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My new car isn't "new" anymore. It rolled over 1000 miles during the moving process, and I am proud to report that yesterday on the way to Lockheed it hit 1K miles. ;) Yes, I'm going to make a big deal about things like 2048, 8192, 16384, and 65536 as well. I also put a couple scratches in it during the move, but as I found out today, it's only in the clear coat, so that should be no problem to buff out. Now that the break-in period is over, I haven't had a chance to really open it up yet, but maybe on Friday when we go to pick up our new chinchilla. Last night was Sonja's birthday, but we forgot to give her her card (which is just another chew toy as far as she's concerned). Also, while I'm thinking about it, happy birthday to Kristin!

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