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Today we ask a hypothetical question: If your job description includes the word "support," making you, by definition, support staff, shouldn't you support the rest of the organization and assist them in their goals? Hypothetically, if I asked you to do something, and you told me you were too busy to get to it today, I would take your word for it. Until I hypothetically walked past your office 10 times during the last couple hours and saw you reading (hypothetically) ESPN, talking to your (hypothetical) wife, and talking (again, hypothetically) about baseball with a co-worker. Then I would hypothetically assume that you're a lazy jackass. I know why you don't want to help me with this; it helps a competitor and specifically someone you don't like at that company. Hey, guess what, you don't get to make that kind of decision. I do (actually, the Navy did, but that's besides the point here). I get to decide whether we help them or not, and you get to do what I tell you to do because I'm an engineer and you're here to support me. Hypothetically, I'd be very pissed off right now and would be bringing this up with your manager, or at least that's what I would do if this weren't entirely a fictional account of events that never actually transpired at any point in time (like today for example).

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