Thursday, September 20, 2007

Work's been pretty dead this week. Dave's on vacation and I don't have that much work to do at the moment. On the "plus" side, I was at Lockheed until 10:30 last night. Whee. Whatever, I got a bunch of stuff done and even fixed a problem that wasn't really mine to solve. There were a couple things I was supposed to do that I couldn't because, as usual, the bay wasn't configured right and was double-booked. *shrug* Tests that are 95% complete with a 99.7% pass rate are okay by me for the time being. In other news, I found out today that Todd and Leah are engaged (about a month ago) and tentatively picked 3/29/08 as well. I know there's only 52 Saturdays in most years (if only more of them contained college football...), and yes, the spring is a popular time to get married, I just think it's funny that they picked the same day. Anyway, congratulations to them! Also, I finally have a nametag on my office door. Ive been here 3+ years without one and I decided enough was enough and made my own that has a big old GT and Buzz on it. I also hung up my "Is This Good for the COMPANY?" banner over my door recently. I like to glance up there every now and again, especially when I'm busy reading on ESPN about which Texas player is trying his best to have the university change its battle-cry to "Book 'Em Horns!"

Monday, September 17, 2007

The trip down to Atlanta this weekend was fine. The outgoing flight was delayed, as usual, so we didn't get to the hotel until midnight. No matter how much things change around campus, some things never will. On Sunday morning, sitting in the hotel lobby, I got hit up for money by a scam artist who was promptly chased away by hotel personnel. He wasn't very good anyway since his sob story was full of holes and really made very little sense. But it was generally a pretty good weekend. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather. Emily's parents came up and we had lunch at the OK Cafe with them and Emily's great aunt and uncle. We did a little tailgating with a couple of Emily's friends and her brother and his girlfriend. And we finally met their cairn terrier (like Toto) Layla. She's very friendly and loves attention (a good thing for a tailgate). Tech flat got outplayed by BC. Their O-line is awesome and completely stopped the Tech rush. Matt Ryan proved why he's the best QB in the ACC by picking apart every defensive zone we threw at him. It's dissapointing to lose, but at least we lost to a much better team and still had a glimmer of hope for most of the game. The officiating was pretty lousy, and it was frustrating to deal with on top of losing, but it's hardly the reason we lost. My flight back was fine, but I was exhausted and took a nap as soon as I walked in the door. And also, yesterday must have been national too-much-PDA-in-crowded-places day. Every place I went yesterday that there were a lot of people in close quarters (Marta, Hartsfield, National, Metro) it seemed like there was at least one couple who couldn't keep their hands and lips off each other. No one's going to object to holding hands or hugging or even a little kissing. But I'm pretty sure you don't need to be making out on the Metro at 4:30 pm when there's someone sitting less than a foot away from you. And you don't need to be stroking your girlfriend's bare arms until she shivers, then starting all over again for the entire ride to the airport on Marta. Or putting your hands in your boyfriend's back pockets standing in the middle of the gate area at the airport. I'm just saying. Get a room.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I read on CNN today that Alex the parrot died last week. I could have sworn I posted something about him previously, along the lines of being able to pass a test designed for 7 year olds or something to that effect, but I can't find it now. After seeing my cousin spend her summers observing osprey and her own parrot following her around the house, it's pretty obvious that (some) birds are a lot smarter than we generally give them credit for. My condolences to Dr. Pepperberg on losing her companion of the last 30 years.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Busy busy busy. I started my class on Friday. So far nothing earth shaking, but I figured (and rightfully so) that I'd better figure out how this guy uses his notation so that later on I'm not hopelessly confused. Saturday GT Flag Football made the semifinals of the preseason tournament and looked great doing it. unfortunately, by the time we played JMU, we lost half our team and those that were left were totally beat from the previous games and the unbearable heat. We got shutout and were just happy to go home at that point. I felt sick most of the afternoon from dehydration and heat/sun exposure. But watching end tail end of the GT/Samford thrashing followed by Michigan going down in flames to a vastly superior Oregon team followed by Notre Dame getting obliterated by Penn State certainly helped perk me back up. We were supposed to go to the BoSox@O's game that night in Baltimore, but I figured we were doing well to peel ourselves off the couch and eat dinner. Sunday we had planned to go to a bridal expo, but we never got our act together for that either. Instead we ran a couple errands, watched the awesomeness (Emily will debate me on this) that is LOTR:ROTK, and then had a BBQ with my parents. My mom and aunt were down in Savannah last week and were able to get a better feel for the city and meet up with Emily's parents and meet her grandparents, so I think it was a successful trip for them. Now here it is Tuesday afternoon already. Friday we're off to Atlanta for the Boston College game. The following weekend we're heading down to Charlottesville to visit my aforementioned aunt and attend the Virginia game. The weekend after that we have tickets for Clemson@GT but aren't planning on going - so if you want a pair of football tickets for 9/29, let me or Emily know ASAP.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I was on The Online today scanning ESPN and say a blurb about Danica Patrick finishing 2nd in her last Indy appearance and that being her best finish yet, at which point I proceeded to inspect her previous racing record. Upon doing so, I noted that her year of birth was listed as 1982. This seemed to be a factual error to me. I subsequently asked almighty Wiki, who confirmed (as much as Wikipedia can ever actually confirm anything...) the validity of the year. Huh. I always thought she was at least a couple years older than I was. Maybe it's because she's already married or that she was hosting PowerBlock a few years back. I dunno. I fully realize that most up-and-coming racers are young (ditto for pro athletes) and getting younger all the time, unlike me (as I have yet to unlock the secrets of not aging). This reminded me of a previous post lamenting my lack of sporting ability compared to other high profile athletes. In hindsight of course, I think I might have done just as well at quarterback as #1 did. Certainly I think I could have gotten myself signed to a deal as a *tries to suppress laughter* wide reciever with the *completely loses it* Detroit Lions. "Yeah, I know we drafted the best WR available, but we really felt like we needed a converted-QB midget WR to play on the scout team, so we signed Reggie Ball too. Plus, Calvin refused to sign on the dotted line until we gave his former teammate enough money to live on since he has no other apparent skills. We've since cut him for the same reason."

GTDC Flag Football schedule just came out and, as expected, my fall jsut got a lot busier. The good news is that I'm not going to have to miss too many games (so far) due to prior commitments. Also, it looks like most of our games are Sundays, which is kinda nice since it doesn't interfere with any activities more commonly planned on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I had a pretty good weekend. I came home early on Friday and cleaned up the apartment and played some video games. The Bioshock demo is awesome by the way. And the new Metroid game is out, so I'll have to pick that up soon. Saturday was super busy. We had a flag football scrimmage against Texas in the morning. Despite looking pretty rag-tag and being shorthanded to start the game, we still shut them out and our defense looked great as always, but the real story was our improved defense. I'm excited about the preseason tournament this weekend. Then we came home to bask in the glory of college football all day long. Most notably, Michigan went down in flames (maybe us beating them in a flag football scrimmage last week was an omen) and Georgia Tech handily crushed Notre Dame. I think we still have some areas that need improvement, but the team looks pretty good overall. I'd like to see us pass more, because all game long I was having nightmare flashbacks to the first 3 games of Tony Hollings where he put up insane numbers, then broke his leg because Tech worked him too hard. Tashard is a beast, but he has to stay healthy. But I'm looking forward to some more great Tech games this season. Saturday night after the game we headed over to Tommy and Steph's for a dinner party with some awesome food. Sunday we did absolutely nothing. I think I took the trash out and watered the plants and that was the great extent of my accomplishments. You know, unless you consider playing video games all day an accomplishment. I guess I did imput all the data for Week 1 of Chaos Rankings, but that all got posted this morning since I had to wait for the end of Bowden Bowl. Monday we had a late lunch at my parents' house with some family from out of town. All in all a pretty full weekend. And it only gets busier from here until Christmas. Then things for the wedding will be in full swing I'm sure, so I guess I'd better just get used to being super busy until my birthday.

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