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ESPN and AJC are both reporting that Chan Gailey is out at Tech. There's a GT press conference scheduled for 2 pm, and I can only assume that the official announcement will be made at the time. Despite the crummy season, I said before that I would give Gailey another year and I stand by that statement. However, if the rumors are true, the next order of business is finding a replacement to get some stability and get the recruiting back on track. With the understanding that GT is a run-first team and, as much as I like the idea of briging Ted Roof back on board (look what he's been able to do with Thad Lewis at Duke), it's just not realistic to install that kind of offense at GT. We'll have an inexperienced O-line next year, and yes, we'll have Taylor, but Tashard is gone, and we'll be relaying on a stable of talented running backs instead. We need a coach who can install an offense to take advantage of the strengths that we have available and rescruit the kind of players that we've been fortunate enough to have come through Tech recently. Also, I want a college coach. Gailey seemed like a great hire with his Cowboys experience, but no way in hell do I want a conservative NFL coach on the sidelines anymore. That said, I support the following options (however unfeasible they might be):
Paul Johnson (Navy's current HC) - I think a triple option would be a great choice with Nesbit at QB. He won't have to throw much, and the rare occasions he does throw, we've still got some good targets. Johnson has proven he can recruit and win at a very very tough academic standards.
Ted Roof (Duke's reportedly-former HC) - Would like to get him back on staff, but not as HC. Maybe as assitant to Jon Tenuta.
Jon Tenuta (GT's current DC) - He seems reluctant to take a HC position or I think he woudl have bolted for another school already. I like to promote from within, but I don't want the defense (the only thing we do reasonably well) to suffer as a result. This option only makes sense if we bring in Roof as DC and move Tenuta to HC.
Randy Edsall (UConn's current HC) - successfully brought a program into I-A and respects defense.
I've got a few more ideas rolling around that I need to investigate before I decide whether they make any sense or not.

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