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No sooner than that stupid P-word Phil "predicts" that we'd have a short winter did it become ridiculously frigid. I can't remember it being this cold here in a long time. It's not so bad when there's no wind, but when the breeze picks up, it's pretty brutal. Oh well, at least it will all be over soon, right Phil? I swear, if that fuzzy moron is lying to us, I'm going to drive up there and give him a piece of my mind.
In other news, I made yummy tacos on Friday but had no one to share them with besides Keanu Reeves and Crispin Glover (I watched River's Edge - weird movie). When it ended at 10:30, I was ready to pass out, which I promptly did. This 9/80 schedule is taking some getting used to. Saturday I got up a bit on the early side (something like 9 am) to head down to Fairfax City with Emily for the Chocolate Festival. We got there just in time too. We got our chocolate chip pancakes (which I smothered in chocolate syrup) and drank our hot cocoa and said hello to Tom Davis. The line to get in for breakfast was getting pretty long by the time we left. We mooched some Starbucks samples and free Hersheys kisses as we viewed from afar the entries in the cake competition. Then it was off to the old town hall for the chocolate bazaar. Mmmm. The whole place just smelled so good. We picked up a few samples of things (so far they've all been delicious) and all in all had a pretty good time. We tried to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with my Dad and Ben that night, but the 2 hour wait sent us to Uno's instead. Then we swung through Macy's because I needed more sweaters to cope with this weather (I feel like I've been wearing the same clothes almost every day for the last 3 weeks).
Sunday I was very lazy, even though I woke up kind of early again. I opted to stay in bed for a good long while and only got up in time to get ready to head out to Dave's for poker and the Super Bowl. Both were fun, but watching the Bears was like watching Georgia Tech the second half of this past season. Whatever, it's not like I really cared who won. It's just that now I don't get football again until September. Now I can switch fully to basketball, just in time for things to head up heading into conference tournaments and then March Madness.

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