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"Scientists, scientists, please. Looking for some order. Some order, please, with the eyes forward and the hands neatly folded and the paying attention... PI IS EXACTLY THREE! Very sorry it had to come to that, but now that I have your attention," happy pi day! May I suggest you help yourself to a nice slice of the cherry variety that none other than Mr. Stevens has assembled for you? Also, this article is somewhat interesting in that it asserts pi actually is exactly three (and some other absurdities like negative circumference) in an alternately constructed universe. It's hardly scholarly, but it was pretty entertaining. Since I'm playing poker tonight, Emily and I celbrated pi day yesterday with some peanut butter creme pie from Wegmans. It was kind of messy, but darn tasty. Oh wait, that's CalTort's slogan... Mmmm... Now I'm really hungry and lunch is still a couple hours away.

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