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While Emily was down in Savannah over the weekend, she got our rehearsal dinner site squared away and Emily sounded very excited about the space. Wedding stuff is really coming together. I know there's still a lot of work to get done, but I think most of the major components are now covered. We still need to figure out what we're doing for our honeymoon, and I think we're really leaning towards Malta. It'll still be a little cool in April, but since Tim's wedding is the weekend after our's, it'll be at least mid-April anyway. And then with Kenneth graduating from Tech on May 3, we're even considering leaving after that, so it'll be early May by the time we get there. Still early in the tourist season so it shouldn't be real busy yet, but the weather should be nice. We both kind of think that we should do something exotic for our honeymoon, something we're not likely to do again as part of a regular vacation (like Hawaii, or the Bahamas, or something of that nature). And speaking of exotic, you may remember a while back that I was talking about renting exotics. In general, it doesn't seem very practical, but I was thinking that perhaps for the wedding, it might be doable. Instead of the traditional limo, we could have any number of cars from Precious Metals, like the Lotus I talked about before, or a Bentley GT, or a Ferarri 360 Spider. Come on, tell me it wouldn't be awesome to roll up to the rehearsal dinner in a Ferarri, or leave the wedding in a Bentley, or even to just be running a couple last minute errands in a Viper. Definitely something I'm going to give some thought to.

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