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Apparently, they have to change our phone number because when they "fixed" our home phone they disconnected someone else because they're morons and gave the same number to two people. If that wasn't bad enough, I got a bill in the mail today from them for $300+. It's got almost a $200 "AUTO ADUJUST TRANSFER FROM" fee. I have no idea what this is for. I paid my regular bill on 3/20, so it's not a carry over. Sounds to me like an account transfer fee which I was assured by the Cox representative I talked to to move my account would not exist. Of coutse he also gave me an incorrect phoen number, told me that my phone would work right away, and that I'd be getting a free trial of HBO and Cinemax for 3 months. The movie channels I couldn't care less about, but since they don't work, if I ever see them on the bill, I'm going to absolutely lose it. And I swear I'm going to raise hell tomorrow about the other stuff. The first words out of my mouth when I get a person on the line are going to be "go get your manager." Anything less than having all my problems 100% fixed by the first person I call and whatever this $200 bullshit fee is removed from my bill and at least the next month of my entire cable services free is going to be completely unacceptable and met with a complaint to the BBB. I wish I was a monopoly so I could treat customers like crap and they'd still give me gobs of money.

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