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Can I just say how dissapointed I've been recently with TV sports coverage? It seems like at least once a week a game I'm watching has some sort of severe technical difficulty. Last night I wanted to watch UNC@GT, but ESPN2 lost the feed, and switched right on over to some other game without (as far as I know) any kind of announcement. The reason I don't know is because I started listening to Wes Durham call the game on 790thezone.com's web stream. Wendesday night, the feed for the Duke/Maryland game got dropped with only a couple minutes left in a very close game. Instead of switching to another game, they aired audio of Dicky V trying to do a play by play. I almost threw my TV out the window. Having to listen to him is bad enough when I can at least see what's going on in the game. But having to rely solely on that abomination of a commentator to give me the entire scope of what's going on in a game should prove once and for all that the "man" is something even less than worthless. He actually lowers the worth of of those around him in what I'm going to start calling the Dicky V Blackhole, something akin to the Cone of Ignorance or Vortex of Apathy. And then something I was watching a couple weeks ago on CBS lost their HD feed and dropped into a grotesquelly-pixelated, 540 interlaced lines of awfulness. I know that my grandparents generation were amazed simply by moving pictures on a box and that my parents generation was amazed by colored pictures. My generation was awed by cable being able to deliver hundreds of channels. But once you can consistently deliver something, having it fail is completely unacceptable. Dear ESPN, CBS, ABC, et al - if you're going to a game, perhaps you should bring a backup transmitter, an engineer who knows how your gear works so (s)he can fix it on the fly, and for my sanity and eardrums' sake, an announcer who can actually call a game instead of babble incessantly about anything even peripherally related to the game of basketball but nothing about the actual game in progress. In case I haven't made myself clear, I hate Dick Vitale. Kind of like how I hate Lee Corso, but I rarely have to listen to Lee during an actual football game, and at least Lee doesn't have volume control issues (Dicky V is only equipped with Loud and not even an Off switch). I meant for this post to be about technology, which it kind of was. It's just hard to get past the complete and utter annoyance of someone who ends ever sentence with "Baby!" and then repeats himself two or three times.

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