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I had a dream this morning after I went back to bed that I had adopted a black lab puppy. He was about a year old and already house-broken. I was living in my current apartment, but I had a deck and a backyard like our old house in Mantua and a rear entry to the basment like at Tommy's house in Dunwoody. Anyway, I had just gotten the dog and he slept on my bed the first night. The next morning he was whimpering at teh front door, so I assumed he had to peer, and so we went out for a walk in the back yard and he was so energetic. And all the neighbors would stop by with their dogs and they would play and play. Someone asked me what his name was and I said he hadn't told me yet. I'm sort of partial to Kirby and Samus, but really a dog will let me know what he wants to be called. Then I thought he ran away because one of the gates in the backyard was left open by a careless neighbor, and after looking everywhere for him inteh house and the yard and aroudn the neighborhood, I found him laying on the doormat anxiously awaiting my return so we could play some more.
Well, my parents called me today. Yesterday they adopted a black lab/pointer mix who's about 10 months old. Her name is Rosie. I swear sometimes my mother and I have a psychic link. We certainly have both had our share of clairvoyant dreams before, but this is sort of amazing. Unfortunately, the poor puppy has a very severe case of hip dysplasia to the point where there's barely a ball joint left in the poor thing's back hip. My parents said she goes up stairs by hopping like a bunny. They said she's very playful and full of energy, but her back leg is starting to atrophy already because she favors it when she walks. It's so sad that such a lovely dog has degenerated rear hips so young. It means she'll either need surgery in the next couple months (which may or may not help and might take up to 6 months to recover from), or be unable to walk and probably have to be put down otherwise. My parents are torn about what to do. The surgery is expensive and has a relatively low success rate for such a young dog. But they don't want to take her back to the pound because she'll be put down immediately. So the other option is to let nature run its course and give the dog as much love and affection as they can until it can no longer move on its own. Kind of a sad outcome to what should have been a very happy event for my parents. I know how happy that puppy will make them now that they have no children in the house, and I hope whatever they decide is right thing to do, Rosie endures as little pain as possible in exchange for the love of two wonderful parents.

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