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We had a pretty busy weekend. I think we're finally done buying stuff for the apartment. Things look pretty put away. Still not 100% how we want it, but certainly a lot better than it looked on Friday. My parents come over (which provided a good incentive to get things organized) for lunch and to see a slideshow of wedding-related stuff. In case you didn't get the memo yet, our wedding is March 29, 2008 in Savannah, GA. Official notification will be coming along eventually. But Emily's parents have crashed a few weddings in the park and we just wanted to show my parents some of the pictures so they have a better idea what we're planning for the ceremnony and reception. Otherwise not too much going on. Just a lot of organizing and unpacking and so forth. This week is super hectic for me as I get to spend most of it at Lockheed, but hopefully that will translate into being able to take Friday off. We'll see. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do to celebrate my birthday (however belatedly) yet, but I'm sure it'll be pretty low key.

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