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Oh, one more wedding thing while I'm thinking about it. I know I know I know. You only have to listen to it for another week, and the liklihood of me posting much in the next few days is pretty low anyway. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous. My answer is always no. Is that bad? Should I be nervous? I've known Emily for 4.5 years and we've been living together for a year now, I don't think there's anything that's really going to jump out and surprise us down the road (though, I suppose it wouldn't be a surprise if I already knew it...). Honestly, I'm just not that anxious about it. I'm geting antsy for things to get going because we've been planning for so long and I think we're both ready for the party. But jittery? not so much. Everything is going to go fine. The weather's going to beautiful. Everyone's going to have a lot of fun. Everyone will arrive on time. It's just that simple. The only exception to my "no" answer was yesterday when my grandmother asked if I had any butterflies. Intinctively, I started to say no, but caught myself when I realized I was staring at a brainteaser puzzle my dad gave me that had butterflies all over it. Seriously, those are the only butterflies I've gotten in months. I'm probably more nervous about the valet at the hotel driving my car and how much parallel parking is required in Savannah than anything else.

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