, and I'm alwasy mad at myself when I do. I love my grandmother; she's awesome in a lot of ways, but some aspects of her personality drive me up the wall, and I shudder to think that I'm doing some of those same things to other people. Now to hit the showers, put on Snapcase, and then go to bed so I can get up early and head downtown to try to prove that my intelligence is in the 98th percentile of the poulation. For alledgely being so smart (I think I am anyway, maybe I'll change my mind after tomorrow *rimshot*), I wish I were better at keeping my feelings and emotions in check (not shutting them off or ignoring them, just not letting them overwhelm me so much) and not let things get me down so easily. (Un)fortunately, Emily can always easily clear that right up, but since she's not available, bands like Strech Arm Strong (and a monkey with a similar name), Throwdown, Snapcase, Strife, Shutdown, Good Riddance, and H2O will have to suffice.

Well, so much for my plan (read the last paragraph) to not get depressed... That lasted all of what, 48 hours? *sigh* I suck.

Adam's Theory of the Day:I like to think of being social more or less the same way I think of my cell phone plan. I only have so many social minutes per given time period (month/year/week/hour/etc). And if I use up all my normal social minutes in that given time period, then I can't do anything else social without paying a hefty overage penalty. Only instead of money, I pay with stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. And different activities carry different charges too, just like roaming. The farther in the boonies you are, the more expensive your call. Likewise, the less like my own surroundings a social event is (lots of people, more people I don't know that people I do know, loud noises, alcohol, fancy clothes, etc), the more taxing it is, so the more social minutes it eats up. I think every so often my allotment of social minutes just get reduced for no reason. Someday that allotment will probably reach zero, but hopefully by then I'll be too old and senile (like, you know, when I'm 30) for it to matter. And sometimes I think it's a miracle I ever leave my apartment at all.
Despite all that, I'm going to have fun playing laser tag tonight even if it kills me. And I have to admit I'm somewhat terrified of taking my Mensa entrance exam tomorrow morning, not so much because of the test itself (which I expect to be quite difficult) but because of what kind of other people might be there. And let's not even talk about the party I was invited to by my project manager on Saturday night that I'm probably not even going to try to go to. Yes yes, I know there's a rainbow of medications (Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, Xanax, Klonopin, etc) to treat social anxiety problems, but if I learned nothing else from my psych classes, it's that drug treatments are only truly effective with counseling. I'm not about to pay to go see a psychiatrist and I have no real desire to take any kind of medications. So whatever, this is who I am and it's not going to change anytime soon. And if I'm a basketcase when it comes to social situations, especially parties or really anything new, so be it.
I think the problem is exacerbated by having friends who have more active social lives than me. Not that I should be trying to compare myself to them, because what excites them would slowly kill me from the inside out. But sometimes I can't help it. And even more so, knowing that they're out having a good time without me while I sit at home having what I would normally think is a good time, wondering what they're doing, and worrying myself about it, I think is what really kills me. Why can't I just be happy with who I am and be happy with who other people are? *sigh* I really hope I'm not going to have this crisis every month. I'm not sure I could deal with that... I think I really just miss being able to see Emily on a regular basis and being as big/constant a part of her life as I used to be. Living so far away sucks. :(

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I finished the final tale of my Dark Tower books last night. I've been putting it off for a couple months now and the truth is that I just didn't want it to end. Of course I wanted to find out what happens, but knowing that means that there is nothing left to learn about Mr. Deschain and his cadre of gunslingers, and that's kind of depressing. So against my better judgement I started reading the last 130 pages last night around 11. I was hoping Emily would be home before 12 and would call to interrupt me, but no such luck. Instead, I just kept on reading because once you start that last section, you can't put it down. It would be like putting away Lord of the Rings after the ghost army led by Aragorn defeats the enemy at Minas Tirith and never finding out if Frodo and Sam succeed in destroying the one ring. You can't read a little bit and then not read further, not when Roland is only 100 wheels from the Tower. So when I found myself standing in a field of roses at the base of the Dark Tower at 2 am, watching the ghostwood door slam shut behind Roland, I was not in the least bit shocked. I simply cannot put down a book this close to the end when it's this good. As expected, nearly everyone in his party dies, except Susannah which I found a little odd, but I guess someone needed to have a fulfilling enough ending (or beginning) besides the Artist. Stephen King says in his afterword that there is no such thing as a happy ending because an ending is sad by virtue of its nature, and it is the journey that it worth reading about. Although I agree with the latter, I do believe in happy endings, and contrary to Mr. King's assertion, I think the Dark Tower series has a happy ending. Yes, of course I am sad that my favorite story is now over, that there is an ending at all. But Susannah is reunited with Jake and Eddie, who are now brothers, in a different world. Roland finally reaches the summit of the Tower (again). The Crimson King is defeated (if not destroyed). Roland names Jake as his chosen son over Mordred. Was I surprised by the ending? Not so much actually. Ka is, after all, a wheel. And the fact that Roland has potentially changed his destiny (and thus the worlds' destinys) by picking up the Horn of Eld after his friends fall on Jericho Hill is indeed a happy ending. When I first picked up The Gunslinger 10 years ago, I had no idea that almost 4000 pages later, this is how it would end, with the same characters weaving their way through the tapestry of Roland's long life, and pulling together roughly half of Stephen King's other works into a nice neat package. It was a good ending, and a fitting one, to an epic tale and to a career. Enjoy your retirement Mr. King, and thank you for the stories. And if you know where I can get a fiercly loyal friend, pet, and traveling companion like Oy, please let me know.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Emily and me after our tasty tasty dinner:

Emily's Valentine's Day flowers:

Does anyone want to go play laser tag on Friday night at 8:30 out near Dulles Expo Center? It's Todd's birthday and we're trying to get some more people to come. It'll be about $20 for 2 half-hour games. We're getting our own private party room and sodas will be provided but I'm told that you can bring other beverages of your choice since it will be a private room. Email me ASAP if you're interested. Todd's a guy from work by the way.
(Edit: I changed the time of this post to move it ahead of my Valentine's Day recap post, so in theory it will get more visibility.)

Weekend Recap (or How I Spent My Summer Vacation Lunch Break):
As indicated by my blog, I started getting really antsy Friday afternoon and by 3 pm I was basically worthless around here. But I got a couple things finished up and then left for the airport. No particular problems there and the flight was pretty empty, so I had a row to myself. We even landed almost 20 minutes early in Atlanta. But then there was no gate available so we had to wait on the runway forever and ended up getting in just about at our scheduled time afterall. Emily met me at the airport and bundled up because she was sick (and had been since wendesday evening). Kind of a bummer to be sick when we only have such a short time together. But we made the best of it as Emily got better over the next couple days and went to bed early and slept in late. Frankly, it's sort of a miracle I'm not sick yet (*knocks on wood*).
Saturday we woke up late to a beautiful, sunny, warm day. We went to Kroger and then took a walk aroudn campus. The new CRC (or SAC for us old alumni) is completely finished and my god it's nice. I feel like GT finally used my money for something worthwhile. And speaking of finished things, the Student Center Commons in the former bookstore location is done now too. That's a pretty cool area. It now connects directly to the post office to the Student Center and the SC Commons are all like one big building now. There's a few new restaurants in there and some nice lookign study areas and stuff. Upstairs there's some meeting rooms and all in all it looks pretty impressive. Sadly, they've moved all the mailboxes around in the PO so I can no longer open the mailbox with my old number on it, and I can't remember exactly where my original box was to try to open that one. No stealing other students' mail I guess. How sad. But it was a nice day to be outside and I really enjoyed walkign aroudn campus. It felt kind of weird though. I haven't been back since Labor Day, and that was only a few weeks after I moved out of Atlanta. Atlanta and GT no longer feel like home to me. Which I guess is a good thing, but for a place where I spent 5 years of my life, it struck me as odd that it felt so foreign. Emily and I watched some basketball on Saturday including the awesome Maryland win over Duke and I knew Emily was feeling better when she cooked some mighty tasty dinner, but still feeling a little ill when she didn't eat much. For those who don't know yet, Emily's appetite often exceeds my own.
After another 12 hours of comfortably cramped sleep in Emily's way too high dorm bed, Emily seemed much much better (I know because she started eating chocolate again - when she won't even touch chocolate, that's a sure sign she's sick). Emily made a wonderful brunch and we watched UNC eke out a win over UConn. Then we played Monopoly and talked to our respective parents until our game started. We lost to NC State because we played awful. Looking at our remaining games, Emily and I only see 1 or 2 likely wins left. We've got Clemson at home and then either at FSU or at Miami. I don't see any chance for a win with Duke at home or at Wake. We just haven't been playing up to that level. I know BJ and Jeromis are back, but they aren't giving enough productivity yet. Maybe by NCAA tournament time (if we even get in..) everything will be clicking and we can at least get back to the Sweet 16. But I'm not going to hold my breath on that. The way we're playing, I'd almost rather play in the NIT and (hopefully) do really well there than get crushed in the first round of the NCAA by a mid-major team like Manhattan. We'll see what happens I guess. Anyway, back to real life, after the game Emily and I watched Lilo and Stitch, which was sort of cute, but I felt it was either too short or never developed much of a plot. Maybe I'm just not used to watching Disney movies.
Monday Emily had to go to class, so I just sort of putzed around for a while and watched the Cosby show. Then I fixed my blog (finally). And then Emily was back so we started working on a crossword puzzle and listened to the cd I made her. I got to listen to some high school-esque drama. I swear I've overheard the exact same conversation on several MYF retreats before, especially the beach retreats. Anyway, I was amused. Then we got ready for dinner at La Tavola Trattoria. It was a cozy little restaurant in Virginia Highlands with apparently a largely gay clientele, but the food was delicious, and they seem to have had a bumper crop of pistachios because my snapper was pistachio-encrusted and their featured dessert was a heart-shaped chocolate-shelled pistachio cake with pistachio cream over it. I dunno what that's all about, but our marscapone cheesecake with lemon curd was awesome and the lemon really made it seem lighter than it was, so I had way more than my required 3 bites (usually I'm too full after dinner to help Emily eat much of "our" desserts).
After going to bed way too late, we woke up way too early so I could get to the airport. It was busy, so I ended up walking instead of using the train, forgetting that Dulles no longer has the people movers to the A and B gates, they now have a moving walkway as they prepare their own train system. I slept a little on the plane thanks to my new heart pillow, but that and all the walking still didn't really wake me up. By 4 pm yesterday I was basically useless a tthe office, but I found things to do to keep myself busy until almost 7. So I was able to put in about 7 hours yesterday afterall, so I won't have much to make up over the next couple days. I've decided that rather than kill myself to make up hours for Monday, I'm just going to use my vacation time. I had a good time, and I'm not going to punish myself now for it. If I happen to work more than 32 hours between yesterday and sunday, well, then I can use less vacation time, but I took a vacation, I enjoyed it, and that's what paid vacation is for. Last night I slept miserably (I know, I know, I say that everytime, but it's always true). Sharing a bed with Emily is so comfortable (even though Emily occasionally hogs the bed so I get nearly pushed off the edge and I occasionally hog the covers) and that sudden void just takes a little getting used to.
Being together always feel like it's never long enough. As I told Emily last night, even forever wouldn't be long enough. But instead of getting depressed about only being able to see each other once a month for a couple days, I'm trying really hard to see the big picture. Yes, it's only a couple days here and there right now, but being able to do that is really helping us keep a strong relationship this far apart. And that means that we'll have the whole summer together here in Fairfax. Internship prospects are staring to open up for her, so I'm getting pretty excited about that. And spending the summer together will be a good trial run for whether we can actually live together and not just visit each other. I don't forsee any problems, but then I suspect most people never do. But assuming all goes well, then there's just fall semester standing between us and forever. And that sort of puts only being able to spend one week(end) a month together into perspective. =)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Well I'm back in Fairfax and back at work. :-/ It's not quite the same as being with Emily, but at least her Spring Break is only 32 days away. More updates probably to come later, as well as me finally fixing my links over there so there aren't so many GT's (I'm lazy, I just cut and pasted and haven't changed them yet, okay?). Also, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but it always seems to be raining when Emily and I have to say goodbye. This morning it wasn't raining per se, but it was about 99% humidity and some nice thick fog, which is close enough to rain. And since we got up at 6:30 to go to the airport, so in about 2 hours I'm going to be jonesing for a nap pretty badly. At least it's sunny and fairly warm here though. Oh well, off to get work done.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Hooray! I think I fixed my blog while Emily was away in class. Turns out that having an image from the left side overlap the right side caused the up/down shift thing to happen. I had the bar that the date was on overlapping by 1 pixel which screwed everything up, and then on a couple archive pages I had extra wide images which caused the same problem. All should be well now. Now to rebuild my list of links and maybe eventually my calendar.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Today is a good day. I got a paycheck. I earned a sizeable chunk of interest on my 401(k) holdings (go Small Cap go!) since my last pay date. All of Emily's Valentine's Day presents really came together last night. And... *drum roll* I get to see Emily in 6.5 hours!! =)

If you happen to live in the unfortunate locale of Flint, MI: Happy White Shirt Day! Also, happy birthday Mr. Edison, and thank you for your myriad inventions. And thank you Simpsons 2005 Fun Calendar for keeping me abrest of all these important dates in history.

Okay, I swapped the left and right div tags, which seems to have at least swapped which side is up and down. *shrug* It's better than it was. Maybe I'll have some time this weekend to screw with it a little more.

I'm so excited I can barely sit still. I also had a lot of sugar at lunch, but I'm pretty sure this is an excitement-induced effervescence.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Less than 24 hours! =)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Well, this is a step in the right direction. But I screwed something up with my page divisions and I can't figure out how to fix it, so it's just going to have my posts start way down here for now. Mostly I'm still angry that Blogger destroyed my old template somehow so I'm having to make a new one at all.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I want everyone to understand that this is only a temporary fix (I hope) to my blog. I'm just not in the mood to come up with a bunch of HTML that I'm happy with tonight. But my posts and comments are available again at least. Hopefully later this week or sometime next week I'll get a better design put together.

According to, the GT@Clemson basketball game is going to be on CSN tonight in the Fairfax area. After last week's F$U@GT/Sammy Sosa fiasco, I'm not getting my hopes up, but maybe, just maybe, (maybe) I'll get to watch the whole game tonight.

That was by far teh worst "me against the world" nightmare i've ever had (though unfortunately not the first). More tomorrow maybwe, but for now I'm wide awake anyway and I'm actualyl genuinely afraid to go back to sleep. I need to watch soem tv or somethign for a little while until my body returns to a less heightened state and I am actualyl capable of sleep again.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Countdown to Emily time: just under 4 days! =)

Yay for just getting home from work! :-\

Stupid Go-to-hell-Phil, it's pushing 60 today and it supposed to be in the 50s all week. Groundhogs are retarded.

So Craig got the GD job up here, he accepted it on Friday. So now I'll have someone else in the area that went to GT who might be more willing to watch or participate in sports with me. Hooray! Congrats to Craig!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Just got back from having lunch at my grandma's. It always nice to over there for a little while because it usually results in a nice square home-cooked meal, albeit often a very unhealthy but oh-so-tasty one. She's angry about her house being reassessed at a higher value because her taxes go up accordingly. She's the only one I've heard complaining about her house going up in value... But I guess I can understand. Apparently, the county has told her her house is value at $570,000, which is high, even for her area. I woudl have guess maybe $450,000. Hopefully though this means she'll give some more thought to selling and moving to something more appropriate to her needs. Maybe this summer when the weather is nice she'll get some help cleaning stuff out and moving. *crosses fingers* My cousin Sarah also dropped by for a little while which was nice. She's in the middle of a career change. Having decided that being a full-time actress is not the life she wants, she's now looking for a teaching position instead. So having had a brief interaction with FCPS I tried to give her some pointers. Then we both excused ourselves so our grandmother could take a nap before the Super Bowl. I guess I'll turn the game on here in about half an hour or so. I've got a lot of stuff to do here before I leave next weekend, so I plan on using that 4 hour block of my life to get some of that done. And if I don't see some monkeys in an E*trade commercial, I'm going to be angry.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Wow, Georgia Tech's new commercial is surprisingly good. 'Bout time.

Duke fans are assholes. The four people wearing Ronald McDonald costumes and holding signs that say: "Luke, I am your father" should be banned from all sporting events for life. It's one thing to go wild as a fan in support of yoru own team, wearing crazy getups and sporting signs and so on. But to deliberately attack a member of the opposing team, that's uncalled for. It's like the people I heard making fun of Maryland's DJ Strawberry last year when they came to GT, just because Daryll had a cocaine problem. You can all go to hell. Especially the Duke fans when they played Maryland who thought it appropriate to bring in bags of flour and powder their noses with it at the game. Cheer for your own team, root for your own players, boo the refs if they miss a call, chant "airball" when an opposing player whiffs, but never insult another player. It reflects badly on you and your entire school. And you wonder why people hate Duke so much? At least I don't have to listen to Dick Vitale commentate this game. That would be almost unbearable.

Friday, February 04, 2005

How can monkey butts help autistic people? Find out here! (credit for link discovery goes to Brian)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

We're getting a little more snow right now, but it seems to all be melting as it hits the ground. Which is sort of odd since it seems colder today than in the last few days. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

When did February become African American History Month instead of Black History Month and why didn't I get the memo?

I wish I had one of these. How awesome would it be to ride a monster to work?

Oh for the love of god... Now they're doing a puff piece on Sosa's background. HELLO!!!! That's not changing, ever! My basketball game is currently in progress, live, right out, changing, right now. FUCK YOU!!! "Please stay tuned for Florida State vs Georgia Tech after Sports Nite" It's going to be fucking half time by the time you get to our game. That does it. I'm writing a letter. A press conference I can understand, but this? This is total bullshit.

Sammy, I love you buddy, and I'm excited to see you knock some balls out of Camden Yards next season, but you're cutting into my basketball game. End your damned press conference about joining the Orioles so I can watch FSU@GT like the channel schedule says I should be able to. Really though, this is Cox's fault. Since they don't carry FSN, they only have 3 sports channels available to show stuff. Although really, does Sammy's conference take precedence over a GT game? I'll be this would never happen if it was Duke. Grrr...

Go to hell Phil. In fact, because of my utter disdain for the ludicrously backwards logic of Groundhog Day, I hereby officially rename today "Go to hell Phil" Day.

I've gotten really into carrots recently. Last time I was at the store I bought a 5 lb bag of baby carrots because it was on sale. They make a really good snack because they're a little bit sweet, they're crunchy, they keep well, and best of all, they're healthy. So instead of my morning granola bar, I've been brining in carrots this week. And they're also a good thing to munch on when I get home and I'm not hungry yet for dinner, but I feel like I need to eat something. I figure, what with almost everyone I know wearing some sort of corrective lenses, I need all the help I can get to keep my own eyes at 20/20 (you know, for the bragging rights), no matter how handsome Emily thinks I would look with glasses.

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