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Adam's pet peeve of the day: People who point out my (admitedly very frequent) spelling errors incorrectly. I'm a poor typist. This should come as no shock to anyone, especially you loyal readers who regularly have to wade through Adamese to decipher my posts. Perhaps even more annoying than spelling corrections are people who try to point out my occasionally poor grammar by using even worse grammar, but that's a whole different story. Anyway, this pet peeve is about people trying to tell me about a spelling mistake which I can only deduce based on contextual clues. "The 9th sentence 'desired' is spelt wrong." I wasn't sure what spelt meant, but I sure as hell knew it didn't mean the same thing as spelled. As it turns out, spelt is an ancient ancestor to what we now call wheat. Apparently, in my hastily written ninth sentence, I accidentally typed "desierd" instead of "false old grain." Boy is my face red! I'm sure what my would-be editor meant to tell me is that I had spelled "desired" incorrectly, especially since the surrounding text has more to do with a Sonar display than medieval farming. Grrr...

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