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A couple interesting things I've learned the past couple days:
1) I fidget a lot (this is quite well known) while giving presentations (not so much). I caught myself on numerous occasions playing with my ID badge, pocket rivets on my jeans, and knife clip while giving a presentation to a group of Navy Chiefs and First Class POs. Whoops.
2) Apparently I've adopted enough of Dave's mannerisms to be noticeable to other people. Certainly modeling yourself after your mentor isn't a bad thing, but when other people call you out on having the same bad habits and epiphanic reactions to things, it's gets to be a little scary.
3) I'm awesome for my age. One of the aforementioned group of sailors (I'd guess age ranges from 25-35) asked how old I was after I finished my instruction period. I couldn't really read his reaction to me being 26, but it was certainly one of surprise. I didn't press the issue or ask why he was interested, but instead decided that he was impressed rather than appalled and I have therefore decided that I'm awesome rather than awful, if for no other reason than that I seriously need a pick me up this week.

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