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Work's been pretty dead this week. Dave's on vacation and I don't have that much work to do at the moment. On the "plus" side, I was at Lockheed until 10:30 last night. Whee. Whatever, I got a bunch of stuff done and even fixed a problem that wasn't really mine to solve. There were a couple things I was supposed to do that I couldn't because, as usual, the bay wasn't configured right and was double-booked. *shrug* Tests that are 95% complete with a 99.7% pass rate are okay by me for the time being. In other news, I found out today that Todd and Leah are engaged (about a month ago) and tentatively picked 3/29/08 as well. I know there's only 52 Saturdays in most years (if only more of them contained college football...), and yes, the spring is a popular time to get married, I just think it's funny that they picked the same day. Anyway, congratulations to them! Also, I finally have a nametag on my office door. Ive been here 3+ years without one and I decided enough was enough and made my own that has a big old GT and Buzz on it. I also hung up my "Is This Good for the COMPANY?" banner over my door recently. I like to glance up there every now and again, especially when I'm busy reading on ESPN about which Texas player is trying his best to have the university change its battle-cry to "Book 'Em Horns!"

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