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Nothing says Happy Valentines Day like the stomach flu... Tuesday I didn't feel so hot, but mostly I was just tired and still felt maybe 75% well. Wednesday I spent most of the day in the bathroom, and I was bascially completely incapacitated all day long. I'd say I felt maybe 10% well. Between that and the snow/sleet/ice mess outside, V-Day was pretty much cancelled for us. =( Yesterday I felt a lot better. Very dehydrated and quite tired, but probably 50-60% well. So I tried to go work, but after deicing off my car, I quickly realized escape was impossible as there was a 2 foot high ice wall behind my car. Somehow I've managed to misplace my snow shovel as well, though it wouldn't have helped much anyway. My mom was nice enough to come over and bring me a new snow shovel and let me borrow a flat garden shovel to use as an ice pick. After 45 minutes of digging, we managed to get my car out. I decided to go back inside and thaw for a few minutes before heading into work. So I lay down on the couch and woke up 4.5 hours later. So much for work. I guess when your entire calorie intake over a 48 hour period is limited to 3 Triscuits and whatever might be in tap water, doing any sort of manual labor is bound to wear you out. Anyway, I'm feeling probably 60-70% again, and I'm back at work today, finally. I thought I might pass out this morning around 10:30 after standing up for an hour straight, but it seems that my breakfast of a bottle of Gatorade is keeping me more or less sustained. I'm pretty sure I'll be going home early today, but at least I'm in the office and out of my apartment.

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