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So sleepy... I slept well last night. I even was wide awake at 7:15 this morning and got up before my alarm went off. But it's like I just hit the wall a few minutes ago. Time for some Skittles I think.

The long weekend was nice. I didn't really do much, but that's kind of nice all by itself. Wednesday night we had vegetable lasagna over at my parents' with other family. Thursday was rather wild. We had 16 people at dinner, and plenty of food, and way too much dessert (Emily will scold me for that one - apparently there's no such thing). But we had a good Turkey Day with family and friends and took home some leftovers to much on later. Friday I didn't leave my apartment until almost 5 pm. Mall traffic was bumper-to-bumper all day, which makes leaving my place via car nearly impossible. But I managed to escape to go workout with Emily. Saturday I watched football for 12 straight hours. Although this involved GT losing to the cesspool in Athens (I'm over it), at least Wake won so we'll get to play someone different in the ACC Championship this weekend. We had dinner with parents and Nana and Jimmy at Chili's. My dad was "so hungry" he made us sit at the bar. This is never a good plan unless you know the bartender because otherwise food takes forever. In my dad's case, his food never came, so karma got realigned. But we did get to see the Maryland/Wake game, so it's not all bad. Sunday it was such a nice day that I felt like I should go do something outside. Instead Emily and I watched Bend it like Beckham and cleaned the chinchilla cage. I like lazy long weekends, except when I have to go back to work again. At least my apartment got cleaned pretty well on Friday while I angilry eyed the Fair Oaks bargain-hunters preventing me from leaving my fortress of solitude. *shrug* Only a month until more free days off!

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