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So my grand plan to lure Bobby Ross back to Tech appears to have fizzled since his retirement from West Point sounds like a retirement from football all together. But wait! His replacement relieved his son Kevin Ross of his OC duties! Last time I checked, Tech was without an OC since Patrick "Suckotron" Nix left for Miami. Hmmm... He may not be the coach who took us to our last National Championship (like Bobby), but surely the apple can't have fallen far from the tree with Kevin. Plus, his background is as a running backs coach, and since Tech relies so heavily on the run, I think he'd slot in well. Then we'd just need a separate QB coach, but that shouldn't be that difficult. Hey Dan Radakovich, get on the horn. Kevin, if you want revenge for the unexpected firing, I thought you might want to know that Army visits Georgia Tech on October 20th, probably for Homecoming. Plus, how happy could you have been there anyway as an Annapolis graduate?

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