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Mmmm, blueberry muffin. =) I got tired of eating granola bars for breakfast every morning, so last night I made some blueberry muffins. Nothing fancy, they're just Jiffy, but man are they tasty. Besides making muffins, I had a productive weekend. I threw out 4 bags of stuff and I gave away or sold a bunch of other things, and I have people coming over this week to get some other stuff. I've packed a few things up and I'm trying to set a goal of packing one box a day so that by the time the end of the month rolls around, I'll be ready to go. Saturday we had movie night in. We were hoping to rent Casino Royale since neither of us had seen it yet, but it's not available yet. We got Inside Man instead and really enjoyed it. Even knowing the eventual outcome (you're told at the beginning) didn't help in figuring out how it was arrived upon. Pieces start to come together throughout the whole movie, but it doesn't all click into place until the very end. I highly recommend the film. Sunday we went to go visit our new chinchilla baby that we're getting from Kelly. Isn't she cute? Kelly's got a whole room full of chinnies that all wanted to play with us yesterday (except for a few grumpy ones). We took my camera, but were so preoccupied with playing with all the fuzzy things that we totally forgot about it until we had already left. She's not weaned yet, but she'll be coming home with us after we move into our new place.
In sports news, congrats to Tech basketball for closing out the regular season with two big wins. Mario put on a great show for his final home game, and Javaris just gets better and better every game. I'm sure people are putting us in the NCAA tournament because we beat UNC and BC to close the season. I think you can make a case for it, and we do have one of the better profiles among other at-large candidates, but our away/neutral record is attrocious and there's no such thing as a home game in the tournament. While I would like to see us in the NCAA and make another amazing title run, I'm also terrified of an embarassing first round blow out. Frankly, I think we're better suited to the NIT this year. We're only losing one senior, and as dominating a defender as Mario is, we're going to have a very solid and experienced team next year without him. If we can win a couple more road games next year while having the same home success rate, we certainly have a shot at an ACC title and maybe another Sweet 16 appearance. But until the consistency of the team improves, I'd feel a whole lot better about an NIT bid.

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