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I can't help feeling a bit paranoid about what just happened, especially given that I do work for a defense contractor. Certainly we're no Black Mesa or Aperture Science, but still... So I finished Portal this afternoon (after I came home from work early because of snow and freezing rain). But In my haste to leave work, I neglected to do my timecard, so I logged back in to do so and saw I had a new email from HR announcing a dessert bake-off contest next week, and in the background of the announcement is a piece of cake that looks WAY too similar to the cake icon in Portal. And even if, as I found out, there really was a cake after all, the idea that "the cake is a lie" is still etched freshly in my brain as my reminder that my female-voiced computer supervisor was trying to kill me. Nice try evil computer that controls everything! Without my portal gun, I'm defenseless, except for my skepticism at the concept of free cake, so I'll be staying as far away from this "bake-off" as possible lest the hidden plan be to try to bake me in yet another furnace...

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