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I had a pretty good weekend. I came home early on Friday and cleaned up the apartment and played some video games. The Bioshock demo is awesome by the way. And the new Metroid game is out, so I'll have to pick that up soon. Saturday was super busy. We had a flag football scrimmage against Texas in the morning. Despite looking pretty rag-tag and being shorthanded to start the game, we still shut them out and our defense looked great as always, but the real story was our improved defense. I'm excited about the preseason tournament this weekend. Then we came home to bask in the glory of college football all day long. Most notably, Michigan went down in flames (maybe us beating them in a flag football scrimmage last week was an omen) and Georgia Tech handily crushed Notre Dame. I think we still have some areas that need improvement, but the team looks pretty good overall. I'd like to see us pass more, because all game long I was having nightmare flashbacks to the first 3 games of Tony Hollings where he put up insane numbers, then broke his leg because Tech worked him too hard. Tashard is a beast, but he has to stay healthy. But I'm looking forward to some more great Tech games this season. Saturday night after the game we headed over to Tommy and Steph's for a dinner party with some awesome food. Sunday we did absolutely nothing. I think I took the trash out and watered the plants and that was the great extent of my accomplishments. You know, unless you consider playing video games all day an accomplishment. I guess I did imput all the data for Week 1 of Chaos Rankings, but that all got posted this morning since I had to wait for the end of Bowden Bowl. Monday we had a late lunch at my parents' house with some family from out of town. All in all a pretty full weekend. And it only gets busier from here until Christmas. Then things for the wedding will be in full swing I'm sure, so I guess I'd better just get used to being super busy until my birthday.

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