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So I got up nice and early today, took a shower, and headed down to Manassas. Exposed Temptations opens at noon and doesn't accept accpointments on the weekends, but I figured if I was there a little after they opened, it would be fine. No no no. There were 8 other people in the shop already. Even with 3 artists, that's still at least a couple hours before I got my turn. See, I figured since I'm banned from watching (or listening or even thinking about) the Clemson@GT game today by 3 different people, I'd go do something less painful than watching the GT seniors lose their last home game (which would invariably happen if I watched, I'm just a bad luck charm for the team). Needless to say, I'm home again, and no tattoo for Adam today from Exposed Temptations. Desperate for non-GT-athletics-related pain, I headed to Comes A Time on my way home. Again I was faced with sitting in the waiting area for a couple hours. Admittedly, I have nothing better to do with my time today, especially since I can't watch a 2 hour basketball game. But I'm not really in the mood to sit around looking at flash and artist portfolios for 3+ hours. I want to walk in, get inked, and walk out. Which means that I'll need to make an appointment. Which means I have to do it during the work week. I haven't done it that way yet because work can be kind of unpredictable and I don't want to make an appointment and then have to cancel because of work and lose my deposit. *sigh* So I guess I'll go watch some TV for a while, and then play some video games or something until 4 when I can check the score of the Clemson game. I really hope that my not watching will give our deserving seniors a final home win. It's going to be weird next year to not have BJ, Ish, Luke, Tony, and Will. I hope Jarrett stays for his senior year. We've got some good upcoming talent, but without an unquestioned leader like Jack, they won't really be able to reach their potential. Okay, it's getting close to game time, so I gotta go do something else until 4 pm. I hope everyone who's allowed to watch enjoys the game.

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