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Any lingering hope of GT defending their Coastal Division championship went down in flames last Thursday at VT mopped the floor with us. It was a depressing game to watch. As I said before, before, with a new AD and a new QB, I'll Gailey one more year. But one more stumble down the strech to Duke or UNC will likely cost him his job this year. Unless we pull off a string of very convicing wins against the NC teams and stomp all over a ranked UGA team to close the season, we're likely headed for Boise, which I'm okay with since we haven't played like we deserve a top tier bowl game this year. Gailey losing to UGA again won't cost him his job since it's nothing new. I just hope we start to play a little less predictably and conservatively at some point. I also decided that with the number of penalties and turnovers we commit inside the 35 that we should just kick a field goal anytime we get into field goal range, regardless of the down. Taylor finds Greg Smith at the 40 and he rumbles up to the 32 for a first down? Bring on Travis Bell. This plan is foolproof.
In better football news, our flag football team is 5-1 and beat what used to be a very good William and Mary team. They buried us last year and we shut them out 21-0 this year despite not having much going in terms of our recent offensive potency. That's our third shutout, and we've held two other teams to a single score. The only team we've lost to is undefeated NC State, who's really a pretty good team, so I'm excited about how our team is doing.
Saturday after the game Emily and I went on a shopping spree and picked up the new Simpsons game which is pretty entertaining so far and Guitar Hero III, which Emily has been playing almost as much as I have. There's also a DDR in the house now which is not mine. ;) We got some things for Ben's birthday and had a little celebration on Sunday with a good dinner and yummy cake.
I had a physical yesterday and everything basically checked out okay (pending some blood work results). My doctor is concerned about my blood pressure so I'm under orders to start exercising more often. *sigh* Not that I mind doing it, it's just finding the time and then getting into a routine. Once I get going again it should be fine. He also put me back on a PPI since I'm still not 100% better yet from my emergency room adventure. Otherwise I'm perfectly healthy. So I guess playing flag football once a week for 4 months isn't enough exercise. Who knew?

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