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One year ago today, I handed in my resignation at GD. Well, handed isn't really the right word. More like marched down to my program manager's office and told him flat out that I was quitting. It's normally kind of a rough conversation to get started. Fortunately, my manager's manager also was leaving, and gave me a good segue: "Hey, I heard Barry gave his notice today. I've decided to do the same." I had to resist the urge to skip down the hall and do a jumping heel click as I walked out of his office. Then I was giddy for about a week. Then the panic set in. The "oh god what did I do" thoughts started swirling. I knew something had to change at GD, and that meant either the workload and company needed to change (fat chance), or I needed to leave. So leave I did. But I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to hack it at my new company, going from a hotshot to bottom rung experience-wise. Almost a year later, I still have days where I spend all day struggling with something that ends up being really stupid. But I take comfort in having eventually solved it on my own. In any case, it was definitely a change for the better to join team Sedna. And though there are stressful days, I'm certainly much happier here. I've gotten the increase in responsibility and pay that I wanted but without all the GD baggage!

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