Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh, one more wedding thing while I'm thinking about it. I know I know I know. You only have to listen to it for another week, and the liklihood of me posting much in the next few days is pretty low anyway. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous. My answer is always no. Is that bad? Should I be nervous? I've known Emily for 4.5 years and we've been living together for a year now, I don't think there's anything that's really going to jump out and surprise us down the road (though, I suppose it wouldn't be a surprise if I already knew it...). Honestly, I'm just not that anxious about it. I'm geting antsy for things to get going because we've been planning for so long and I think we're both ready for the party. But jittery? not so much. Everything is going to go fine. The weather's going to beautiful. Everyone's going to have a lot of fun. Everyone will arrive on time. It's just that simple. The only exception to my "no" answer was yesterday when my grandmother asked if I had any butterflies. Intinctively, I started to say no, but caught myself when I realized I was staring at a brainteaser puzzle my dad gave me that had butterflies all over it. Seriously, those are the only butterflies I've gotten in months. I'm probably more nervous about the valet at the hotel driving my car and how much parallel parking is required in Savannah than anything else.

"By gar, it's been awhile." Spring is finally here, though you wouldn't know it by the windy cold weather we've had teh past couple days. I think everything is basically done for the wedding. Emily left for Savannah on Saturday and I follow suit on Wednesday. The major outstanding item is our marriage license, which we're taking care of on Thursday. Other than that, if it's not done, it's probably not going to get done at this point. And really, if we've forgotten about it until now, how important can it be?
A week ago Friday, we had our first date night since Valentine's Day. Nothing major, but we had dinner at Potbelly (mmm) and saw the new Horton movie. I enjoyed it a lot. Jim Carey wasn't too over the top for his role and Steve Carell was hilarious. I felt it was pretty true to Seuss' original book and also to the first animated version that my brother and I grew up watching. The tacked on parts even fit the story and the moral pretty well, so I was very pleased with the movie, and fortunately, we went late enough in the evening that there weren't too many little kids.
I'm totally mentally checked out from work. In truth, I have been for a while now, but today especially I'm really just phoning it in. I'm trying to tie up some loose ends since I'll be around tomorrow but offsite. I am so ready for a vacation from work. Hopefully when I get back we'll be ready to start on fresh development, whcih will be a lot more fun than what we've been doing for most of the past year.
I never really got over the cold I had 3 weeks ago now, and all the decongestants I took really jacked my already high blood pressure way out of whack, which apparently led to me absolutely running into a wall every couple days. I'd feel fine for 2-3 days, then all of a sudden it was like my power source got unplugged and I would just need to go to sleep for 12-15 hours to recover. Not something I really wanted to happen during the wedding, so I was planning to see my doctor last week anyway. But as "luck" would have it, my esophagitis started flaring up again, and this time last week I was running a mild fever. So after going to bed early and then waking up thinking I was having a heart attack again (I'm really really not liking how many of the things caused by esophagitis are also symptoms of a heart attack...), I decided to call my doctor first thing in the morning. I got a new allergy medicine, and a diuretic for my BP, both of which make me sleepy, which is only a mild step up from where I was before, but at least I'm just sort of tired in general as opposed to fine and then crashing. Supposedly, the symptoms are supposed to subside as I adjust. I certainly feel better now than I did a week ago, so that's a definite check mark in the + column.
I went to church yesterday for the first time in forever. Didn't really recognize anyone, which is strange. I mean, there were people I knew of course, but far fewer than I usually see. Maybe everyone else went to a different service or something. I did get to see Jenn and her parents which was nice, since they can't make the wedding. I really liked the sermon Ken gave (mostly because it involved the Trinity-Milsaps game as a parable) about "it's not over". His main point being that death is not the end and Jesus proved it by rising from the grave. I tried to put the lesson to good use later that day watching basketball, but the later games were all runaways. I missed the early games beign at my parents' house for dinner with them, my brother, and grandma. It was a nice low key Easter, though we didn have our annual egg hunt, which is think is at least as much fun for my dad (who hides the eggs) as for anyone else involved.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

March is finally here! Four weeks from right now I'll be standing in front of 250+ people in Forsyth Park waiting for Emily to arrive. That's crazy. I'm excited though. And since March is officially here, it's as if March Madness has already started. Both games I was interested in today (WF@GT and G'Town@Marquette) went into overtime with crazy come from behind finishes. If this is any indication, we're in store for an awesome tournament. Also, I found out there's a Get Smart movie coming out which I'm pretty excited about. Not so much the Indiana Jones movie however. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to see it, even if Harrison Ford is a decrepit old skeleton at this point.

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