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It's been an eventful day! We went down to old town Alexandria this morning for Colton and Sully's baptism at Christ Church. First off, the Mayor of Alexandria was present to accept some proclamation from the church as a thank you for the city's cooperation with the church over planning. He gave a few brief remarks that seemed well accepted. Then during the twins' baptism (along with 11 other children), when offered the light of Christ, Colton just reached out and grabbed the candle for himself. That's a boy after my own heart, a true pyro in the making (I knew eventually being born on the same day as me would pay off). Finally, this didn't mean much to me, but Emily and many of the other girls thought it was cool, we were served communion by the actress who played Kelly's mom on 90210. Frankly, good for her for furthering her education. After all the excitement of the service (which was maybe just a step or two below a full blown revival), we went over to Laura and Greg's for lunch with all the family and friends. Almost all of Laura's friends had babies around the same time, so while we were there, it was non-stop baby time. They're all in the 6 months to 2 years old range. It's true what the say, babies are the best contraceptive. Don't get me wrong, I want kids someday, but we're not ready yet. Hopefully when we are though, are other friends will all be having babies too so we can have the came kind of close-knit group of friends whose kids all grow up together.
Now to recover, I'm doing the least child-friendly thing I can think of: watching a zombie movie.

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