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It's been a busy past week. Last week I was just busy non-stop at work. Even at home I felt really busy though I can't honestly remember what it was I was doing. I barely saw Emily all week since she went out Tuesday and Thursday, I played poker Wednesday, and she had to work late Friday. I guess I wasn't the only busy one... Friday I had the day off and spent the day running errands and trying to get some things taken care of for our new apartment. Turns out you can't do that more than 30 days in advance. That doesn't mean you can't make a request, it'll just get denied. How dumb is that? Why would you even accept my request if you know what date I was asking for and you know it's more than 30 days out? Grr... I also had a shopping list of things to pick up at the wine store for my aunt. I swear I doubled (or maybe even tripled) my lifetime expenditure on alcohol by picking up 3 bottles of wine. *shrug* Saturday morning we headed down to Charlottesville for the Tech/UVA basketball game. We should have won. But some coaching decisions I don't understand cost us the game. The officiating was inconsistent. They called things both ways, but one minute something would be a no-call, the next it would be a foul. Regardless, we had that game wrapped up and just let UVA take it away from us. Reynolds and Singletary are a formidable duo, but if either one has a bad night, gets in foul trouble, or gets injured, UVA is done. Hopefully after the ACC tournament, they'll still be fresh enough for the NCAA tourney. Tech meanwhile would have to win the ACC tournament to get into the NCAA, but that's fine by me. We're still too inconsistent to expect to be rewarded that way, and we'd be much better off in the NIT anyway. Nancy and Phil took great care of us and made some awesome pizzas for dinner on Saturday and pancakes on Sunday. We decided we needed to get a pizza stone so we can start making our own pizzas. Then it snowed and rained and sleeted overnight, but by the time we left at 12:30, the roads were plenty clear. We hit up Jersey Mike's for lunch and were on our way home. Everyone get warning us that the roads were terrible up here and there was 8" of snow. I've concluded everyone's on crack. A 1/4 mile strech of 29 was closed for some unknown reason, but that was a simple detour and didn't delay us any. There were two nasty accidents on 66 that also didn't delay us more than a minute or two. Just because the roads are driveable doesn't mean you should be doing 80 and be swerving between lanes. At any rate, we had an pretty uneventful day yesterday despite the weather. We also finally watched The Illusionist. It was a good movie, though perhaps a bit over-hyped. I love Edward Norton though, and the plot had some nice twists to it that all get wrapped up pretty well at the end. Busy week, busy weekend. We're going to be busy pretty much every weekend from now until mid-April, so hopefully we'll be able to get everything packed and ready to move without any major issues. We get our keys 4 weeks from tomorrow!

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