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It doesn't pay to get to work early (by which I mean on time). Yesterday I was at my desk at nine, go me! So I decided to start a trend and was walking up to the building at seconds before nine this morning. There seemed a dirth of cars, even for 9 am, and then I noticed a couple people leaving the building, but they were people I frequently see leaving and arriving at weird hours since they spend a lot of time at Lockheed. Turns out it was because the power went out instead. Supposedly, it wasn't going to be coming back on until noon, so a lot of people were just heading home or over to Barnes & Noble or whatever. Dave and I decided after about 15 minutes to head over to Best Buy and maybe scope out the new movie releases, then head over to my place to watch something until power came back. But we didn't even make it to the car before we got a call that the juice had been reconnected. It's maybe 9:30 now. Noon? Really? "Yeah, it's gonna take probably 2-3 hours." *click* "Oh, um, or maybe 20 minutes, sorry." So no Best Buy and no movie. But had I arrived at my normal time of 9:30, it's possible I never would have known that anything had ever been amiss. So from now on, no more getting to work until I'm good and ready.

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