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Busy busy busy. I started my class on Friday. So far nothing earth shaking, but I figured (and rightfully so) that I'd better figure out how this guy uses his notation so that later on I'm not hopelessly confused. Saturday GT Flag Football made the semifinals of the preseason tournament and looked great doing it. unfortunately, by the time we played JMU, we lost half our team and those that were left were totally beat from the previous games and the unbearable heat. We got shutout and were just happy to go home at that point. I felt sick most of the afternoon from dehydration and heat/sun exposure. But watching end tail end of the GT/Samford thrashing followed by Michigan going down in flames to a vastly superior Oregon team followed by Notre Dame getting obliterated by Penn State certainly helped perk me back up. We were supposed to go to the BoSox@O's game that night in Baltimore, but I figured we were doing well to peel ourselves off the couch and eat dinner. Sunday we had planned to go to a bridal expo, but we never got our act together for that either. Instead we ran a couple errands, watched the awesomeness (Emily will debate me on this) that is LOTR:ROTK, and then had a BBQ with my parents. My mom and aunt were down in Savannah last week and were able to get a better feel for the city and meet up with Emily's parents and meet her grandparents, so I think it was a successful trip for them. Now here it is Tuesday afternoon already. Friday we're off to Atlanta for the Boston College game. The following weekend we're heading down to Charlottesville to visit my aforementioned aunt and attend the Virginia game. The weekend after that we have tickets for Clemson@GT but aren't planning on going - so if you want a pair of football tickets for 9/29, let me or Emily know ASAP.

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