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We returned from Maine safe and sound. We had an awesome time and great weather almost the whole time. And we didn't really get prevented from doing anything by the rare bad weather, so I consider our trip a complete success! I did manage to pick up some sort of cold/infection late Friday night/early Saturday that hampered my ability to navigate home on Saturday. I don't feel any worse now than I did over the weekend, but I don't feel any better either. *shrug* I took 650 pictures in Maine, so I'm trying to sort through those the next couple days and post a few of the better ones. All the animcals survived the vacation with no problems, although the plants on the porch didn't fair as well. I don't think they got watered, so I'm trying to revive them. We'll see how that goes. Otherwise things are fine back at home and here at the office. With a holiday last week, it doesn't seem like much got done in my absence, so I picked a good week to be out of town. I do have a few things to get caught up on though, so back to work!

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