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Is it wrong that I'm more excited about GoldenTusk's upcoming Terminator Theme Song parody than about the actual movie? They can afford to pay Christian Bale, why can't they pay for a makeup artist for Arnie and actually put him in the movie? He was in the last three? After Brian and I were among the excited throng of 5 people to go to opening night of T3, I'm trying very hard to temper my enthusiasm for this new movie. What I liked about T3 was the inevitability of Judgment Day, so the fact that in T4, they're not trying to rewrite canon (unlike a certain TV show, which I also enjoy with a grain of salt - I tell myself it's just an alternate reality) certainly gives it a big plus. I'm definitely curious, and will most likely see it in the theater, but at the moment, I'm honestly looking forward to GoldenTusk's video more than the movie itself.

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