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Hard to believe I've updated Chaos Rankings more recently than I've updated my regular blog. Oh well. I've been slacking, sorry. It was a busy (and somewhat stressful) week last week, but a good recovery weekend.
Tuesday I found out that my program manager is leaving. I'm really bummed about it and it's one of the three things that I'd said would make me consider looking for another job. Fortunately, it looks like we're going to have plenty of work coming in for FY08, so I'll be very much needed here for a while. We'll see where this all leads to, but I don't anticipate working anywhere else anytime soon.
Also on Tuesday, I headed downtown to meet Emily for dinner at Butterfield 9. If I were single, I would hang out at this place every night. There was a constant stream of young women in and out of the restaurant all night. It's a pretty swanky upscale place with a pricetag to match, but we went during restaurant week and got a pretty good deal. It was a $30 fixed price menu with a three course (soup/salad, entree, dessert) dinner. Considering the average entree runs $30+ on the regular menu, it felt like quite a bargain. My soup was amazing. Probably the second best soup I've ever had (the first being the butternut squash soup we had at Verad Hagalil in Israel). My fish was pretty good too, but not great. What really made the dish was the roasted red peppers served alongside that gave a nice sweet flavor to the fish. Dessert was a rather unique, but somewhat small (no complaints from me), chocolate/toffee crustless cheesecake. I'd be annoyed if I paid $7 for such a little piece, but it had good subtle flavor and was amazingly light. I don't think I would ever go back for a full price dinner (it's just too damn expensive), but for our outing it wasn't bad at all.
Friday I washed and polished my car all afternoon. It looks so awesome again. All nice and shiny. You can really see the deep blue hues when the sun hits it. Plus its nice and glossy again. And the polish made it so smooth that it's almost like there's a thin film of water on it when I run my fingers over it. I'm very excited. It's almost as nice as the day I bought it (if you discount the 4300 miles on it at the moment). Yes I realized I missed posting when it rolled over 4K (4196) miles, but last week was hectic as previously mentioned.
Friday night we had a GT DC Alumni club sports banquet to honor all our coaches and the people who make all our sports possible and just hang out with our fellow wannabe-athletes. It took place at Chima, a Brazilian steakhouse, where our fearless leader had managed to wrangle us up an amazing deal. The normally $45 dinner (not including drinks, tax, and tip) came out to $20 a person, some of which was over the top of our bill and will go into the alumni club endowment which we use to generate scholarships at Tech for local students. Anyway, nothing like eating non-stop meat. You have to learn quick though which skewers are worth eating and which are just filler. Vegetarians - I'm sorry. I totally understand your myriad reasons for not eating meat (or for some of you, simply red meat). But when properly prepared, a dead animal is just the best damn tasting thing on earth.
Saturday I did a whole lot of nothing. I don't think I even left the apartment. I did sell my old record player though. Hooray, one less piece of clutter! Sunday Emily and I had dinner at Rio Grande with my dad and then went to the movies. Emily saw No Reservations and said it was cute. My dad and I saw the Bourne Ultimatum, which was awesome. I think it wrapped up well and didn't really leave any loose ends. I liken the Bourne movies to the early Brosnan James Bond movies which had a lot of action, but weren't "action" movies per se. They focused more on plot and intrigue. Anyway, I'm thinking about picking up the Bourne trilogy to read now, because I think there's probably a lot of interesting stuff that got left out in the conversion to film. I saw a whole lot of previews for movies that revolve around the war on terror. I'm not sure I need a movie version of something I see in the news on a daily basis, but there is an election coming up next year in which I'm sure the war on terror will play a pivotal role, so all these movies are meant to get people thinking or sway them a certain way I suppose. Not sure offhand when they all hit theaters, but I can't wait to see how blown out of proportion the 2008 election is going to get.

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