Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I think Halloween might be my favorite holiday. Toss up between that and Thanksgiving. So many people have already come around today giving out free candy. And I'm sure there'll be lots more tomorrow when people don't get rid of it all to trick-or-treaters. I sure do love free candy. On the other hand, Thanksgiving has tons of food too, and it's probably healthier than eating fistfuls of candy. Maybe.

"This is the southbound train to Airport station." Have I mentioned how much I hate MARTA? Really, public transportation in general. After a 4 hour weather/air traffic control delay, I finally got to leave Dulles. They keep rearranging things at that damn airport to the point where I never know where I am or where I'm going anymore. I know they're trying to modernize it, but they're not doing a very good job. In any case, the flight was bumpy and not very pleasant, and I arrived in Atlanta past 12:30. By the time I finally waded through the sea of people in line for renting cars and picking up baggage to find Emily and then my own bag, it was well past 1 am and Marta was conveniently closed. After desperately pleading for Brian to come rescue us with someone else's car, we got in line with 300 other people for a taxi. The line moved surprisingly quickly though and though our driver took us the most roundabout way possible to get to the hotel, it was nice to finally stop moving. That is once we had to change rooms because our doorlock didn't work. 2 am sounded like a pretty good bed time once we finally could lie down.
After all the hassle, I was about ready to just call it all quits and spend the next day asleep in bed. But there was a football game to get to, and the end result made all the hassle well worth it. We caught all the players on their way into the stadium and then did some tailgating with Brian. The game got off to a rocky start with Miami scoring in the first 36 seconds on a Reggie fumble and then committing their first personal foul in the first 1:25. We had an entire row of large rowdy "The U" fans (sidenote: what's up with Miami fans and jerseys? Do they not sell anythign else with Miami logos besides jerseys?) in front of us, who were of course spurred on by their early lead. GT tied things up at half time, answering right back point for point until the 4th quarter. By now our Miami "friends" had passed out from drinking and were much more subdued, especially after GT put the game away with a another score. Our defense was playing well, but giving up big plays. They'd drop Miami for a loss on 1st or 2nd, and put them into 3rd and 14 or something, and then give up 20 yards. It was kind of aggravating, but in the end, GT prevailed, taking a commanding lead in the ACC Coastal and likely putting us in position to play in the ACC Championship game (for which Brian already has tickets). After the game we had yummy tex-mex with Emily's family, caught up on what else had happened to other teams that day and then hit the sack.
Sunday we got up bright and early again to have breakfast with Michelle which was really nice. I know Emily's been trying to figure out a way to see her on a visit for a while now. Then, after Marta stole $3.50 from my card, it was back to teh hotel to check out and then head over to the aquarium. There was some sort of "partnership" thing going on in Centennial Park that we tried to avoid. I'm still unclear what kind of partners we're dealing with here, but it seemed like they had a good and diverse turnout. As for the Aquarium, I was throgoughly impressed. It's laid out much better than the one in Baltimore and has a lot more hands-on activities and play areas for kids (so I don't kick them in the head by accident). They also have a few really big viewing windows that gives you a good feel for the scope of the environment and some immersive viewing windows. I was dissapointed by the lack of puffins, but the wildly entertaining sea otters more than made up for it. I'd highly reccomend scoping out the aquarium if you find yourself in Atlanta anytime soon.
Then it was back to hassle with Marta. Due to track work (I assume), they were single-tracking between 5 points and the Airport, so it took over an hour (when it should have been 20 minutes). Most of that time was spent sitting on the platform waiting for 3 northbound trains to clear the tracks. Why they can't stagger north and south is beyond me. But I will tell you that if I ever hear "This is the Sounthbound train to Airport station" again, I might have to throttle someone. Sitting on the platform with the doors open, that phrase was repeated about every 10 seconds for the entire 30 minutes that we sat going nowhere. Grrrr... After finally arriving at the airport, our flight home was uneventful, our bags showed up right away and then it was home to play with fuzzy chew-monsters before trying to get a good night's sleep.
What started out as an very irritating weekend turned out pretty well, and we had nice weather the whole weekend. And I'm excited about where GT might go for a bowl game (just in time get tickets as a christmas present). But now it's back to the working world for a while. And now it's time for lunch!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Interesting. Apparently we're moving to a company-wide 9/80 schedule next year. So I'll get every other Friday off in exchange for working 9-hour days every M-Th (which I basically do already). At first I was excited about this. Until I found out that the change is at the expense of our current flex system which I really like, and could use to basically have a 9/80 schedule if I wanted to as long as no one I work with objected. It's been really nice when I've taken sick days because then I can use the next week to work a few extra hours so my sick day becomes a sick half-day. Or if I'm planning to take off on a Monday, I can make up most of the hours during the previous week and not actually have to use much vacation time. Oh well. Not having to come in every other Friday certainly has its advantages, but the system is certainly less flexible than what we already have in place.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Damn it all to hell... I just checked AirTran's website to make sure my flight was still scheduled for the tiem I thought it was. Turns out that it is. But because of weather in Atlanta, all flights destined for Hartsfield are subject to a ground delay at their originating airports. In my case (and Emily's too as I discovered), this means that our 6:30ish departures are now scheduled for 10:30ish. This is insane. If I walked outside right now, I could get in my car and drive to Atlanta before my plane is even scheduled to leave Dulles. I'm going to have to swing by my house now and pick up a second book to read at the airport. At this point, we'll be lucky to even get into Atlanta before Marta (our intended means of transportation to our hotel) closes. Grrr....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

According to my phone, I got a call from Grandma at 7 am today. A) Why would anyone ever call me at 7 am? If by some miracle the phone wakes me up, the liklihood that I'm going to be coherent enough to process anything they're saying is virtually nil. B) If it was so important that you just had to rotary-dial my phone number that early in the morning, you could at least leave a message. Fortunately for me, rousing that it my be, the Soviet Anthem (my ringtone for family) failed to rouse me from my slumber. Now, had it been someone else, there's no doubt that the A-Team (my default ringtone) would surely have at least awoken me, if not compelled me to get out from the warth of my covers.

We lost power again this morning, but per my policy instituted on Tuesday, I only knew about becasue the lights in all the offices on my side of the floor don't work. This used to be a huge problem for me on the 7th floor. I had no windows, so when we partially lost power, My computer would work, but my lights wouldn't, making it rather difficult to read anything but my computer screen. But now that I have windows, so this is no longer a problem. Unfortauntley, because the power hit took out one of our servers (even though it was on a UPS) and somehow reconfigured our network switch (I can ping server A and server B, but when I login to server A, I end up logged into server B instead), there's still not a lot I can do. Oh well.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm not always the swiftest person around, especially when it comes to pop-culture (Emily routinely crushes me on that category in Trivial Pursuit). But I was listening to Nightwish's Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea instrumental from their 2001 Wishmaster tour the other day. It's a kick-ass song and all. But from the first notes, it kept striking a chord (no pun intended) that made me feel like I'd heard it somewhere before. Well, duh, it's a compilation of the themes from Crimson Tide and Deep Blue Sea, both of which I flipped past on TV last night. I mean, I knew the song title the whole time, but somehow it just never clicked in my brain that the reason it sounded familiar was because it was based on the themes from the two named movies. *shrug* The song still kicks butt regardless of where my occasionally-slow-witted self thought it's origins might have been.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It doesn't pay to get to work early (by which I mean on time). Yesterday I was at my desk at nine, go me! So I decided to start a trend and was walking up to the building at seconds before nine this morning. There seemed a dirth of cars, even for 9 am, and then I noticed a couple people leaving the building, but they were people I frequently see leaving and arriving at weird hours since they spend a lot of time at Lockheed. Turns out it was because the power went out instead. Supposedly, it wasn't going to be coming back on until noon, so a lot of people were just heading home or over to Barnes & Noble or whatever. Dave and I decided after about 15 minutes to head over to Best Buy and maybe scope out the new movie releases, then head over to my place to watch something until power came back. But we didn't even make it to the car before we got a call that the juice had been reconnected. It's maybe 9:30 now. Noon? Really? "Yeah, it's gonna take probably 2-3 hours." *click* "Oh, um, or maybe 20 minutes, sorry." So no Best Buy and no movie. But had I arrived at my normal time of 9:30, it's possible I never would have known that anything had ever been amiss. So from now on, no more getting to work until I'm good and ready.

Monday, October 23, 2006

This weekend wasn't quite as exciting as I'd hoped. We lost our flag football game, but we kept the score close this time. But after winning our opening game, we've been 0-3 since, which is sort of frustrating. So I'm glad I won't be here next weekend (we'll probably win now). I'm less excited about going to Atlanta though after GT failed miserably to put goether anything even resembling offense against Clemson. We desperately need to beat Miami. Two bad losses in a row could send our season spiralling out of control. We'll see. Emily's fried chicken was awesome and so were our lima beans and corn bread. The cheesecake was yummy even though it didn't quite set up right. Sunday I had all kinds of plans that never materialized. I felt a cold coming on last Friday, so I wanted to make sure I got enough sleep, which involved a nap on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. We did go over to Laura and Greg's for gyros in the evening though. And since I'm gone next weekend, not too much opporrunity to run my other myriad errands, so it'll just wait until November. *shrug*

Friday, October 20, 2006

Why isn't it tomorrow yet? Or at least COB today? Tomorrow is very exciting and I'm trying my best to stay positive about it not not let my cynical tendencies creep up too much. Not that I have anything really going on tonight, but I can't wait for tomorrow. Opening the day we have a flag football game against William and Mary. We played them in the preseason tournament and it was ugly. Like, they beat us with an ugly stick that grew from the ugliest tree in the most acrid soil in existence. I don't remember the score, but I have problems counting that high, and suffice it to say that none of the points were ours. In any case, I think our defense has improved exponentially since then, so I don't expect the same blow-out, but if the offense doesn't get itself in gear, we're going to drop another close game. Anyway, I'm excited about that game, maybe we can get a little revenge. But then there's a huge ACC matchup later that evening when GT goes to Death Valley. I'm so excited about this game that it's actually overshadowing the growing fear of GT's annual WTF game where we just get obliterated by someone for no good reason. Don't get me wrong, I still have nightmares of Woody Dantzler tip-toeing up the sideline completely unhindered to beat GT in overtime in BDS. I know all our recent games ahve been close, which is all the more reason that a huge implosion is emminent. I'm okay with losing this game, so long as we beat Miami, we'll still likely win the ACC Coastal division. But if we lose, I really hope it's respectable and that Clemson just outplays us. I don't want to go down in flames in a 49-10 rout or some other horrific outcome. Anyway, like I was saying, this sense of impending doom is still being outweighed by excitement, and I hope it stays that way at least until about 9 pm tomorrow. And if all else falls apart, there's fried chicken and corn bread to look forward to for dinner. Mmmm... Emily makes the best fried chicken. =)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

*phew* Just got a phone call from my dad that he arrived safe and sound back at Dulles after his trip to Iraq. I'm sure he's brought back some good stories, and now that I know he's OK, I'm excited to hear them.

This is pretty awesome. Plus, I always like to see GT mentioned in publications other than the AJC (where we only ever seem to get negative press - why Sonny Purdue doens't harp about that is beyond me - oh right, he went to UGA). Plus, the photo of a GT player in uniform wearing the futuristic head gear is a nice touch.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dear Mr. Bush,
I would like to apologize for anything negative I had ever said about or your administration. Please pass this sentiment along to Mr. Rumsfeld as well. I would also like to retract any statements I have ever made that could, in any way, be construed in a negative way against the United States, its citizens, its policies, or its leaders. Now that you've wisely signed into law today the Military Commissions Act (after being passed by Congress, in their equally infinite wisdom), I hereby pledge to agree with anything and everything you or agents of your will may say. I wouldn't want my disagreement with or potential criticism of your actions to be interpreted as hostile towards the United States and risk being classified as an enemy combatant by you or Mr. Rumsfeld. Since habeas corpus ad subjiciendum has been now rendered non-existant by the stroke of your pen, I'd rather not do or say anything that has the potential to get me indefinitely incarcerated without any sort of due process. I'm thankful that you are such a trustworthy and intelligent person or else I would be concerned that you might abuse the power to declare anyone (US citizen or not) an enemy combatant, have them arrested and detained forever, never once let them talk to a family member, lawyer, or judge, and do whatever you want to them without any regards for human decency as set out by the Geneva Conventions. This seems like an astonishly despotic power, but I know in your capable hands it will never once be abused. Congratulations on finding a way to keep me safer than ever! I applaud your efforts, and perhaps before January 2009 you can find a way to make yourself permanent ruler of these great United States. Thank you for your time oh great and infallible leader.

Adam Bever

I think it might be about time to get my eyes checked. The last few days I've been spending a lot of time working on our 100+ page (each) testing documents in preparation for PVTs in November. So it's been a lot of reading fine print under less-than-ideal lighting conditions and lots of reading on the monitor. True, I spend a a lot of time in front of monitors on any given day, but it's rarely reading pages and pages in info. After I caught myself sitting like 6 inches away from my 19" CRT for the umpteenth time, I began to think that perhaps there's no reason whatsoever to ever be sitting that close to a monitor that big, besides impending blindness. So in truth I can't tell whether my recent headaches have been a result of too much monitor flicker and radiation exposure, or simply too much reading with faulty vision. *sigh* At least I've made it to 25. Most people I know were sporting glasses or contacts by the time they were in high school. It's important to win the small battles. ;)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In less-happy news, one of our tiger barbs died last night. Despite numerous warnings from people at the pet store about how vicious they can be when housed with tetras, they were the most skittish, scaredy-fish I have ever seen in my life. They were intimidated by anything that was even a quarter their size and could move. But they were also the biggest and oldest fish in the aquarium. We're now down to one very skittish and lonely-looking tiger barb (among several other tetras, rasboras, and danios), who I believe is the only one still living out of the first group of fish that I bought 2 years ago.

In with the new, out with the old! I took my fouton over to my parents' last night and replaced it (with Ben's help) with Dave's old (and basically pristine) reclining couch. I'm super excited. Next to go is my dark pink recliner that tilts to one side, then probably my coffee table since I absconded with a end table and smaller coffee table from Dave's place as well. Those items are probably going out to the dumpster (where I originally found them 4 years ago - the circle of life is complete) in the next week or so. If anyone wants free, used, college-acceptable furniture (I'm keeping my thumb-tacked posters!), you're welcome to it if you want to come pick it up.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Since I know how much everyone loves reading all my football mumbo-jumbo, I went ahead and posted my college-football-related stuff to Chaos Rankings. In minor sports related news, we lost our flag football game to UNC by a final score of 7-6. Losing by one is going to get old really fast. I think in general we're just too disorganized. *shrug* It's still fun. It'd be more fun if the refs we've had didn't suck, but I'm not going to judge since I haven't reffed a game yet (though I did become a CAN-certified (barely) ref on Saturday). I'm sure it's harder than it looks. I had to go rescue Ben this weekend when he locked himself out of his house. That kid is so unbelievably accident prone. He wrecks his car on the way to a job interview, goes to the wrong location for a different interview, his phone breaks in half, locks himself out. It's like he's cursed! Maybe the most recent round of mishaps was Friday the 13th related. Other than that I just watched a lot of college football on Saturday. Sunce We were pretty lazy. We did go to Target, the pet store and the grocery mart. We tried to get better at football by playing NCAA Football 2K3 (I'm a much bigger fan of Tecmo Super Bowl myself). I had intended to go test drive some cars yesterday, but I just wasn't up to the hassle of dealers. Maybe next weekend after GT stomps Clemson. But first there's a very long week (for me) to get through first.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thank you Boston College! The Eagles just made Georgia Tech's job a little easier by beating VT 20-3. Obviously, we still have to win a few more conference games ourselves, but with VT at two losses now, we're in a much better position to win our division. And we already beat UVA and VT head-to-head, so a win over Miami would virtually seal the deal, even if we lost to Clemson and NC State. UNC and Duke would have a lot of work to do to catch up to us, but that doesn't mean they can't play spoiler, so we absolutely cannot look past them (regardless of the impending UGA game or the possible division title). Miami being dealt another loss would help out a lot too, so Blue Devils, let's get it together next weekend. Really though, I don't want to pull an FSU and back-door our way into the ACC Championship. I want it to happen by us beating the other good teams. We're on our way with a win at VT. We have a chance to make a big statement at Clemson. But ultimately, division wins are more important than other conference wins, so if we take take out Miami, I will be cautiously optimistic in planning a party (after I get back from the post-game party in Atlanta) for Dec 2nd.

You know what's super good? Diet Berries & Cream Dr Pepper. Especially considering that Dr Pepper is maybe the only thing from Texas I don't want to destroy on sight.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Friday was quite the yucky day. Saturday was marginally better, but still chilly and damp. Kinda too bad for all the stuff that was going on, but oh well. Chris and Shannon's wedding reception/baby shower was fun and well attended. Turns out that Matt was also heading out to the Caps game that night, and then Caryn got roped into going as well, so we had quite the contingent. After a brief detour in Springfield, we arrived at the area just as the players were being introduced. The Caps jumped out to an early lead over the defending Stanley Cup holders, but they started out the second period with a bang themselves. Caps eventually won it 5-2 with a hat trick by Alexander Semin and some light brawling. A pretty good home opener and some rabid fans. Meanwhile, I've been checking my phone, dejectedly waiting for the Maryland@GT final score. Maryland should have won that game, but the offense channeled the Joe Hamilton-era heroics and pulled ahead late, then the defense came up with a huge stop to secure the win. So, while I'm glad Tech won, I'm even more happy we managed to win in a situation where we would normally have lost. Many people point to that as progress. I call it the "Ohio State Factor", as in, better lucky that good. Not that they aren't have a dominating season, but it certainly fits their usual MO. Anyway, I'm glad we won undeservedly and avoided the post-big-game-letdown for once. Hopefully this will become more of a trend and I'm especially hopeful that we'll use the near-loss as motivation to practice our butts off before going to Death Valley on the 21st. I'm dissapointed that Wake lost, but you all knew it was coming sooner or later. Just like we all know Rutgers is going down. And $10 says Boise State stays undefeated longer than USC. So apart from cheering the GT escape, I kept checking for Tennessee updates and kept being dissapointed by the fact the dawgs were always ahead, but at least teh Vols were keeping it close. But then, bam! 4th quarter action! 27 points to close out the game and win it 51-33. Kudos to Phil Fulmer's team. Sunday Emily was in Philly for the Flogging Molly concert, so I went over to my parents' for a late lunch. The unpacking is coming along, but they've sworn to never move again. I suggested opening or donating to a museum since they've accumulated such an exotic and eclectic array of things from everywhere they've been. We talked about work they wanted to do on the house sometime in the future. I suspect it will end up about the same as all the work they talked about doing on their last house. My dad left last night for a tour of his new domain, which most notably includes Iraq. So naturally, we're all on pins and needles for the next 10 days until he gets back. The chew monsters have developed a taste for plaster which (although I'm sure I've already forfitted my security deposit now) needed to be stopped while I still had walls that didn't completely resemble swiss cheese. Otherwise things are fine. The weather is wonky as per the usual for this time of year. I just hope the weather stays nice enough on the weekends for flag football to remain fun. Once it gets too cold and rainy, the fun ends pretty quickly even though the game doesn't. October is flying by and it'll be time for a trip to Atlanta before I know it.

Monday, October 09, 2006

At first I thought it was strange that there were so many cars in the parking lot at 9 this morning. Uusally the lot is still pretty empty at 9 but fills up by 9:30. I mean, I know we don't have the day off, but a lot of other people do, so I figured folks in the office might just take a 3 day weekend as well. But then it started to dawn on me that because so many other cars weren't on the road this morning, people who would normally not arrive until 9:30 because of traffic were able to make it in by 9 instead. I'm glad I don't have that problem. Yet.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

No one's ever happy with the current system when it's their team getting screwed. Before the first BCS rankings have even come out, before the season's even half over, Coach Whiney is already complaining that his team is going to get excluded from the national championship game again. Okay, in fairness, he's complaining that an SEC is team is going to get left out. Hey, jerkface, relax. I know "defense wins championships", but defense is boring to watch unless it's your own team. For the most part, watching an SEC game is like watching paint dry. So the poll voters turn your crappy game off and switch over to watch (the other) USC pummel some poor Pac-10 team, or Texas whoop up on Rice, or Ohio State and Iowa duking it out. Make your games more exciting, more people will watch them, and you'll get more votes. I'm just saying is all.
All that being said, there is a problem with the current system. First off, there's 32 bowls this year. That means 64 teams. There's only 119 Div I-A teams. You have to have 6 wins to even be bowl eligible, right? Someone explain to me how more than half of the teams can have a winning record. By playing Div I-AA teams (of which you can only count one win for the 6 needed)? Ask Colorado, Duke, or NC State (among others) how well that's worked out. A bowl game should be a reward for a well-played season, not an entitlement for simply having a .500 or better season. Besides, didn't the NCAA already have to make an exception for someone last year because not enough of their wins were against IA competition?
Number two, half of the "power" conferences play championship games to determine who will represent the conference in a BCS game. Everyone should do it or no one should. It creates an unlevel playing field which can either boost your public perception or destroy it in an instant. Lat year everyone thought VT was hands down the best ACC team, but they rolled over against FSU in the ACC championship, so FSU was off to the Orange Bowl where they put up a hell of a fight against teh Nittany Lions. The Big East looks like it might have a de facto championship game when WVU and Louisville meet. Same deal with Michigan/Ohio State. At least one team in the SEC is going to get booted by losing their conference championship. Oh the flip side, an SEC win against a quality opponent might convince enough people to bump you up in the polls. Let's say Florida throttles Auburn in that game. Who's going to keep UF ranked below USC when they're busy playing a medicore UCLA? Flip it again. Let's say Texas struggles against Mizzu in the Big XII championship. You have to move them down right?
So instead of having just #1 and #2 play each other (and arguing about who deserves those spots), why don't we take Tubby's advice and have a 4 team playoff. The eliminates the problem Auburn faced of going undefeated and yet still being denied a chance at a title. But what happens when 5 teams go undefeated now? Or one undefeated and 4 1-loss teams that are all basically equal? How do you get to decide who gets to play in those games? You can't (unfortunately) have a selection committee (like the basketball tourney) and devote the entire month of January to a playoff system with 16 teams. Besides, what happens then if, god forbid, a team like GMU pulls off a few big upsets. For argument's sake, let's say Rutgers is in that field of 16 and has a good run and ends up destroying Ohio State in their final game (who's luck runs out for once). Are they the national champions? I say yes. They beat everyone you could throw at them. Except now you have to worry about seeding and homefield advantage and a lot of extra travelling and so forth. A playoff system is probably the most fair and impartial method of deciding a champion because you're allowing a series of games to decide the outcome (skewed obviously by how you set those games up). It of course has it's own problems.
The lesson here is that no system is ever going to be perfect. Let the games run their course and maybe your complaning is all for naught when all the SEC schools lose this week or Ohio State and USC slip up and the championship game is an all-SEC matchup. Accept how the current system is run and deal with it. Or, if it's really that bad, get together with the other like-minded people, come up with a new system, and present it. The BCS changes how it operates nearly every year, there's no reason that your system (or mine) can't be responsible for crowning a national champion. Formulate a plan and account for all the possibilities. This like a coder. Well, this event will probably never happen, so I don't need to need to worry about checking for it or initialize this variable. *ka-blamo* Null Pointer Exception. Segmentation Fault. Core Dump. Whoops. I would love to see some non-power conference teams climb the rankings such that, under the current rules, 5 of them are guaranteed BCS game spots. What happens to the 6 guaranteed spots from the power conferences? There's only 10 teams in the 5 BCS games. I'm 100% sure the BCS committee hasn't accounted for this. Like them, I'm 99.9% sure it's never going to happen. But what if... KABLAMO!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We saw a Ferarri Testarossa yesterday on the way to and from lunch at Logan's. The guy driving it was a total tool of course; I was dissapointed but not all that surprised. But at least his car was a very cool and bright red (like all Ferarris should be). I don't think I've ever wanted to carjack somebody before. Especially when he was getting gas at the Sunoco and we stopped next to him so Flipp could run in and get cigarettes. Oh well. Maybe someday I'll at least get to drive one since I can't live in it and I'd rather put that kind of money into a house.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I posted something earlier, but blogger ate it apparently. So here's a recap since I don't feel like retyping the whole thing:

Bobby and Sarah's birthday - yummy cake, chaotic but fun party
Big Apple Circus - fun and impressive as always, Mom's birthday tradition, intimate setting
Macaroni Grill - garlicy and yummy
Chinchillas - cage was super gross
October - very busy

Our flag football team lost to Purdue on Saturday which was kind of dissapointing after we beat them in the preseason tournament. Our defense scored both of our touchdowns and the offense didn't make the extra points, so Purdue's one extra point ending up being the deciding factor in our 13-12 loss. But our defense (based loosely on the Tenuta zone blitz theory) is pretty stout. So hopefully we'll have some more wins down the road once the offense starts clicking again.
Which is a lot like what happened on Saturday with the Tech v. Tech matchup. Our offense was on fire in the first quarter and VT's defense was leaving huge coverage gaps, so after jumping out to an early 21-0 lead, we were able to coast to a victory. However, until the score said Final, I was nervous because I've seen us blow games like that before. VT put the pressure on and tightened the gap as our defense got tired and with 15 seconds left, they still had a chance with a TD, 2 point conversion, onside kick, and a long field goal to tie or hail mary TD to win the game. Fortunately, they didn't convert their 4th and goal and I was able to breathe again.
As for all this talk about GT and ACC Championship, let's just drop it until November. I would love to play in that game, I would love to win it, and I would love to play in the Orange Bowl. But it's the first week of October. We've only played two conference games. Yes, we took an important step in beating VT. But we need to not turn around and lose to Maryland next weekend. We need to at the very least beat Duke and UNC. If Miami continues to struggle, we may not have to beat them, but if that's the case, someone else needs to beat VT, so we certainly have our work cut out for us. Playing at Clemson will be extremely tough, and while NC State is strugglign as well, I'm not writing off having to play in Raleigh either. We have a lot of tough football ahead. It's too early to start talking championship. Besides, Wake is 5-0 and tied with NC State at 1-0 in conference (leading the Atlantic division) and Maryland's conference opener is in Atlanta next weekend. A lot can (and probably will) happen between now and Dec 2nd in Jacksonville. It'd be nice to get there after a long string of winning but unimpressive seasons, so let's make that a goal, but not get our hopes up so high just yet.

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