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I'm in Norfolk again. Whee. Yet again my clearance is nowhere to be seen. So after the hellish 8 hour drive thanks to a multiple-vehicle truck accident that closed I-95 South north of Richmond all morning, I arrived and still wasn't able to actually do anything. *sigh* It's like 2 weeks ago all over again! It's even the same boat. I feel like I just got home and I'm already on the road again. Oh well, such is the life of being low-man on the team. I just wish I felt more useful when I went on these trips because most of my billed time is travel and waiting around the pass office or making phone calls about not being to get on base. I guess I should be heartened that it's so difficult to get in, but it's not like the perimeter fence is really going to keep anyone out who wanted to get in badly enough. I suppose that's why they have two armed guards at every entrance to every boat on the yard. *shrug* Time for bed so I can wait for our security people to come in tomorrow to the 15 angry phone calls I left them and hope they call me back.

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