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The apartment is starting to come together. We have a functional kitchen and bedroom and a mostly functional chinchilla/guest room and quasi-functional living room. There's still boxes of stuff everywhere and furniture strewn about randomly. Hopefully we'll be able to get some more stuff done in the evenings this week. In other news, the girls got to play finally last night. Emily helped me builds wall protectors all afternoon before we went grocery shopping. It was actually really funny the way they interacted with their new surroundings. They were very confused about where things were, and after they went back in the cage they went around to every shelf and every toy, examining things to make sure their cage hadn't also changed while they were gone. It was pretty cute. I've never seen Zoey look so helplessly lost. My commute also was pretty easyt this morning. I can make it door-to-door in 15 minutes if I hit the light on Hermosa at the right time. Considering that it used to take almost that long to get to work from my old place because of the additional lights and poor light timing, I have no problem with living farther away now at all. I'm sure I've mentioned my hatred of Cox before. I don't know how they continually "rate highest in customer satisfaction." Actually, that's not true. How they do it is to wait 3-6 months after you move or make a service call, then call you back to ask about their service. In case you haven't forgotten how awful they are by then, they ask you questions about how your service has been in the last 60 days. 99% of people will have no problems once everything is up and running, so they get rated very highly. The guy who came to install my digital telephone was unprofessional and had to borrow my cell to make a phone call because he left his in his truck. After he was long gone and I realized that I could call out but any incoming calls were being routed to some other person's phone, the guy I called at Cox asked if I had talked to the person at the other end. It's amazing the next words out of my mouth weren't: "Go to hell, sir. And while you're there, find me your manager." He basically had no idea how to help me, so he wrote down all my information and passed it along to get fixed. In fairness, I got a call within 24 hours later and the problem was fixed. But shouldn't testing outgoing and incoming calls be part of your standard installation? And that brings us to the internet, which didn't work because of their POS digital phone converter. The guy I called for that didn't know how to transfer me to the digital phone people, and he offered to send a tech and bill me for a "failed self-install." Listen you stupid bastard, I know how to screw in a coax cable, and when the green light comes on, it means the cable modem is talking to the cable network. You said yourself that you saw my modem come up and then go back down without me doing anything to it. If it can find your network at all, the problem is not with my modem, it's with your crap. In this case, it's because their digital phone box is the lossiest piece of junk I've ever seen and moving the modem upstream of it solved all my internet woes. I certainly don't need a tech to come out and try different combinations of how to hook things inline with each other. Especially when you're going to try to charge me for something I am more than capable of doing myself. I hate Cox so much. Fortunately for my blood pressure and for their corporation, everything was working last night. Why moving and getting stuff set up should be so difficult is far beyond me. I hate Cox.

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