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Damnation! My NCAA bracket gets more and more screwed up by the minute. Zoey and Sonja helped me make my picks last night in what basically amounted to a Ouija board technique of them sitting on, chewing on, and sniffing at various teams on my paper bracket while I tried to make my picks. Now I find out that several of my picks may have to be revised because UCLA's Collison sprained his ankle (though he's "probable" for Thursday), Villanova's Nardi reaggravated his previously-sprained ankle during practice (but claims he's going to play rival-wildcats Kentucky come hell or highwater), and Marquette's McNeal is still nursing an injured thumb (will likely miss the Michigan State game). How is UCLA supposed to get far enough to lose to Florida in the Final Four without one of their star players? Now I might have to have them lose to Pitt in the Sweet 16 instead. And with Marquette missing a major scorer, their win over Michigan State seems less likely and over UNC seems nearly impossible. I wanted to see UNC go down in flames early, but I guess now I'll have to wait until Texas gets a hold of them. After Durant bodyslams Hansbrough a couple times, the 'Horns will roll to an easy victory, it's just too bad that Marquette won't be able to take UNC out instead. As for 'Nova, how are they supposed to pull the Wildcat vs Wildcat "upset" of Kentucky and then go on to pressure (but ultimately lose to) Kansas? Time to revise my bracket... I swear, if anyone tells me that something happened to Hibbert, GT3, Ewing Jr, or Green (unless it's Taurean, but then only in the final game), I'm just going to cry. There's no way I want to change my Georgetown winning it all (over the Gators) pick. Yes, I know it's an outside shot, but making the safe pick is for losers.

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