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Here's a few pictures from our most recent trip down to Atlanta for GT's Homecoming game against Army. Pre-game featured the Army Silverwings paratroop demonstration squad that was pretty awesome. Winning the game was nice too, although the first half was sloppy and Tashard got injured and is likely out for the season now. *sigh* On the plus side, even though it was a lame noon game, we did get to have dinner at South City Kitchen. Mmmm...
Behold the glory of the Varsity! Unfortunately, my recent health problems prevented me from indulging myself, but I had a sip of Emily's FO that was damn delicious.

Campus looks pretty awesome from the 20th floor balcony of our hotel room. They really should use this for recruiting. Look at all the trees and no huge buildings! Campus could be anywhere and yet it's in one of the busiest areas of Atlanta.

Darren should be very proud of the band. They sounded great and they even made straight lines in all their various formations!

Still not entirely sure of the rationale for jumping out of a perfectly good Blackhawk, but these guys seemed to enjoy themselves and it was a pretty cool showing as they came down into the stadium and landed and midfield trailing colored smoke all the way.

We also attended Hoopsfest after the football game and saw both the ladies and men scrimmage. Despite losing a promising PG in Javaris, we do have #0 back, though he was never a true PG, but he seems to have worked on his vertical since being dismissed from the team last year. We also have a new guy, a redshirt senior transfer from North Georgia by way of Georgetown (yeah, I was confused too) who's 6-foot-nothing with shoes on, but seems to be a pretty good PG, so we'll see how that works out. Morrow looked dead on from long range. Resean looked just depressed sitting on the bench the whole time. That's what you get for failing to keep your grades up. He'd better be getting his act together this semester so he can play once the ACC schedule heats up. Oh yeah, and the guy in the white shirt? That would be T-Mac. It's hard to recognize him with glasses and without the kneesocks, but he's an assistant coach of some sort. Paul always said Tony would make a great coach one day, so it's nice to see him giving it a shot.

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