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Time for a little political discussion: The GOP has all but annointed John McCain their candidate. Certainly they could have done a lot worse. I think he's a hard sell to the more conservative membership, but I said I would have voted for him in 2000 had Gore not been running. He's a good middle-of-the-road candidate on most issues but with a strong sense of personal direction. As for the Democrats, they've got a mess on their hands. The sooner Hillary backs off, the better off the entire party will be. I don't say this to be mean or because I don't like her politics or because Obama has a slight lead in the primaries. I say it because when you come down to the constituency of your party, Hillary is far less electable than Obama.
Here's my theory (that I've been espousing for months to anyone who will listen): What is Hillary Clinton's most obvious "flaw" as seen by voters? She's a woman? Her husband was already president (dynasties are just a bad plan... See: Bush, George W. and Adams, John Q.)? Unless you really really liked Bill Clinton, regardless of how much he says he will or won't be involved, you have to be prepared for him to be involved. We've never had a spouse of a former preseident run before and no one really knows what to expect. But coming off having an, as NOFX puts it, idiot son of an asshole for president, it makes having a dynasty link a tough sell. As for the woman part, that's an immediate turnoff for a lot of people. I would venture a guess that most men aren't thrilled about a woman weilding supreme executive power in this country (they do enough of that at home, right?). Then there's the fact that a lot of women think she's a bitch. Some idolize her for it and some despise her for the same reason. But let's say that it's a 50/50 split, that's already roughly 25% of your party voters, then add in the men who won't vote for her. And this isn't an issue where if she's the chosen candidate, they're going to change their minds about her. This seems to be a fairly cut and dry, I'm not going to vote for her issue.
On the other side, what is Obama's most obvious "flaw" in the eyes of voters? That he's black? That he's a junior senator and lacks experience? The lack of experience is the hardest issue to get around because there's no way to magically gain experience. But there's also this aura of "untaintedness" about him that may offset the lack of experience. As for being black, it's important to remember that a sizeable portion of the Democratic party is black. Plus, bigots who wouldn't vote for an otherwise qualified person based solely on the color of their skin are probably all Republicans anyway.
As for me, I'll probably be voting for Ralph Nader... ;)

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