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This weekend wasn't quite as exciting as I'd hoped. We lost our flag football game, but we kept the score close this time. But after winning our opening game, we've been 0-3 since, which is sort of frustrating. So I'm glad I won't be here next weekend (we'll probably win now). I'm less excited about going to Atlanta though after GT failed miserably to put goether anything even resembling offense against Clemson. We desperately need to beat Miami. Two bad losses in a row could send our season spiralling out of control. We'll see. Emily's fried chicken was awesome and so were our lima beans and corn bread. The cheesecake was yummy even though it didn't quite set up right. Sunday I had all kinds of plans that never materialized. I felt a cold coming on last Friday, so I wanted to make sure I got enough sleep, which involved a nap on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. We did go over to Laura and Greg's for gyros in the evening though. And since I'm gone next weekend, not too much opporrunity to run my other myriad errands, so it'll just wait until November. *shrug*

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