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I had a decent trip last week up to Kittery for some crew training. Everything went according to plan for once, I was astounded. It wasn't even as cold or snowy as it was supposed to be. Like everywhere else I've been, the area right around the base/shipyard was kinda crummy, but right over the bridge on Route 1 is Portsmouth, NH, which turns into a really upscale pedestrian-friendly shopping area. Lots of nice looking restaurants and boutique stores. Wish I'd had more free time on this trip to check it out a little more and to maybe hit the outlets in Kittery for some new shoes. Oh well.
GT flag football racked up another win on Sautrday morning, shutting out Virginia (a previous multi-season champion). We're 8-1 now, with lowly Emory left on the schedule before the tournament. We have the second-longest winning streak in the league, losing only to currently undefeated NC State in Week 1. Hopefully our success continues into the post-season. Meanwhile, GT varsity isn't doing so great. Although we dodged a bullet (okay, we got winged instead of shot point blank) in drawing Fresno State instead of Boise State in the Humanitarian Bowl. We lost to Fresno in the Silicon Valley bowl a few years ago, but hopefully a more neutral field will at least give us a fighting chance this time. The search for Gailey's replacement continues. Edsall and Johnson look like they're no-go's, but at least I haven't heard any more nonsense about hiring Tater Tot recently. It looks more and more likely that we'll be going with Chris Hatcher. I'm kind of indifferent about the whole situation until I actually see some progress.
Last night we crossed a couple more things off our to-do list for the wedding (plane tickets to Malta and choosing tuxedos) and had Chick-fil-a for dinner. Mmmm. We need to update our registries too, but that's really Emily's department. I mostly just smile and nod. And speaking of gifts, Christmas is just around the corner. We're hoping to retrieve our decorations from storage this week and start getting some things set up. First things first however is to stop off at home depot for some weather stripping. Our porch door doesn't sit right on its hinges, and it lets air whistle through it, which isn't too bad until it gets really windy like it's been recently, and then when it's cold air, that's even worse. We finally turned on the heater last night too, but it's still really cold in the chinchilla room, so they're extra bouncy these days. I should post some mroe pictures of them, we haven't done that in a while. Hooray for new projects!

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