Sunday, February 29, 2004

I went down to the Redneck (Georgia) Dome last night for supercross with Tim, his roommate Paul, and Paul's friend Jordan from UGA (but he was cool, so we won't hold going to UGA against him). I was yawning the whole time we were there, but not from boredom, I was just tired. In fact, I think we all had a great time and got to see some great racing from some younger guys that I didn't really recognize. Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, Travis Pastratta, all are currently retired or injured, so that was a little bit of a letdown. But Chad Reed won the 250cc class, so that was pretty exciting, and James Stewart won the 150cc class. I've never heard of him, but he's a hell of a racer. I watched him come from dead last in the qualifiers to finish in the top 5 and then go on to win the 150cc main event. Very exciting. The downside was being at the Redneck Dome and getting beer spilled on my NORA hoodie by a mullet-clad little hooligan, whose equally mullet-clad father's vocabularly did not contain the word discipline. And I just washed it last week! So by the time I went to pick up Emily, I was damp and smelled like poor quality $7/24oz beer. Grrr. Anyway, it was a good time at the Dome after watching GT basketball dominate Clemson earlier that day from my bed. That's the best way to watch sports that start at noon. Now it's time to read up on Twelve Who Ruled and just look forward to spring break next week.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

I wish the weather would make up its mind. 60 hours ago it was snowing with 25 mph hours winds and lightning and now its a sunny and calm 60 degrees outside. Guess I shouldn't complain about the nice weather though. Time for some window openification!

If anyone has this record, I'll give you $5 for it, plus the cost of shipping. I just have to know how devastatin' his raps are, though I'd be willing to bet he can't compete with ILL Mitch (his board is, afterall, fast and danger).

Friday, February 27, 2004

Countdown Updates:
Supercross at the Georgia Dome - 1 day
FSU home basketball game - 8 days
Spring Break - 8 days
ACC Basketball Tournament - 14 days
NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday - 16 days
Thrice/Poison The Well - 27 days
Death By Stereo/Bleeding Through - 32 days
French Revolution term paper due - 49 days
Last day of classes ever - 56 days
My birthday - 58 days
Last final exams ever - 63 days
Stretch Arm Strong/18 Visions/Give Up The Ghost - 63 days
GRADUATION!!! - 64 days
Lease expiration - 71 days
Another homeless, unemployed college graduate - 72 days

I got an email today that my mom forwarded from her good friend Laura Ward about Bush's "resume." As much as I don't like "Dubya," reading it sort of made me angry at whoever put it together originally because a lot of things are taken out of context or skewed to man something else. I mean, obviously, it only includes the bad things Bush has done because it's mean to make him look bad, but the part of me that always wants to play devil's advocate was able to find fault with nearly everything on the "resume." If I think about it again tonight, I'll post the whole thing and my objections to each part.
I only really bring this up because elections are coming up this year and it's important to start thinking about the future of this country, and by extension the world. As 2000+ US Marines are preparing to deploy to Haiti right now (to "defend" the US Embassy - probably by taking over Haiti), you have to wonder how much longer the American people will stand for the deployment of our troops overseas for extended periods of time against the wishes of the majority of the country.
My mom is concerned about a draft, and I have to admit that thought had crossed my mind. But let's remember Vietnam. You think there was draft dodging and protesting during the Vietnam conflict? Baby, you ain't seen nothing yet. This country will implode if the draft is instituted again. I think most people believe we have a duty to protect the lives and human rights of all people, but there are ways of doing that without resorting to force, and especially without resorting to taking a whole generation of 18-25 year old men and enlisting them in a cause they don't believe in. Not to suggest that Al Gore "won" the last election (they both knew how the electoral system worked, get over it already), but I think he would have been a better President. He knew intuitively the value of diplomacy and inobtrusive foreign assistance, but this is something Bush has yet to learn. And he never will with his war-monger buddies coaching him on. "The pen is mightier than the sword" for a reason.
But I digress. The point being that I don't think a draft is coming and that sooner or later, Bush will discover he's got no more military to send places because they're all deployed. American supports it's troops, but we'd rather support them being at home with their families. So start thinking about the future kids. Democracy only works when you participate.

My French Revolution midterm is over. I studied a lot for it and I felt pretty well prepared. By the time I got to my desk, I was struggling with lack of sleep, my eye problem, nervousness, anxiety, low blood sugar levels, and stomach cramps. It was awesome. I was pretty giddy actually and ready to get cracking on my test, which I promptly destroyed. All the essay questions were things I knew a lot about and I think I got all the extra credit picture identifcations also. The only thing I wasn't sure about was a fill in the blanks part about the "conjuncture" of 1789 leading to the Revolution. I think I probably got a B for sure, and if my guesses for the conjucture part were right, perhaps even an A. Woo!

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Damned MSN Zone games... Soooo addictive... Here are my current high scores in a few of the online games:
Zuma - 96,250
TextTwist - 140,190
Jeopardy - 50,000
What Word? - 184,047

So the rare occurance of snow in Atlanta caused quite a panic this morning. Pretty much every school in the city shut down. Except Georgia Tech. I spent the night at Emily's, so it's not like I needed to drive to school this morning or anything, but even if I had, the roads were basically clear. The thing about winter weather in Atlanta is that "snow" isn't quite the right word for it. It rained all day yesterday and around 3:30 AM it started sleeting. This promptly turned to hail for a minute. Then for about 10 minutes it actually snowed. Nice big wet flakes of snow that look really pretty, but generally don't stick well. Then it proceeded to sleet again for the rest of the night. There's frozen white precipitate on the ground in a lot of places still, although calling it snow is almost an insult to the glorious white stuff that I ski on. It's so watery because it never really gets cold enough for the snow to stick around and it's been raining all morning. I think it would be best to just call it slush. In any case, it was exciting to see actual snow for about 10 minutes around 4 AM, it's just too bad Atlanta is so warm or this really could have turned into a nice buildup of pretty white flakes. Oh well. That's what I get for living in the south.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

This is the guy who bought my old 3DFX Voodoo3 2000. I listed it as an AGP card with 16MB of RAM, which it is. He specifically asked if I still had the AGP card (the Voodoo was the only AGP video card I was selling). I did, so we met up last week and made the exchange of goods for money.

The next day he claimed that it didn't fit in his computer. I needlessly (except for paranoia purposes) attatched a fan to the heatsink, which could easily have made it too large to fit in a proper AGP slot if there was another card below it. I explained that he could easily pop the fan off and it would be no big deal heat wise. He then explained that the reason the card didn't fit wasn't the fan, it was because the notches in the card didn't match up with the ribs in the motherboard slot. As in, there were too many ribs and not enough notches. This is complete bullshit if he was trying to put it in an AGP slot because that card is about 6 years old and I know they introduced AGP Pro, but that connector was 100% backwards compatible. And as far as I've heard, the newer AGP 8X cards all have the same mobo connectors, it's just a different bus speed.

What it comes down to is that either he's an idiot and doesn't know how cards go in slots (He's an AE major by the way. I have mixed feelings about AEs. They seem to really run the gammit of intelligence. Rob is a complete retard. Waqar is pretty bright, but he hates computers (blasphemy!!). And all of Emily's friends who are AEs seem really on the ball, so this guy could be anywhere.), or he bought my precious Voodoo (oh, how many hours of Half Life that card has seen...) AGP card and was trying to cram it into a PCI slot. Needless to say, short of going to his dorm and installing it for him (Brian suggested a $10 idiot fee, I mean, um, installation fee) I decided he was never going to get it to work.

So he wanted to give the card back, which is basically okay with me. I mean, I like my crisp new $20 bill, but I'm also not an asshole (although that's open for debate). So he sent me an email at 11:09 PM on Sunday asking if we could meet at 3 PM tomorrow (which I assumed meant Monday, wouldn't you?). I responded at 11:40 PM on Sunday, saying, yes that's fine, let's meet where we met before. So Monday rolls around, and at 3 PM Emily and I are standing around at the dairy queen sculpture waiting for Chris Booth to show up. By 3:15 I decided to give up and keep my $20. I had given him my cell phone number, so if he was busy or sick or in the hospital or just lazy, he could have called me. So I came home and checked my email expecting some sort of "Sorry I couldn't make it" or "I waited for you, where were you?" message. No dice.

It's now 1:24 AM on Wednesday, and still no communication from Mr. Dummy McStupid. I've just finished my homework and am now going to bed content with the fact that I sold a piece of computer hardware I no longer need to an idiot who apparently doesn't wants his $20 back anymore.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Accomplishment of the day: Arranging a lease extension until May 8, so I have a place to live during final exams and a place to "party down" after graduation before I have to worry about getting all my stuff packed up and moving to somewhere. Presumably somewhere that I have a job. We'll see about that one.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Almost forgot - on the plus side, I got a free Tech Basketball t-shirt out of the game. It's actually old gold, so I won't have to wear my cheddar yellow Topato shirt to games anymore.

The Wake Forest game tonight was a heartbreaker. We had such a poor first half, and were down 10+ at halftime, which meant we were destined to lose. But like always the team fought hard in thr second period and tied the game up with only a couple minutes on teh clock. But they were so worn out they just couldn't maintain the momentum anymore and we ended up losing to Wake by 4 after being down 17 at one point. *sigh* Also, I think all three refs grew up in Winston-Salem and must have been WFU alumni because it seemed like the most idiotic things were getting called on us and there was no consistency on the other end of the floor. I hate to blame a loss on the refs, especially when we missed so many open shots in the first half, but damn...

It's National Engineers Week this week, so, um, yay, I guess.

AAAAAUUGHHHH!!! Christina Aguilera is hosting. Turn it off turn it off turn it off!!!!!

Don't ask me why I'm watching SNL... I'm just tired of reading and the tv was already on NBC.

The first funny thing I've seen on SNL in years: The Georgia board of education recently decided to allow teachers to use the word 'evolution' in biology classes. But as a compromise, all dinosaurs are now being referred to as Jesus Horses [cue picture of a triceratops with the caption Jesus Horse].

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Emily and I made sweet, sweet honey-covered baklava together tonight. We used a little too much glaze, but it turned out pretty well for our first (and because it's so time consuming, probably our last) attempt. Mmmm artery clogging goodness..... So much butter and sugar and honey. Mmmm...

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Which 1990's Subculture Do You Belong To?

I've been through a lot subculture changes over the years... I was a metalhead, I was grunge, I was punk, I was hardcore, I thought I was goth for a while, and I'm sure I missed a few. But throughout it all, I think I was always indie. It's gotten worse over time to the extent that I'm happy for bands when, after years of struggling, they finally are sucessful and get radio air play, but at the same time, I'm crying inside because I know their music will never be the same (*cough* AFI *cough cough*).

So Brian has a subscription to Maxim, which shows up every month like clockwork, despite the fact he never asked for it or paid for it. Usuaully I just shake my head at whichever starlet is featured on teh cover wearing barely any clothes and throw the whole thing straight in the trash. Brian also gets Stuff and Blender I think. Which are all basically the same magazine. Trashy girls, crappy writing, dumb captions for pictures, ignorant reviews of bad music. Basically, all these magazines want to be Playboy, but fail miserably, because they desperately need the high school kids to keep their profit margins high, which means they can't show anyone completely nude, and they have to avoid a few topics like the plague. Anyway, out of morbid curiosity last night, I started flipping through the March issue of Maxim. Lo and behold there was a brief interview with Snoop Dogg (so the magazine wasn't a total waste) which I will now take an excerpt from, reprint it without permission, and hope they threaten to cancel Brian's subscription:
Which new rappers are the real deal?
I like 50 Cent. He hard as fuck. I like them boys from down south. All these south boys been coming with it lately.
Who sucks?
Anyone on Death Row Records. [ed - several of Snoop's earlier records were on Death Row.]
Which celebrity would you most want to bitch-slap?
Bill O'Reilly - that bitch-ass.
Any particular reason?
'Cause he's a bitch.
What's the difference between the rap game and the Hollywood game?
Hollywood is bullshit. Rap is real shit. Everything in rap is real.
You've had hit records, directed videos, starred in your own TV show, acted in big movies - is there anything else you still feel you want to accomplish?
I'd like to get deeper into the acting shit. Get bigger roles, work with bigger directors and bigger actors. I'd like to step out of all these urban roles too, and maybe get myself an Academy Award or some shit, you dig?

Good luck to the D O double G, and thanks for his words of infinite wisdom...

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

File under Yay: Emily got me the book I've craving so much for Valentine's Day. I'm almost afraid to start it though because I know if I get into it, I won't put it down until I go blind or finish the book. And with all this reading to do for school, that could easily become a problem. On the other hand, it's also a good motivation to get all my school work done so I can tackle the latest chapter of Roland of Gilead's quest for the dark tower.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Chris Webb has a blog now, so you should check it out over on the Linko!™ bar. It's not for the faint of heart however.

My brain needs an off switch like my computer, or at the very least, some sort of Suspend mode, where all but the most vital functions of the brain are turned off. Most people call this stage sleep (except for dreaming, it's probably pretty close to Suspend). But I need a way to preemptively enter a sleeping mode before I actually go to sleep so that I can go to sleep. I've been up thinking about jobs and living arrangements again, so I've been making a mental checklist of everything I need to do and it's just a little bit overwhelming.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Also, I had a fantastic Valentine's Day. I won't elaborate because I know no one wants to hear the details, but I had a great time.

Mmmmm, truffles... *drool* Thanks Emily :)

Saturday, February 14, 2004

One year follow-up to the Ctrl-Alt-Del comic shown below.

Friday, February 13, 2004

This is one of my favorite Valentine's Day related comics:
click to biggify!

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and Jenny's blog got me thinking about love and friends and family. That and my French Revolution class, where we just got our papers back on Dangerous Liaisons (I got an A!), which had a lot to do with love as well. Anyway, the point being that there are a lot of different kinds of love and although the commonly accepted practice on Valentine's Day is to celebrate the love between couples (thus shunning all the poor single people), I think really it should be a celebration of everyone who touches your life in a meaningful way. That being said, I only recently came to this conclusion, so no one will be getting cards or candy in the mail (sorry!). However, I hope you all know how much I care about you and that I would do anything for you guys. You've been there for me through good times and bad times and "why won't our friends stop dying on us?" times, and I'd like to think that I've tried my best to be there for you as well. When I had no family to lean on, you were always there and as far as I'm concerned, you're blood (DNA tests be damned). I love you guys.

Okay, let's try this going to bed thing again. *sigh*

Insomnia rules. I thought I had it beat, and I'd been doing so good this week by not eating after 10, turning my computer off, and going to bed. But I've been in bed staring at the ceiling for 2.5 hours now and that's just pointless. So I'm watching The Wedding Singer because that new Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie just came out and it reminded me that I had this one, which is pretty good. Apart from great cameos by Billy Idol, Jon Lovitz, Kevin Nealon, and Steve Buscemi, Sandler's screaming "when I wrote this I was listening to the Cure a lot" song always makes me laugh histerically. And although I haven't had any experience with this recently, it certainly happened a lot in high school: "Are you gonna do the girl thing? You gonna act happy and be pouting on the inside?" All in all, it's a cute, funny (almost a romantic comedy) movie that I'm not ashamed to own (because Drew Barrymore's been adorable ever since she was scared of ET).

Thursday, February 12, 2004

I knew Apple had some sort of trick up their collective sleeve with their fancy iPod and "look at us, we're so great" attitude.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

These plugs are so cool! I would never spend $50 on a pair of earrings (unless they weren't for me and had diamonds in them), but damn they're sweet.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Adam's Kitchen Experiment of the Day: Instead of boring old pancakes, try adding a packet of Swiss Miss hot chocolate powder to the batter before you cook it for a richer, more chocolatey-tasting pancake. Also, adding about a tablespoon of baking soda will give your pancakes some extra fluffiness. I'm not sure what hot cocoa mix with mini dehydrated marshmallows in it would to do the pancakes, but the extra sugar couldn't hurt. ;)

Anyone interested in the video I linked not too long ago of the arcing electricity should check out this guy's explanation of what is actually occuring. It's a fairly high level discussion, so hopefully no one will be scared off by any big scary electrical (power)engineering words.

Computer update: I flashed my BIOS last night with great success and upgraded the mainboard Promise UltraATA drivers to support 48-bit LBA addressing (for drives over 137GB). Now I don't need this ATA133 controller PCI card anymore (anyone want it?) and I don't have have to put up with the occasional bit loss from PCI bus conflicts with my sound card that makes my mp3s pause temporarily like a scratched CD. No more I say! Also, I am now running 2 NICs bridged for a 200Mbs connection to the router. I know that seems counterproductive with a cable connection only capable of 10Mbs, but I swear to you that my FTP downloads really are faster, though it's made an insignificant change to web browsing. Must tweak performance!

Okay, so I can't compete with my dad (who's taking my mom to Prague for a week!), but hopefully Valentine's Day here will be a lot of fun anyway. I'm taking Emily to a mediterranean cafe for dinner which includes belly dancing and some fabulous dessert. I know I know, being single on Valentine's Day sucks, believe me, I've been there many many times. I'll try my best not to mention it again (well, maybe one more time) so you kids won't feel too bad.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Tonight begins night 1 of my attempts to go to sleep when I want to go to sleep instead of whenever my body collapses. Part of this effort is no more eating after 10 pm (starting tomorrow) in the hopes that my blood sugar will drop around 1 am. The other part involves turning off my computer (blasphemy!!) at night. Some people would claim that all the fans (which sound like an air conditioner apparently) are making too much noise. I don't think that's really the problem at all. I think it's knowing while laying in bed that if I think of anything, I can hop right out of bed and check on it. But having to turn my computer on means I'd have to wait a minute or two, and I'm very impatient that way. So hopefully my computer being off and the eating restriction will mean I can actually sleep like a normal human being for a change. Yes, I know I'm posting this at 3 am... But I've been getting caught up (and working on getting ahead) on my reading for French Revolution.

I really need to stop looking at pictures of dogs. The more I see, the more I want a dog again. It's unrealistic at the moment of course. I can't afford a dog (between the feedings and medications and shots and so forth), and it's not fair to leave a puppy alone all day when I start working in a couple months (*crosses fingers*). But I love dogs and there is no doubt in my mind that I will have a pet to keep me company once I start living on my own. And he or she will most likely be named after an 8-bit Nintendo character.Who doesn't love a cute pink bubble-like creature who inhales everything in his path in order to stop an evil penguin from destroying Dreamland? Emily's weird dream where I had a bunny named Kirby got me thinking about pets again and I think Kirby is actually a great name for a male dog like the cute puppy below (who needs to be adopted).
Naturally a female dog would need a different name, and my first thought was Zelda, but that was dumb, so I think Samus might just be perfect. Anyway, I guess it seems silly to even think about names now because whatever dog I get and whenever I get it, its name will become obvious to me the first time it licks my face.
awww...  so cute and cuddly!

I've decided that since Mr. T is no longer on TV to say amusing things, Terry Tate is my new favorite "large scary black man adorned with bling who says hilarious things."

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Hot damn! Good work Lexus! I know this only occured because Lexus is of course owned by Toyota, so much of the hybrid engine is based on the same platform as the Prius, but with improved battery technology and a 12,000 rpm motor. But I still have to applaud Lexus for being the first to make a hybrid luxury vehicle. I just wish they had made a sedan instead of another "crossover" vehicle. I would not be at all suprised to see Acura (Honda), Infiniti (Nissan), and Buick (GM) following suit in the very near future. Though I have my doubts that they can hit the same 270 HP equivalent, under 8 second 0-60 time, 600+ miles per tank of gas, and stringent SULEV limitations that allow the Lexus RX400-H to drive from LA to New York and back 9 times while producing less smog than painting your house with a gallon of paint (yeah, I don't believe it either, but that's what the President of Lexus said in the press conference...).

Friday, February 06, 2004

Depressing. 12.7% sounds like a lot, but most of those are accountants if Coke is any indication. Furthermore, since when does Jason deserve a 8.9% raise, while I have to take a 1.4% paycut. I know EE majors still make a bunch of money (compared to other majors), but declining salaries means less demand and more competition. And neither of those things are good for me. *sigh* Being one of only 2 majors to suffer a decline in starting salary (the other being construction science) in the top ten highest starting salries is just damned depressing.

After watching Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, I have fortified my theory that Wayne's World is a flagrant ripoff of Bill And Ted. Party on, Excellent, Whoa, and the air guitar thing. I know these were all hip buzzwords in the late 80s, but I really feel that the writers at SNL in conjuction with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey saw Bill and Ted and decided they could do the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I think the Wayne's World movies were hilarious, all I'm saying is that, like everything else on SNL in the last 15 years, if it was funny, it was probably stolen, and if it wasn't stolen, it probably wasn't funny.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Exciting discovery of the day: Clarence Moore is in my PSYC 2240 (Personality Theory) class!

I've discovered that there is a positive correlation between me having really weird dreams and me taking Unisom to help me sleep. Because this is a correlation only, I can't infer any causality. My crazy dreams may be a result of poor sleeping habits which cause me to take the Unisom, or Unisom might actually be causing the dreams. Or possibly some other factor is involved. All I know is that every time recently that I've had really messed up dreams its been on thr same night that I took some Unisom to put me to sleep.

Why am I so tired? I need to finish studying for my Psych test tomorrow, but I can barely keep my eyes open. And yet every other night for the last week I've laid in bed wide awake for hours with nothing to do but try go sleep. Grrr... Stupid body.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

In other news, free lunch with my old co-workers was nice. Looks like basically no opportunity for a job, but it was fun to go back and talk to those poeple again.

Looks like I was right about my INTA test. I got a 90 on it. I don't have any statistics liek what the average was, but I know a 90 is an A, so it really doesn't matter. As for my Audio test, that didn't go quite so well. I got a 28/50, which sounds worose than it is. I think the average was around a 33 something with a standard deviation of about 6.5. So I have a high C I suspect. Kinda sucks, but I'm kicking myself in the butt for not writing down one of the formulas I knew I would need. I meant to. I thought about how much I would need it several times while making my formula shet, and yet someone it never made it onto my paper. *sigh* Oh well, it's only grades, right? Hopefully my Psych test tomorrow will turn out okay and I'm hoping for a B on my French Revolution paper, so we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I'm getting up early (I wish you could see me making finger quotes) tomorrow to go have Lunch with my former boss at Coke. For as much as I complained about that job the last semester I was there, at this point, I wouldn't really mind going back. As a full-fledged engineer instead of a co-op/intern, I think it would be a different experience, although they've now disbanded my former department and sent all the engineers off to work on other projects, so who knows if anything's even available. Can't hurt to ask though, especially now that I have a strong incentive to stay in the Atlanta area.

Holy crap this video is hilarious! Thanks Tim!

Monday, February 02, 2004

So today is the utterly pointless Groundhog Day. Apparently, a furry woodland creature (who leads a very sheltered life) saw his shadow today, in Pennsylvania, which supposedly means 6 more weeks of winter. Who came up with this logic? If the groundhog sees his shadow, it's because it's sunny, which means summer's coming. Meanwhile it's been cold and raining all day in Atlanta, so how sound is that decision... Weather patterns in PA and GA are barely related, and even more so when you consider the weather between Colorado and Maine. And who's to say that after this dumb groundhog, whose name I can't even pronounce, comes out of his hole (which is really a lodge nicer than most dog houses), he doesn't just turn right around and go back inside because it's COLD which means more winter, or because he's frightened by all the media's flash bulbs. I'm sure you could consult anyone who knows anything about animals and verify that very few animals are, in fact, afraid of their own shadows. Birds fall in love with mirror images of themselves... Stupid groundhog. I denounce this worthless day and the mediocre Bill Murray movie it produced. I further declare that winter will end in Atlanta after the first week in March just like it does every year. In the meantime, we will have warm weather in mid to late February before a short cold snap at the beginning of March. Why don't we have an Adam Gets Out Of Bed Day and if I get up and go on with my life then winter will be over in 2 weeks. If I roll over and go back to sleep it means 6 more weeks of winter. It seems just as arbitrary, plus, I'd get to be on the news and have everyone make a huge fuss over me one day a year. Sign me up.

"Here comes the pain train! Woo woo!!" That's right kids, that sound means a new Terry Tate video is available on his website. After watching part of the Super Bowl yesterday in the hopes of seeing a new Triple T commerical, I decided to consult the almighty website today, and lo and behold, my prayers were answered. See how Terry deals with a new HR consultant when the company recieves sensitivity training.

To quote Bart Simpson, "I didn't think it was possible, but this both sucks and blows."

Sunday, February 01, 2004

In case you've missed the boat on this one, the various Bad Omens today were things that have been preventing me from writing my paper on Dangerous Liaisons. Fortunately, it's almost done. It sucks. But it's almost done. Oh well.

Bad Omen #5 - The crew of Orange County Choppers doing AOL commericals. I thought you guys were cool. :(

Bad Omen #4 - the new Ford GT commericals. *drool* I know it's not the GT40 from the late 60s, one of the only production cars to ever be able to consistently beat the Ferarris and Porsches at LeMans, but it still looks so gorgeous. Hopefully it will be well-enough built (despite being a Ford) to not bring shame to the legacy of the original Ferarri Slayer.

Bad Omen #3 - I just cut my finger on a box. Don't ask. I'm not sure how it happened either.

As last, my love for Sabbath (before Ozzy left the band) and Metallica (back when they were really good) is justified: Black Sabbath's Iommi Tops Guitar Greats List. Guitar World's justification of who falls where is a little sketchy, but they've got all the greats on their list, which is what's really important anyway.

Bad Omen #2 - there's a new Indiana Jones game coming out. So of course I had to download the demo...

Bad Omen #1 - pouring myself a nice tasty bowl of Triscuits for breakfast (Yes, breakfast. At 2:45 pm today.) instead of Corn Chex. Hey, they both come in yellow boxes and are square and have a thatched pattern. Give me a break. I'm sure Triscuits in milk tastes a lot like shredded wheat, but I wasn't particularly willing to find out.

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