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I was on The Online today scanning ESPN and say a blurb about Danica Patrick finishing 2nd in her last Indy appearance and that being her best finish yet, at which point I proceeded to inspect her previous racing record. Upon doing so, I noted that her year of birth was listed as 1982. This seemed to be a factual error to me. I subsequently asked almighty Wiki, who confirmed (as much as Wikipedia can ever actually confirm anything...) the validity of the year. Huh. I always thought she was at least a couple years older than I was. Maybe it's because she's already married or that she was hosting PowerBlock a few years back. I dunno. I fully realize that most up-and-coming racers are young (ditto for pro athletes) and getting younger all the time, unlike me (as I have yet to unlock the secrets of not aging). This reminded me of a previous post lamenting my lack of sporting ability compared to other high profile athletes. In hindsight of course, I think I might have done just as well at quarterback as #1 did. Certainly I think I could have gotten myself signed to a deal as a *tries to suppress laughter* wide reciever with the *completely loses it* Detroit Lions. "Yeah, I know we drafted the best WR available, but we really felt like we needed a converted-QB midget WR to play on the scout team, so we signed Reggie Ball too. Plus, Calvin refused to sign on the dotted line until we gave his former teammate enough money to live on since he has no other apparent skills. We've since cut him for the same reason."

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