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We did succeed in getting the apartment cleaned up and we had a nice visit from Emily's parents last weekend. It sounds like everyone had a good time at Emily's bridal shower and I will personally vouch for everyone who came to my party at Dave & Buster's having had a good time. Unfortunately, Manish got snowed in in Boston and missed the party, but he came later anyway and we had lunch at Logan's yesterday. It was just like old times. Emily's drove home with her parents for her bridal portraits. She was supposed to fly home today, but is currently stranded in Savannah due to weather also. So it looks like I'm all by my lonesome again tonight, and since I ate the leftover lasagna last night, I might have to actually cook something tonight. *gasp*
Work is going fine I guess. I had an interview last Friday that I'm fairly confident I'm going to get an offer from. I'm trying not to give too much thought to it until I know for sure what position they may offer and what kind of compensation is involved. Then I'll have a very tough decision to make. We'll see.
Not too much else going on. I'm ready for winter to be over. I'm ready for the wedding. I'm ready for a vacation and an awesome trip to Malta. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to see this is person?

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