Thursday, March 31, 2005

In strictly mathematical terms:

I'm 80% done with this embedded trainer he had 6 months to do. By thie time tomorrow it will be 100% done, and correct. In 48 hours, my version is already way better looking than Fred's, and even though it's not done, it's all correct, so I figure the 20% that's not done matches the 20% completely wrong portions of Fred's. I rule. Fred drools. Of course, I have already worked 35 hours this week. There's still tomorrow, plus my trip starting sunday. I'm looking at maybe 50 hours this week. But the important thing is that I'm crushing Fred.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Being responsible kind of sucks. Especially when other people you work with suck most heinously. *cough* Fred *cough cough* See, not only did I basically completely take over his job of making the Maintenance Training Guides for 688 APB03 TI02, 688 APB04 TI04, and Seawolf (which is what we're using for the DDT stuff next week, which is why I'm going, since, after all, I wrote the training manual), but he's had 6+ months to put together an embedded training guide to teach sailors how to use our system. To put it bluntly, his trainer (which is basically rudimentary HTML) is the worst thing I've ever seen. Now, it's not entirely his fault. He was hampered by having to make it work with an archaic program that runs the trainer. But since our system doesn't interface with that program anyway, there's no real point. Also, he used an old version of our system specs. Which is technically all we've got released because we're currently updating our most recent version for release. But Fred uses our system all the time so he should have been able to at least catch glarign errors and correct them or at least ask us what the right way was. No no no. Not Fred. He just cut and pasted random stuff out of our old spec and some of what he put in barely made any sense. Like I said, it was flat out awful. I really think if Latham had had a chance to look at it, he woudl have actualyl destroyed Fred's lifeforce right there in front of me. Fortunately, Dave and I discussed it and cam eup with a plan. I suggested we just make the whole thing in simple HTML and throw in some pictures and make it way more user friendly. Having had a little experience with HTML, I was volunteered to do it. It's due next Friday, but Latham said he'd give me 2 weeks to do it since I'm trying to do what Fred had 6 months to do. But since I'm leaving for Groton on Sunday, I have to get at least all teh layout and pictures doen befor eI leave. So I did it at home tonight. And I gotta say, I kick ass. If I really push it, I can probably have the whole thing done by the end foteh week. 6 months? Fuck you Fred. I just did your job in 48 hours. At least since I've realized you're worthless now, I just let you fuck up just enough for Latham (Fred's boss) to see it, and then step in do his job for him. As long as I don't get over-extended and let my own work suffer as a result, I can handle most of Fred's job on top of my own, and that's a sure-fire promotion next year. Especially if Latham talks to Moon (which happens nearly every day). On the other hand, taking on all this work means I'm setting myself up to get crushed with work down the road, but whatever. If I can do 80% of Fred's job on top of my own job (which I'm almost doing already), then GD can fire Fred and give me 50% of his salary and we'll call it even (the other 30% is me not having to deal with him anymore) and then split out the remaining 20% of his duties to other people who need more work to do.

My dwarf gourami is dead. =( Poor fishy...

To save myself the painfulness of recounting it again, i'm just cut and pasting what I Imed Emily:
XchaosdawningX (6:08:21 PM): :'( one of our gouramis is dying... last night i noticed him swimming in a different place then usual, but not realyl swimming very much. although when i fed them he seemed to be eating okay. but this morning he was righ tback in that same place and not really moving aroudn liek the other fish. today when i came home he was pointing mouth up and tail down behind the filter intake, and when i tapped ont eh glass he was unresponsive. so i ind of nudged him a bit and he sort of flitted off sideways and got stuck in a plant and just lay there sideways. :-( so I netted him and pulled him up into a corner to try to see what was wrong with him. I tried to give him some food but he totally ignored it. his scales aren't all glossy like usual and his color is all washed out. so i isolated him in a separate container and i'm just going to leave him be to die in peace now. :-( poor fishy...

Auto response from emilytsav (6:08:22 PM): being domesticated!! :-D

XchaosdawningX (7:03:24 PM): saddness!! the other gourami is hanging around right underneath the container where his friend is dying and he keeps bumping into it like he can't understand what's keeping them apart. :'( who says fish aren't smart.... this is so sad! i mean, they're just fish, but they're way smarter than i think peopel give them credit for. poor gouramis... one is dying and the other's heartbroken. :-(

Auto response from emilytsav (7:03:24 PM): being domesticated!! :-D

emilytsav (7:07:38 PM): i'm going to cry

Auto response from XchaosdawningX (7:07:39 PM): :'(
(gouramis are too smart for their own good)

emilytsav (7:07:42 PM): :'(

Looks like my business trip is back on again, for now. I'm supposedly leaving at noon on Sunday and coming back at noon on Saturday. Suck. Those few days up there after Dave leaves should be a good chance to get some work done in the evenings though. Or at least to read a book. Too bad I'm going up there with Fred too. Super suck.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mmmmm, Cadbury egg... *drool*

Seriously impacted [Blogger] performance - yeah, no crap. It took 25 minutes to post something last night and today it's been nearly worthless to try to post anything. *sigh* You guys were way better before you partnered with Google.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to park their car inside a transformer near my office. You know, after driving into it! At 5:30, the power in the whole building went out. Lights, elevators, computers, door locks, etc. And it was funny because it happened a fraction of a second after Dave slapped the side of a computer cart because he was angry about forgetting to put a change into his code. So there was suddenly a mass exodus from work, which is fine, except that my keys were in my desk in a different closed lab on a different floor behind 3 different doors two of which have electronic locks on them. So it was a matter of luck to catch enough people leaving to get myself back into my own lab and to my desk and then to escape before being the only one left (since then I would be responsible for closing the lab, which couldn't be done until the power came back on). But I had a good day at work otherwise, and it was nice to have an excuse to go home at 5:30 with a clear conscience knowing I couldn't get anymore work done. Hopefully the power will be back on tomorrow though since I really do have a lot to get finished up this week.

I was lied to by my weather source. It's only supposed to be 60 today now, but 68 tomorrow. Still not the 70 and 80 I was originally told, but whatever. Sunny and warm is still better than cold and rainy any day. Oh well. Time for lunch.

So my probable business trip next week is now substantially less than probable. In fact, the probability is very close to zero now. They postponed the training until after sea trials, which probably won't be for another couple months. Seems kind of silly to me to take a boat out with all new equipment that you haven't been trained on yet, but what do I know?

Monday, March 28, 2005

Also, I'm totally hooked on the Dropkick Murphys again. There's just something about bagpipes. I'm not sure if it's my partly Scottish blood or just the fact that bagpipes are awesome. I've told people on several occasions that if I could learn to play any instrument, hands down it would be bagpipes. And besides, it's not really Amazing Grace or Fields of Athenry unless it's played by DKM.

I just cut my hair. Holy crap. First of all, I'm definitely going to be bald (thanks a lot DNA...) later on in life - my hair is already running away from my face and I think I'm developing a thin patch on teh back center of my head. Whatever, I'll just shave it and look like a monk or something. Second of all, I forgot what I looked like with short hair. It's still long compared to the way it was throughout most of my college years (minus the mohawk). But I don't think it's been this short since Laura and Greg's wedding in September. Now that it's starting to get warm *crosses fingers* I figure I don't need to retain as much heat on my head. Plus I like not needing a comb. And towel-drying my hair leaves it looking perfect (as perfect as my hair ever gets anyway...) with no effort (combing). Whee! Now that I am a working professional though, I'm not sure I'll ever cut it much shorter than this. We'll see how fast I get bald I guess since that will dictate my future hair styles.

In other news, I passed my Mensa entrance exams and will be joining the organization shortly. This is likely the last you'll hear from me on the subject other than Mensa-related events that may appear on my calendar.

Looks like winter may be roaring its final death knell today. It's cold and rainy and windy. But tomorrow it's supposed to be 73 and Wednesday is supposed to be nearly 80. Crazy. I'm ready for spring though, and all the rain and allergies that come with it.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

And of course, it's raining, again, as always... =(

Emily's gone back to school. =( And now I don't get to see her until school's over, which is 6 weeks away. But then it'll realistically probably be another week after that before she actually gets up here. That's almost as long as when she was in Brussels. At least this time we're not separated by the Atlantic Ocean and I'm not lonely, miserable, and unemployed. I love her so much. It just breaks my heart whenever she has to leave. I knew this long-distance thing would be hard, but I had no idea how emotionally draining it would be. But at least we're past the half way point and hopefully *crosses fingers* we'll have the whole summer together. I can make it until then, I think. As Tesla put it: "love will find a waaa-aaay!"

Saturday, March 26, 2005

I took yesterday off so I could spend some more time with Emily before she left. We slept in late of course and then went to lunch with my friends at Chili's (after some indecision, dic(k)tatorship, and name-calling). Then Emily and I went to Yesterday's Rose in search of some new shirts I could wear to work. I found 3 and a few new records, so it was a good trip. Then we were off to the Dehanases for dinner and had a lot of fun and some fabulous BBQ. They've been family friends since I was maybe 8 or 9, so we go waaaay back and they have some embarassing stories about me that my parents don't know, so Emily got to hear a few new ones. Then this morning we slept in and I made tasty blackberry pancakes. I finally re-bled my brakes (after accidentally ejecting a piston...) and now they feel really good (up to the 30 mph that I've tested them so far). Now we're just sort of vegging out before we meet up with Laura and Greg before going to Emily and Laura's cousin Grahme's baptism tonight (with free food!). Then tomorrow Emily has to head back to school. I'm hoping to go over to Bobby's tomorrow for Easter dinner and to see Tommy and John who are in town.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Also of note today, Manish is still in Groton, but no longer on the Seawolf. He's still got work to do, but is banned (along with the other contractors and the entire crew) from getting onboard by NCIS until their investigation of a sailor comitting suicide last night is complete. As I've mentioned to a few people in the past, the submarine service conducts no formal phsychological testing of potential crewmembers (which seems careless given the fact that you're turning over the controls of a multi-billion dollar death-machine to a bunch of 18-24 year old boys). I believe officers are screened since, at least in theory, they're the ones in charge. Anyway, kind of a downer today I guess.

Big important high level design meetings are awesome because they last forever, I never have to say anything but my presence is always noted, and there' aalmost alwasy free food. This morning at our design review there were free fresh bagels and juice. Mmmm, blueberry bagel and OJ. =)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I was almost on time for work today (a rarity when Emily is in town), until I stepped in a lake on the way to the car and managed to drench my left leg up to my thigh and splash a good portion of my right leg in the process. So one clean, dry change of pants later, I'm now at work. Today would have been a perfect day to call in "sick," except that I have a ton of work to do before our design review tomorrow and I can't not do it, and everyone else is too busy with their stuff for me to pass this off to. Oh well. At least I've still got Friday off.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

At least I'm not the reason GT bit so hard today against Lousiville since I didn't even get to watch more than 30 second of the game because CBS are monopolistic fascists. Then, again, I'm nto sure I wanted to watch our monumental collapse on both offense and defense. Oh well. At least there have been some good upsets and some realyl close games and I hope there are more to come.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Poor Emily is stuck in awful awful traffic because of an accident at 3 pm today on I-95 that closed the entire road exceot the right shoulder. There had better be a whole mess of dead bodies for this to still be a problem at 7 pm. She called me at 6 to say she was at Potomac Mills, and when she still wasn't here, I called her just now expecting to see her car pull in as soon as I called. Apparently she just a few minutes ago got onto 123 and of course traffic is moving slow as molasses there too. VDOT, as usual, blows. Emily's threatened to write a letter (which she could have done already with the amount of time she's been sitting in traffic) and I'm irate as well because some dumb accident from 4+ hours ago is keeping my girlfriend from me. And it's nto just the slow cleanup and poor traffic management, it's the lack of notification to motorists about the incident and the lack of giving them alternatives to sitting in barely moving traffic for hours. You can go to hell VDOT. I learned to hate you doing my Eagle project when I was 16 and here we are 7.5 years later and I still hate you.

You can tell you've been working on a car when after washing your hands several times and taking a shower, there's still dirt under your finger nails (even though I cut them 2 days ago) and the valleys of your finger prints are dark with grime. I don't know how else to get this stuff off. Soap has done all it can do. I've tried nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol. Now I'm just going to let time take care of it for me. I figure if it won't come off with soap, it's not going to come off on my food either.

And so far today has been fabuous in terms of the weather. I think I might have even gotten a bit sunburned being outside today. I spent all of the early afternoon outside working on the car in a tshirt and was even getting a little bit warm in just that and my jeans. Now that I've starting typing this, the sun just dissapeared behind some clouds... Whatever, it was 60 today, I spent time outside, I fixed my brakes, I'm having a good day. =) AND... Wait for it... Emily arrives in a couple hours!! =) Today is an all-around good day.

Brake job completed successfully. Total cost - about $65 (2 wheel cylinders, brake fluid, and a bleeder kit), and about 2 hours of my time. I'd like to point out that if I took my car to a mechanic, it would have taken at least 2 hours (including travel and waiting time) and I was quoted nearly $500 for the project. Yet again, DIY triumphs over The Man (in this case, Craven Auto). Of course, I haven't actually tested my brakes yet... But I bled them until there were no bubbles coming out and the pedal feels nice and stiff, so I'm reasonably confident that they'll be good to go. I'm going to wait until traffic dies down a bit and then head over to the outer ring of the mall parking lot and give them a shakedown. Be a good chance to see what my ABS feels like too. And to test out the new headlights I put in. Mine were getting really dull and it was hard to see at night, so I replaced them. I wanted to try those fancy new Silverstar blulbs, but they were hella expensive compared to the standard bulbs (which were 55W instead of the 51W bulbs I pulled out, so the normal ones are already better...). And fortunately I didn't have to touch the front brakes this time, and they're on a separate hydraulic circuit, so they should be as good as usual just in case my rear brakes aren't working quite right. Yay for working on my car myself and getting all gross and dirty (it makes me feel all manly) and probably inhaling some asbestos from the brakes!

Holy Crap!!!! Bucknell over Kansas?!?! My alphabetic bracket still has a chance! I had Alabama beating Bucknell for the championship. How many other people had that? Very few I suspect even had Bucknell making the second round. Yeah mindlessly picking a bracket based on school name! I love March Madness. =)

Friday, March 18, 2005

Syracuse losing to Vermont may have hosed my brackets (I had SU in the Sweet 16 on one and Final Four in the other), but I don't care, it was still a very exciting game and I'm really happy for the Catamounts. They had a great season and winning their first NCAA game ever, and over a team like the Orange, well, that's just awesome. Since I can't cheer for Xavier this year, go Catamounts!

What the hell happened to the Lobos?? 11 points in the first half? That's just sad. I mean, yeah, of course I picked 'Nova to win the game, but to triple New Mexico's score in the first 20 minutes, that's what we like to call an old fashioned ass whooping. I guess that's what happens when you only shoot 18%, even though the Wildcats are only hitting 40%. Stupid Lobos.

It is such a nice day outside! It's sunny and not windy and warm enough to go out in just short sleeves! =) It's almost spring. Hopefully my allergies won't kick in like they used to in Atlanta around this time of year. Of course, Atlanta was way worse when it comes to pollen, so I might be okay. It's probably geting close to 60 right now and it's supposed to be similar weather tomorrow morning, then getting cloudy in the afternoon before rain in the evening. Hopefully I can get my brakes done while it's still nice out tomorrow. But I'm just happy we're getting a little nice weather. Kind of makes me want to play hookey for the rest of the day. Too bad I have a ton of work to do. Although, really that's okay because it'll keep me busy so I'm not sitting here wishing I was elsewhere and so the time passes as quickly as possible between now and when Emily arrives tomorrow evening. =)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Since it's getting close to lunch time and I'm getting hungry (funny how I get hungry an hour earlier when I get to work an hour earlier...), I thought I would mention that I went to Logan's after work yesterday with Dave, Manish, and Todd. And lo and behold, our old bartender was there!! His new job is going well apparently, but he doesn't get his first paycheck until March 28th. So he needed to pick up a few shifts at Logan's to make ends meet until he gets paid. Who ever heard of having to wait over a month to get your first paycheck? That's like FCPS telling me they only issue paychecks once a month instead of bi-weekly like every other sane company on the planet. Oh well. So anyway, it was nice to see our favorite Logan's temporary-ex-ex-employee last night and to give Todd a hard time when he wanted to see a menu and couldn't just ask for the usual. We left the guy a pretty nice tip though, so I'm sure we made him happy too.

I had this dream last night that I was Simon Belmont (or possibly Nathan Graves), and I was in a castle. I don't think I was trying to seal Dracula (again), but there were defintiely a lot of monsters. I'm not sure what brought on this particular dream. I mean, yeah, I played Castlevania - Circle of the Moon this year, but I beat it over a month ago. Then I started trying to play it over again in Wizard mode, but subsequently got hooked on Warioware again, and haven't thought about Castlevania since. I dunno. But I was racing through the castle and got all the way to the end and then I had a panic attack because I kept attacking this one fire monster and every time I hit him with my arrows (which I fired by pulling back an imaginary bow and pointing my middle finger at my target) it kept getting bigger and bigger. So I kept backtracking and this thing kept coming at me and I kept having to dodge lesser monsters as I was backpedaling. Finally a witch stopped the fire monster but she was just as dangerous so I jumped over the ledge of the stair case I was on and tried to escape the castle a different way but got stuck on the wrong level and ended up having to fight my way back to the fire monster and the witches (there were more of them now). I just remember walking across a rafter like a balance beam and the fire monster getting tall enough to reach me hundreds of feet in the air and me having to jump off as the rafters caught fire. Then I woke up and it took a good several minutes for my heart rate to return to normal. I wouldn't call this a nightmare (despite the way I've described it), so I was kind of surprised to wake up breathing so heavily and with a fast pulse. Oh well. It's not the strangest dream I've ever had, it just struck me as kind of odd this morning.

Adam and early do not mix well. I've been at work for half an hour and I already want to go home and take a nap... *sigh* It's going to be a long day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Time for some NCAA bracket talk: GT's 5 seed is dumb, we should be a 6 or 7. I think they're giving us the benefit of the doubt because of Elder's injury, but we're too inconsistent.
With that in mind, I'd like to focuse on the Albuquerque region. This is by far the hardest region to pick, and not just because whenever I see Albuquerque I instantly get distracted by thoughts of Weird Al's song and Hungry Hungry Homer's attempts to prevent the heartless Duff corporation from moving the Isotopes. It's because there are so many teams capable of winning it. Washington is not one of them. I don't know why they're a #1 seed. Yes yes, they beat Arizona twice and won the Pac-10, so what? The Pac-10, who cares? That leaves Louisville, Wake, and Gonzaga who all have a legitimate chance of getting to St Louis. My pick is Louisville because I think they have the easiest road. A Wake/Gonzaga matchup would be my pick for best game of the tournament, but either team would be so burnt out that they won't be able to defeat Louisville in the Elite 8 matchup. If you're looking for a 12-5 upset, may I suggest GW over GT? They beat Maryland and Michigan State and swept Temple. All it would take is GT to be off our game that day for us to get beat bad. Like Maryland, we're a totally hit-or-miss team. When things are clicking, we're awesome, and when they're not, we're hopeless.
The Chicago region is kind of a no brainer. Your choices are Illinois, OSU, and 'Zona. But what about Boston College? Nope, they're coming unravelled, and I think 'Bama will be a handful for them and then having to play Illinois will knock them out. I know the Ilini are undefeated but for that regular-season closer against Ohio State (dirty Buckeyes...), but I don't believe they're all that good. Arizona has the stigma of being a Pac-10 team, and is in a bit of a slump this year. That leaves the Cowboys. They had a ton of returning players from their Final Four appearance last year and a great coach. And I think they can beat the Wildcats and the Illini, hands down. No really exciting matchups here otherwise though.
The Syracuse bracket - is anyone picking someone other than UNC? If so, please tell me why. Yes, I know you've got UConn who's hot right now, Florida who's coming on strong but is overrated, and Kansas who's good but not playing like it, Villanova who's playing spoiler, and Winsconsin who's got nothing but defense. And NC State could be a dangerous team too. The best potential matchup here is UConn/UNC. But after getting past NC State and Kansas, UConn's going to be out of steam, leaving UNC the open door to winning the region.
Finally the Austin bracket - where normally good teams who weren't quite good enough this year ended up. The 12-5 ODU upset of Michigan State is a distinct possibility here. Also, Duke's a #1 seed and Wake isn't? What manner of sorcery is this? Oklahoma is apparently good, but I've never seen them play, so I don't know for sure. But one thing I am sure of is that they won't beat Kentucky. Tubby Smith knows too much about the NCAA to let that happen. Ditto for Coach K, as much as I hate him. Either the Blue Devils or the Wildcats win the bracket. My money is on Kentucky right now because of the fatigue factor. Duke isn't a deep team, and we saw what happened against Maryland when they get into foul trouble or have injuries. They've really only got 6 players (albeit outstanding players), and the Terps put 5 of them on the bench.

Most likely 12-5 upset: GW over GT
Most exciting potential matchup: Wake Forest vs Gonzaga
My Final Four picks: Louisville, OSU, UNC, Kentucky
My chosen champion: North Carolina over Oklahoma State 91-84

Disclaimer: all picks and opinions are subject to change until noon on Thursday.

Monday, March 14, 2005

I hate Cox. That is all.

And while I'm thinking about it (I don't know why, but I am), I'm planning to replace my rear brake wheel cylinders this weekend. The actual mechincs of it don't seem that complex, but I've never done it before. Does anyone have any experience with drum brakes that could lend some advice? Especially any tips on how best to bleed the brake lines after the swap and any tricks to keep fluid off the shoes so I don't have to replace those too. Thanks.

So much to do today, so little energy... Good thing Manish and Dave are leaving in an hour and will be gone until noon on Wednesday so I won't be interupted as much while I try to get my work done. I think in about an hour I'm going to be ready for a nap too. Maybe I'll just go home for an hour and lay on the couch, then come back to work... Hmmm... That seems like a recipe for disaster. I'd probably wake up at 10 pm or something. Oh well. I'll just get a soda and increase my candy intake until 4:30 when I can cut myself off and ride the sugar buzz until I get home. Not sleeping enough sucks big time.

I love when I go to bed tired at a reasonable time (11:30) only to wake up at 2 am and be unable to go back to sleep. That's just straight up awesome... Tomorrow's gonna suck.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Brian just called to make sure I wasn't watching the Duke/GT game. That can't be a good sign... We must be losing pretty bad. The UNC/GT taped game just ended, so now that I'm not watching any GT basketball at all, maybe Tech will pull out a win over Duke after all.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I went to lunch at Panera (mmm, Panera...) today with my cousins Sarah, Daniel, and Wilson, and our grandmother. I figured it was a good thing to do while Tech played UNC so that I wouldn't be tempted to watch or listen or even think about it. Mostly I just thought I was going to die while riding in the Grandma Deathmobile. But of course GT won because I wasn't watching. *sigh* This sucks. I mean, I'm glad we're winning, I'm just bummed that I can't be a part of it. But I did tape today's game, so I'm planning to watch it tomorrow during the ACC championship (we're playing the winner of today's Duke/NC State game). Hopefully me watching GT a previous basketball game (albeit not live) won't throw off the mojo and we'll win the ACC Tournament. Even if not, Emily tells me GT played great today, so it looks like we might be on track again. This win definitely puts us into the NCAA, probably as a 7 seed, and winning the ACC might even put us up to a 6 seed. We'll see what teh selection committee decides. But it sucks because Emily will be here during part of the NCAA tourney, and if we start doing well there, I won't be allowed to watch those games with her, which means I can't even be in the apartment. Being a bad luck charm sucks, but I'm glad I found a formula to make Tech win...

It's really none of my business, but I just can't help but be so happy about it. Huge congratulations are in order for Tommy and Steph! I love you guys! Go read their respective blogs if you don't know what I'm talking about since it's not my place to tell you.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Yay for Tech winning! Now I just have to figure out what to do tomorrow from 1:30 to 4.

Tale of the tracker: for the first 3 months I was recording visitor stats, I was getting about 315 hits per month. Then I met Emily and her friends at the end of August 2003. My hits from September through December jumped up to about 570 per month. Then Brian moved down to Florida and my hits went up another 150+ hits per month. It then stayed reasonably consistent until Emily left for Brussels. In June and July 2004, I was only getting about 600 hits per month instead of 700-800. Then Emily came back, and my hits went back up. Then school started and my parents moved to Tel Aviv and my hits went up again. Now I'm averaging about 900 hits per month. It's funny to try to correlate hits per month with occurances in real life and see how they sync up so well sometimes.
(Can you tell I'm bored here at work?)

Poor Clemson... They were so close to a huge upset and just let it get away from them. Or maybe UNC decided they should start playing. Oh well. Now it's really time for me to do something distracting at work so I won't think about the GT game until I get home. Go Jackets!

Holy crap... Clemson has been walking all over UNC. Is UNC just beaing lazy because they know they have a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament locked up already? Are they just bowing out to avoid risk of injury to their players before the big dance? I hope not. Dean Smith would never have stood for such shenanigans, and neither would Kansas-era Roy Williams, but with the pretentious-UNC-asshole-era Roy Williams now coaching, who knows. Maybe Clemson is just on a hot streak after beating Maryland last night? Oh well. I wish I had a TV in my office, or that I didn't have to work today. I don't have that much to do since the bay downstairs is FUBARed and our fileserver up here is on the fritz, so I have to stop what I'm working about ever 30-40 minutes anyway. I should just go home and watch the GT/VT game at 2:30. I won't, but I should. D.C. is turning into upset city. What's next? UVA leading Duke by 13 with 9 minutes to go later tonight? Now I have to sit here and keep refreshing the game to see what happens and if UNC makes a comeback or not. So much for productivity. GD should block the word basketball from the web server from now until the first week of April so I won't get distracted...

We went to the Bombay Cafe for lunch today. Mmmmm... I haven't had Indian food in forever. There wasn't a very wide selection of stuff available at the buffet, but what they had was so good, and quite filling. Most importantly, they had the sugary syrup-soaked donut hole things that make my teeth hurt they're so sweet. I am so wired right now because of it. Mmmm, sugar. I love Indian food, even if I have no idea what half of the stuff that goes in my mouth is or what's it's called.

How does a team beat Duke twice in one season, and then lose not once, not twice, but thrice, to Clemson in the same season? Maryland's even more bipolar than Georgia Tech... ESPN Recap - Clemson vs. Maryland Pity too, I think Maryland/UNC would have been a good matchup. NC State/Wake should be good tomorrow though, and then I expect Duke to obliterate UVA who just slipped past Miami in the opening round today. If we make it past VT, I don't really want to play UNC, but if Clemson manages to sneak past them, I'll be scared of them too. But a win over VT would probably be enough to get us into the NCAA tourney and since I've all but given up any hope of actually winning the ACC tournment anyway, I guess that's the best thing that could happen to GT now. Hopefully I'll actually be able to watch some games tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

You know what would make the best ring tone ever? The noise a modem makes when it connents. That would be so hot.

I've been on a cleaning kick recently. I've managed to get rid of 2 boxes of stuff in my closet. And I have a whole bag full of clothes to take to salvation army or something. I know all that now-empty space will go away when Emily moves is, but for now it's impressive, and she's at least half the reason I'm tossing all this old crap anyway. Yay for productivity and yay for throwing away things I don't need anymore!

blogger, you're so painfully slow to publish sometimes...

Today's question you don't really want answered: why was there a conference room chair from the next floor up in the bathroom on my floor sitting in front of the middle sink, which was covered with blood splatters?

Whoopsie daisy: Wake Forest's Paul suspended. I missed this in the game and a foul was never called, but apparently Chris Paul punched Julius Hodge in the groin during a rebound and will be suspended from the first round of play in the ACC tournament on Friday. Wake will be playing the winner of the NC State/Florida State game, which has the potential for a lot of high emotions if they end of playing NC State. Not just because of this event, but because Wake beat them last weekend with a buzz-beater baseline-to-baseline run for a layup by Chris Paul. Ooo! Drama! With Paul out of that game now, that could be trouble for Wake against either team. Should be a good 40 minutes of basketball though, and I'm glad I'll be able to watch it on Friday night. Also fortunate is the fact that I'll still be at work for the GT/VT game on Friday at 2 pm, so the Jackets will actually have a shot at winning. Should be a good weekend of ACC hoops leading into handing out bids to the NCAA tourney on Sunday evening. And then the weekend is over, and I'll only have another week to go before Emily will be here for spring break! =)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Calendar is back. Not really the way I want it, but whatever. Without it up there I'm quite liable to forget important events. I wanted a 3 month calendar in table format that highlighted the date if there was an even there and when you clicked on it or moused over or something it would pop up the info about an event. I tried and tried to make it work, but no matter what I did, either my javascript didn't work right or when it did the table wouldn't align right and screwed everything else up. So I'm giving up and doing it this old stupid way instead (which still looks kinda funky too, I know). If I forgot your birthday, I'm sorry, I don't have my calendar at work, this is from my somewhat-flawed memory. If I got your birthday (date or age) wrong, I'm even more sorry, I should know better, but I'm at work, and just threw this together quickly. Feel free to leave irate comments lambasting me for being a bad friend and so I can correct my grievous errors.

It's days like today that remind me of a little song Mr. Rogers used to sing: "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Except it's not, liar! *gestures wildly with index finger in the direction of PBS* It's cold and windy and the snow is coming down like rain in monsoon season. I'm not sure I would call this a blizzard just yet, though the roads are a mess already and my car was blanketed in snow again by the time I walked from it to the front door to my building. The snow is very wet, which is much worse than when it's dry because it gets stuck to you and your clothes and melts at the slightest heat making you and your clothes soaked no matter how hard you try to keep it brushed off. *sigh* I knew there was a reason I didn't want to get out of my nice warm bed today even before I looked out the window. It's definitely still winter and yesterday was, in fact, just a trick after all. Kind of like Mr. Rogers himself, who was (as several barely-credible rumors would have you believe) a retired Marine turned Navy Seal.

Monday, March 07, 2005

The weather is trying to fool me! Yesterday it was in the mid 50s and today it's supposed to be in the mid 60s. Then tomorrow back into the 40s.
"Hey, look, it's spring!"
"Ha ha ha! Not so fast suckers! I tricked you! I'm so evil!"
Stupid weather. At least I was able to open my windows yesterday and get some fresh air while I did a little pre-spring cleaning. There are a couple flowers starting to poke up through the ground now too. I'm ready for it to be spring. By which I mean I'm ready for it to rain every day I guess. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer to wear my hoodies as jackets and eventually my windbreaker.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I hereby submit further proof that Adam and 7 am go together like water and Cesium. Or maybe proof that I should never be left unsupervised in a bathroom with hair styling products. Or possibly just that I have extremely poor judgment of what is and what is not a good idea at 7:30 in the morning.

I really wish my hair wasn't so damned curly sometimes. It really makes doing anything fun with it rather complicated, somewhat time-consuming, and ultimately futile.

I had a dream this morning after I went back to bed that I had adopted a black lab puppy. He was about a year old and already house-broken. I was living in my current apartment, but I had a deck and a backyard like our old house in Mantua and a rear entry to the basment like at Tommy's house in Dunwoody. Anyway, I had just gotten the dog and he slept on my bed the first night. The next morning he was whimpering at teh front door, so I assumed he had to peer, and so we went out for a walk in the back yard and he was so energetic. And all the neighbors would stop by with their dogs and they would play and play. Someone asked me what his name was and I said he hadn't told me yet. I'm sort of partial to Kirby and Samus, but really a dog will let me know what he wants to be called. Then I thought he ran away because one of the gates in the backyard was left open by a careless neighbor, and after looking everywhere for him inteh house and the yard and aroudn the neighborhood, I found him laying on the doormat anxiously awaiting my return so we could play some more.
Well, my parents called me today. Yesterday they adopted a black lab/pointer mix who's about 10 months old. Her name is Rosie. I swear sometimes my mother and I have a psychic link. We certainly have both had our share of clairvoyant dreams before, but this is sort of amazing. Unfortunately, the poor puppy has a very severe case of hip dysplasia to the point where there's barely a ball joint left in the poor thing's back hip. My parents said she goes up stairs by hopping like a bunny. They said she's very playful and full of energy, but her back leg is starting to atrophy already because she favors it when she walks. It's so sad that such a lovely dog has degenerated rear hips so young. It means she'll either need surgery in the next couple months (which may or may not help and might take up to 6 months to recover from), or be unable to walk and probably have to be put down otherwise. My parents are torn about what to do. The surgery is expensive and has a relatively low success rate for such a young dog. But they don't want to take her back to the pound because she'll be put down immediately. So the other option is to let nature run its course and give the dog as much love and affection as they can until it can no longer move on its own. Kind of a sad outcome to what should have been a very happy event for my parents. I know how happy that puppy will make them now that they have no children in the house, and I hope whatever they decide is right thing to do, Rosie endures as little pain as possible in exchange for the love of two wonderful parents.

I think maybe I'm become an unwilling contestant on the new hit game show "Let See How Long You Can Survive on 5 Hours of Sleep a Night!" So far I think I'm in second place with 3 days.

For the last couple days, my body seems to have decided it's fun to wake me up at 7 am just like it used to do at 10, like clockwork. My clockwork is either broken or running 3 hours fast. Stupid body.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

By now I really should know better than to ever leave my apartment on the weekends, especially if it's to go anyplace that shopping is involved. All I wanted to do today (after my spectacular failure, yet again, of getting my tattoo, and besides finding out after the fact that GT won, which we did!!) was go use my $25 off coupon to buy some black and white wing tips to go with my tuxedo. Apparently DSW doesn't carry them in any varieties whatsoever. I would like to have asked the manager if that was true, but he was not in his manager's booth when I went to go see him, and with the store being mobbed by roughly a hojillion rabid women, I was in no mood to get my eyes clawed out by asking a cashier to speak with the manager. So my 40 minute round-trip to a store 1.4 miles from my house yielded nothing but frustration and anger. Note to self: Don't ever leave the apartment between 9 pm Friday and 9 am Monday; there are worse things than bears outside - other people.

I went over to Bobby's last night for dinner. Susan made salmon with a really tasty glaze of orange juice, soy sauce, and ginger. I have some left over still, so that will be my lunch today. Mmm... But I was over there because my 1st cousin once removed (my dad's cousin) from Oklahoma was in town. It's funny how similarities pop up among family members who never sees each other. But Jane was a lot of fun and I'm glad I'm old enough to being to appreciate my family and our history. Now I actualyl kind of want to go back to Oklahoma City (I went when I was maybe 8) and visit some more of that side of my family. Apaprently there's also going to be a reunion in LA summer 2006 that could be fun, but I don't know any more details or if I'll be able to go. We'll see I suppose.

So I got up nice and early today, took a shower, and headed down to Manassas. Exposed Temptations opens at noon and doesn't accept accpointments on the weekends, but I figured if I was there a little after they opened, it would be fine. No no no. There were 8 other people in the shop already. Even with 3 artists, that's still at least a couple hours before I got my turn. See, I figured since I'm banned from watching (or listening or even thinking about) the Clemson@GT game today by 3 different people, I'd go do something less painful than watching the GT seniors lose their last home game (which would invariably happen if I watched, I'm just a bad luck charm for the team). Needless to say, I'm home again, and no tattoo for Adam today from Exposed Temptations. Desperate for non-GT-athletics-related pain, I headed to Comes A Time on my way home. Again I was faced with sitting in the waiting area for a couple hours. Admittedly, I have nothing better to do with my time today, especially since I can't watch a 2 hour basketball game. But I'm not really in the mood to sit around looking at flash and artist portfolios for 3+ hours. I want to walk in, get inked, and walk out. Which means that I'll need to make an appointment. Which means I have to do it during the work week. I haven't done it that way yet because work can be kind of unpredictable and I don't want to make an appointment and then have to cancel because of work and lose my deposit. *sigh* So I guess I'll go watch some TV for a while, and then play some video games or something until 4 when I can check the score of the Clemson game. I really hope that my not watching will give our deserving seniors a final home win. It's going to be weird next year to not have BJ, Ish, Luke, Tony, and Will. I hope Jarrett stays for his senior year. We've got some good upcoming talent, but without an unquestioned leader like Jack, they won't really be able to reach their potential. Okay, it's getting close to game time, so I gotta go do something else until 4 pm. I hope everyone who's allowed to watch enjoys the game.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Since we've been busy converting all of our workstations and servers for my project over to classified equipment, there hasn't been a lot of stuff to work on. So I took some time yesterday and today to reorganize my desk. I got hanging file folders and everything and my desk is so organized now. I can find anything I need without having to dig through a mountain (albet a neatly stacked mountain) of papers! Hooray!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

If it wasn't for the ludicrous foul situation that we got ourselves in, GT would have won by 10 points easily. Here's the Georgia Tech @ Wake Forest box score from ESPN. This is what happens when I watch us play. We blow an 8 point halftime lead and lose by 7 instead. Our stats are all about even otherwise, but the 16/17 free throws for GT doesn't quite stack up to the 35/46 for Wake. You're kidding right? Let's say they even shot 20 of 25, we'd still have won. But those 19 extra free points killed us. Brian has officially changed his vote to GT Athletics - Masters of the Second-Half Choke. This shouldn't even make me mad anymore since it happens so often, but it still does. I really thought the way BJ was heating up tonight that we'd edge out Wake and then stomp Clemson to finish strong. Maybe make a good run in the ACC tourney and get like a 6 or 7 seed in the NCAA tourney and get back to the Sweet 16. But now we have to beat Clemson just to finish 8-8, and they're going to be flying after clipping VT at the buzzer last night. Oh well. As I've said before, I really think we'd benefit from playing in the NIT this year. We'd probably be able to get into the quarterfinals at least, and that would be respectable. Instead, if we go to the NCAA, we'll likely get seeded 8 or 9 or 10 and have to play a 1 or 2 seed in the second round (assuming we even get that far). We'll see what happens in the next 10 days I suppose.

Being at work for 11.5 hours today wasn't as much fun as indicated by the brochure... But it probably means I'll take a half-day on Frday, so whatever.

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