Thursday, November 30, 2006

This is precisely why I wanted to have the ACC Championship game in Charlotte instead of Jacksonville. Since no bowl committee ever likes GT, the Gator was threatening to back out of their ACC committment all together if they were put in a position to "have to" take us. Why is it that bowl games always begrudgingly accept the Yellow Jackets as some sort of plague being thrust upon them? *sigh* I guess we'd better just win so we can go to the Orange Bowl and see if we can add them to the list of bowl comittees in Florida that hate us.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I can't be the only one who sees the irony in this: an illustrator made famous by his work for Marvel Comics passed away on Sunday while wearing Superman pajamas and sleeping under a Batman blanket. He is expected to be cremated wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt. For someone so pioneering with the X-Men, one would think that Dave Cockrum would have more affinity for some of the characters he created at Marvel. But apparently his early work with DC had a more lasting impact.

Monday, November 27, 2006

So sleepy... I slept well last night. I even was wide awake at 7:15 this morning and got up before my alarm went off. But it's like I just hit the wall a few minutes ago. Time for some Skittles I think.

The long weekend was nice. I didn't really do much, but that's kind of nice all by itself. Wednesday night we had vegetable lasagna over at my parents' with other family. Thursday was rather wild. We had 16 people at dinner, and plenty of food, and way too much dessert (Emily will scold me for that one - apparently there's no such thing). But we had a good Turkey Day with family and friends and took home some leftovers to much on later. Friday I didn't leave my apartment until almost 5 pm. Mall traffic was bumper-to-bumper all day, which makes leaving my place via car nearly impossible. But I managed to escape to go workout with Emily. Saturday I watched football for 12 straight hours. Although this involved GT losing to the cesspool in Athens (I'm over it), at least Wake won so we'll get to play someone different in the ACC Championship this weekend. We had dinner with parents and Nana and Jimmy at Chili's. My dad was "so hungry" he made us sit at the bar. This is never a good plan unless you know the bartender because otherwise food takes forever. In my dad's case, his food never came, so karma got realigned. But we did get to see the Maryland/Wake game, so it's not all bad. Sunday it was such a nice day that I felt like I should go do something outside. Instead Emily and I watched Bend it like Beckham and cleaned the chinchilla cage. I like lazy long weekends, except when I have to go back to work again. At least my apartment got cleaned pretty well on Friday while I angilry eyed the Fair Oaks bargain-hunters preventing me from leaving my fortress of solitude. *shrug* Only a month until more free days off!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stupid weather. I wanted to leave early today to go look at cars. I'd probably be able to wrangle a good deal too since the month is winding down and it's raining and it's right before a holiday weekend, so proably no one else is out today. But I just have zero desire to go slosh around outside and get in and out of cars all afternoon. Oh well. At least that means I'll get a lot of work done here.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm finally over being sick. Sort of. I'm still a little sniffley now and then, but I feel 99% better. Despite still strugglign with illness, I had a great weekend. Satruday morning way too early Emily picked me up for our flag football game. We beat UGA into the ground. For my part, I played awesome, knocking down two passes and putting a lot of pressure on the QB. Apparently being on drugs makes you better at sports. Who knew (you know, besides all pro athletes)? Then we had yummy Potbelly and watched a little football before heading out again. We got tickets to the sold-out Patriot Center to see Wichita State play GMU. It was Mason's home-opener and against a team they beat in the Sweet 16 last year. It was a good game, but Mason's free throw shooting was attrocious and they have no inside game. I could count their offensive rebounds on one hand with a couple fingers to spare. So naturally, they lost, but it was close, and a good time. My mom brought her GT shakers and I think was having more fun pretending to be a cheerleader than watching the game. Good thing we were sitting in the last row where no one could see us. ;) Speaking of which, we ran into the Leeths (present and former) after the game and got to visit briefly with Erin's baby Payton. Then more sports ensued as we watched Michigan fail to beat OSU. Lousy Buckeyes... I hate them so much. I think I hate Notre Dame more though, so I think it's actually good they lost because it'd be almost impossible to move ND ahead of Michigan in terms of competing for a national title. Then it was time to play with fuzzies and go to bed.
Sunday was much less busy and much more low key. I slept in until I was good and ready to get out of bed. Emily and I went to go see Happy Feet. The concept of a tap-dancing penguin is just hilarious. Parts of the movie were really creative, and the animation was stellar. I thought I was going to have to punch an 80-year-old lady in the face because she came in late and wouldn't shut up and then wouldn't stay in her seat. But that finally died down and I could enjoy the movie. Nothing else going on really. My car is having more issues that are making me lean more and more towards a new car. I'm thinking about taking a half day tomorrow and going to test drive some. There's also a new project starting up at work for SOCOM that I'm going to be working on. I don't know much about it yet, or what my level of involvement will be (since I'm already fully tasked with my current project), but it sounds interesting. Anybody who introduces a project to me as a retired Seal and throws in "black ops" every few sentences is A-OK (or just a good salesman) in my book.

Friday, November 17, 2006

To avoid having to use any PTO for my two sick days this week, I need to put in 33 hours next week. Seems easy enough. Except that the office is only open M-W because of Thanksgiving. 11 hours a day? No problem... Oh well. I knew there was a good reason that I had been saving up all my vacation. Even after taking a week off in August, I've still got over 28 days in the bank. Whee! Plenty of time to take off around Christmas for a a trip to a January bowl game. ;)

We all knew it was going to happen, right? This is the story I've been waiting for all week. Hordes of people tramping each other, people dying, shootings, just to be the first one to get a PS3. I don't get it at all. I bought my Playstation used around the same time the PS2 came out, and had just as much fun with it as anyone else, until I bought my Gamecube on a massive markdown about a year after its release. Maybe I missed out on a year of video gaming (but not really since I bought all the year old games way cheap too). Um, so what? Is your life really so pathetic that you need to spend days outside in the cold and rain (get a job you filthy hippies!) just so you can pay $600 for a video game console? Especially one that has no good launch titles? And when the XboX360 is readily available with a huge library and the Wii comes out on Sunday with a better selection of content? Also, did I mention you could buy an XboX and a Wii for the same price as a PS3 and one game? Ridiculous. For everyone that didn't die in the pursuit of "happiness," I hope you enjoy the fairweather friends your new console will provide until everyone else gets their own system for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I haven't left my apartment in close to 48 hours and I'm starting to go stir crazy, but I just have no energy. It even looks pretty nice outside. But even standing up is a chore. I'm trying to get some work done, but it's going very very slowly. *sigh* I miss being home sick when I was 12 and could just sit in bed all day trying to beat TMNT or Mega Man on my NES. But thanks to the sinus pressure, I have a pounding headache all the time and my still-constantly-dripping nose is a distraction every 5-10 minutes. It does make it rather difficult to concentrate on anything for very long, and even watching movies or TV is hard because of the rapid movement on screen. Oh well. Back to trying to get this thing done for work.

Monday, November 13, 2006

So last weekend I didn't feel all that well, but it had subsided mostly by Sunday morning in time to go see the Redskins beat Dallas with Tommy and have Steph's stuffed pumpkin for dinner. Wednesday was Ben's 23rd birthday. Hard to believe he's 23 sometimes, make me feel old. That and high school kids. We went to see Sarah's production of To Kill A Mockingbird at Herndon, which was really well done. And in the program, all the kids were giving shoutouts to the class of 2007. Wow. I was friends with several people who were in the class of 96, not to mention the number of people I knew who graduated in 97. Which means my own 10 year reunion is creeping up. Yikes. But then again, the ticket guy asked if we were students and I thought about just saying yes to get the half price tickets, but I didn't really think he'd believe me. I mean, really, do I look 15? Please. I may be feeling old, but I have absolutely zero desire to be in high school again.
Anyway, on to other things. Crazy week in football with Rutgers knocking off Louisville on Thursday and then all kinds of upsets on Saturday. It's shaping up to be a great bowl season too. Emily and I are hoping to be able to get tickets to our bowl game, wherever it might be (hopefully Miami). Despite the nice weather on Saturday, I spent most of the day inside pigging out, sleeping, and watching football. Except for venturing out to the play of course. Sunday morning we had yummy brunch with Laura and Greg and her parents, David and Charlotte and the kids, and the Shaydas. Then we got turned around in Old Town looking for the Crate and Barrel and went home instead. Emily made brownies and we just sort of vegged out.
A pretty good weekend all around after a frustrating week of running PVTs at work. But those are basically overwith now. I'm blaming PVTs and the weather for making me sick. Maybe I'll be taking a couple sick days this week. I do need to get caught up on some video games. I'll be an odd sight, huddled under a blanket in front of the TV, tissues stuffed into my nose, wearing my "Not Leaving the House Today" pants. Can't wait. I think I'm delirious already. Is this a fever I feel coming on? Great, infection's already setting in. Grrr...

I think I'm getting sick. =( My head is all stuffy and my throat is getting scratchy. Whee! Must be that time of year. You know, when the weather won't make up it's mind, so I get sick, and then my cold turns into a sinus infection. Plenty more to post later about the last week, but right now I'm on the way out the door for lunch. Hopefully yummy food will make me feel better.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I hope when I'm almost 80, I have the same drive and fortitude as JoePa. Aftering getting bowled over in the Wisconsin game, he eventually agreed sullenly to leave the game with a broken leg, had surgery yesterday, and was already reviewing game film and preparing for their next game that night. That's amazing. Most 79 year olds are soaking up the sun in Florida this time of year. Not Mr. Paterno. He's on the sidelines every game, even when violently ill with the flu. He takes a hit that breaks his leg and tears some ligaments, an injury which usually heals itself in time, and opts to have surgery to heal faster so he can get back on the field. How many nearly-octogenarians insist on needless surgery just so they can get back to their daily routines faster? Joe Paterno is superhuman. Based solely on what I saw on Saturday, I think he outlasts Bobby Bowden and eventually retires sometime around 2015 with unbreakable records not only for most games won but also for years and games coached.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I guess it was just a dream... I woke up this morning with the vague recollection that I had seen a story on ESPN right before I fell asleep about someone at Miami named Oestricker being involved in some incident and Coker subsequently being fired. There's no one on Miami's roster with a name even close to that. And no mention of any such good news online this morning. Oh well. For now I guess I just have to hope that Miami loses their 4 remaining games to remain ineligible for a bowl. One would think that would be enough to result in Coker's dismissal.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

First Rod Roddy passes away and now Bob Barker's leaving. I hope they just up and cancel Price is Right in their honor. I haven't even watched the show since Rod died (mostly because I've had a job), and I certainly won't watch it after Bob retires. CBS should really retire the show along with him.

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