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I stopped taking my allergy medication a couple days ago. Since pollen is all but gone from the air, I only have to contend with mold and ozone these days, which are pretty bad by themselves, but not things I'm any more allergic to than anyone else. The first couple days I felt pretty good, but this morning I almost called in sick. I feel a lot better now, but waking up it was like someone had stuffed all the cavities in my head full of gauze. Blech. Hopefully once my system adjusts to the lack of loratadine intake, the mornings shouldn't be so bad.
In other news, I was tempted this morning, for perhaps the first time in my life to quote from the bible. Genesis 4:9 specifically. A couple phone calls from Grandma and my parents much earlier than I was really prepared to deal with phone calls from the same wondering about the location of my brother. Um, pardon? He doesn't live in my house. I know my parents are on vacation and Ben was off to Pittsburgh last weekend, that's it. Apparently there was some miscommunication involving the date he'd be back. This is pretty typical and I'm sure the blame is anything but singular. I'm really not sure I needed to be involved in this particular non-incident. Don't get me wrong, if he's actually truly missing, I very much want to know. But before we all fly off the deep end, let's do some fact checking first.

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